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When I bought my home, the previous homeowner left behind two Rubbermaid Resin Outdoor Storage Sheds.
The Rubbermaid Resin Storage Shed is not cheap, but is cheaper than other stand-up storage options. Along with my long-handled tools, I am also able two store two bags of fertilizer, birdseed, and two containers of Preen on the resin floor of the unit with room to spare. While I cannot attest to the ease of assembling this unit, I can comment on its disassembly. Don’t expect this unit to hold power tools any larger than a trimmer or blower, as it is only 15 inches deep. A published writer and novice gardener, Stephanie Lezotte dabbles in over 1500 square feet of newly purchased gardens that yield hundreds of tulips, daffodils, hostas, and daylilies. I have read about nesting box sizes, roost pole diameters, square foot per bird calculations, and other stuff, but I haven't seen anything that gives me an idea of how big the chicken door on my coop should be. Not to be a smartass, but it needs to be big enough for the largest breed chicken you think you might raise to fit through. Max love the names, almost every chicken we have is named it is easier to have a conversation about one than saying the cock or hen in pen #1. After a set back due to a batch of unhealthy chicks, I was able to complete my coop and run and it now houses my dominiques and a rhode island red. The Atlanta Backyard Poultry Meetup Group is for people who have, or are interested in having a small backyard flock of chickens for pets, eggs, composting, fertilizer, insect control, and meat, as well as for people interested in learning more about living a self-sustaining lifestyle.
You just might be surprised at how many people living in your neighborhood have pet chickens!
There is nothing quite like walking outside in the morning to gather fresh eggs for your breakfast! We get together several times each month all around Atlanta for our "Let's Talk Chicken Over Chicken" meetings where we welcome special guests from around the country, which are "eggsperts" in their field.
We are "eggcited" that you have visited with us today, and hope you will consider joining our group! The Rubbermaid Storage Shed is just the right size to store your push mower and other gardening tools. The durable double wall construction provides an extra layer of protection from the elements. Tough polyethylene Rubbermaid storage sheds keep tools and equipment safe and out of the weather.
DuraMax Stronglasting™ Vinyl Buildings Create Extra Large Storage Garages & Facilities. Lifetime® Garden & Tool Shed Provides The Extra Space You Need To Store Rakes, Shovels, Hoes And Garden Tools Outdoors. This outdoor storage shed has a double door opening that allows easy access to your supplies and equipment.
Lifetime® Outdoor Storage Buildings Store, Organize And Protect Valuable Tools And Lawn Care Equipment. This tool shed is well-lit with windows and skylights so you can easily find what you're looking for. Lifetime® Garden Sheds Provide An Attractive Outdoor Storage Solution For Valuable Garden Tools And Equipment.
Lifetime Outdoor Storage Buildings Provide Ample Space For Large Lawn And Garden Vehicles And Equipment.Lifetime Outdoor Storage Buildings are made ofhigh-density, 1-inch thick polyethylene plastic for UV protection and long-lasting durability.

Arrow Vinyl Sheds Provide A Durable Storage Solution And Create A Convenient Workshop Space For A Variety Of Outdoor Applications. Suncast® Horizontal Storage Sheds Are Used For Storing Garden Accessories, Patio Cushions, Recycling Bins And More.
Made using long lasting resin construction that is corrosion resistant; will not rust, rot, or splinter.
Suncast® Storage Sheds & Buildings Are Great For Outdoor Storage Of Lawn And Garden Equipment.
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These are medium-sized two-door plastic storage units that are advertised to stand up to the elements.
For about $175, this shed features inside grooves that can accommodate homemade wooden shelves (more on this in a bit) and still boasts a larger, open space from the ground up that is spacious enough to hold long-handled tools such as my rake, shovel, and hoe. The right door no longer swung on its hinge despite drilling a new hole for the upper hinge.
The doors on my existing unit are extremely durable, making me wonder how the first unit ever managed to break. Do expect this unit to remain sturdy for years, provided doors remain closed during periods of non use to prevent excessive hinge wear and tear.
She enjoys trying new gardening tools and techniques and isn’t afraid to get (a little) dirty. These outdoor storage sheds are fade resistant and weatherproof; they will never rust, rot, mildew or require seasonal application of sealant or paint.
Double door opening allows easy access for storing your lawnmower and other yard equipment. Lifetime® Garden Sheds are well-lit and well-ventilated with windows and skylights to easily find maintenance tools.
Arrow Vinyl Sheds are made with vinyl-coated steel that is five times thicker than standard steel finishes to minimize scratching and prevent fading from UV rays for long lasting durability and low maintenance. Reasonable efforts are made to present accurate info, however all info is presented without warranty. According to Rubbermaid, the units are water-proof, leak-proof, rot-proof, rust-proof and weather-proof. The unit’s size and shape is perfect for fitting into tight spaces that a traditional shed, or even a wider floor unit, doesn’t permit.
Despite Rubbermaid’s claims, it was indeed waterlogged- this made deconstruction somewhat harder and heavier, not to mention messy. However, on my existing working shed, I noticed that the loop for which the lock is to be attached is actually cracked all the way through.
Also, is there a pro or con to using a concrete floor for the run and then putting sand on top of it? I added 4 vents to the walls, a raised floor, a coop-to-run access door, and an interior wall to the open door side of the coop. Sheds are made of UV-protected, high-density polyethylene plastic with powder-coated steel reinforcements to prevent fading, cracking, and rusting.
These outdoor sheds include shelving, peg strips and tool hooks to conveniently store everything in its place.

56"W x 76"H double door opening allows easy access for storing lawnmowers and large yard equipment. Carriage doors featureinterior deadbolts, internal spring latch and external padlock placement for improved security. My units were nestled under the roof’s outcropping along the back of the house to provide additional protection from rain, sun, and unwanted visitors.
In addition, large rubber-coated hooks were added to the upper insides of the unit that are perfect for holding twine, hanging baskets, and short-handled tools. On average days I would go out back to find the unit completely open with the door leaning. It has a panel with a screen window so I can view the interior, open it to clean and maintain, and eventually remove eggs from the nesting boxes that I will add soon. Reinforced metal inserted columns offer strength and rigidity that can handle up to 20 lbs. Doors include internal spring latch, interior deadbolts, and exterior padlock loop for security.
On windy days, the door entirely blew off, exposing my tools to the elements (quite a few of my tools rusted in this manner), and advertising to my neighbors a free collection of tools and gardening products. Sheds are made of durable UV-protected, high-density polyethylene plastic with powder-coated steel reinforcements to prevent fading, cracking, and rusting for long lasting protection. All storage buildings includetwo 30 x 14-inch shelves, peg strips and tool hooks for improved organization. However, this is also a testament to the individual craftsman who measured and installed the shelves.
It did take two people to fully dissemble and I would recommend two to assemble, but one skilled person can probably do the job. The finished opening is 12 x 12, a size I finally got from one of the free coop plans that is listed in this section of the message board. Optional galvanized steel foundation kit (plywood not included) and sliding window kit are available. The shed is easy to assemble and with the use of Rubbermaid wall anchors (sold separately) you can easily organize your belongings inside the shed.1 Year Limited WarrantyRubbermaid warrants to the original owner that this product is free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date of the original purchase.
Includes shelving and tool hooks for organizing small containers and equipment safely off the floor.
The unit is comprised of seven pieces, the top piece being heavy enough that I could only drag it to the curb with assistance.
If this product is defective when used under normal conditions within the specified period, Rubbermaid will replace the product, send a replacement part or issue a refund (at our option) when the consumer provides a proof of purchase (either a bill of sale, receipted invoice, or other proof that the product is within the warranty period), along with a full description of the defect. The first two days we had to physically move the chickens from their coop to the run in the morning and then back again at night.
LOL The did hide out under the ramp during the rain shower we got yesterday, but the tarp that covers the run kept everything pretty dry inside. The coop has a 2 inch layer of shavings in it on top of a textured vinyl floor (leftover scrap) that should make it easy to clean and simple to maintain. I think I used 6 - 2x4's for the framing, and I did buy adjustable flooring vents ( 4 x 12) for the coop walls. Everything else was salvage wood and materials.I feel I ended up with a low maintenance structure that should be suitable for 4-5 hens.

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