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I use to sell alot of these sheds because they had front and back doors, do they still have front and back doors? Be sure to verify your DOT number to see if the information on file matches these requirements. I would not recommend using it for storing a riding mower or tractor-unless you have it mounted on a solid base. Ultra Storage Shed 7 answers Does this shed still have front doors and back doors so you can drive your riding mower through?
The floor otherwise flexes even when the average man walks across it (and I am using a solid base), so I don't see how it will hold up well to regular use with 500-600 lb lawn tractor.
Constructed of durable resin, this sturdy shed includes a heavy-duty, impact-resistant floor. My garden is on the other side of my house from my garage, so I had to keep walking around to get my garden supplies.

I keep all my metal gardening tools, extra seeds, extra soil, birdseed and twine in this shed and I haven't had any issue with extra moisture getting in, and the mice haven't figured out how to break in either. MAde of sturdy, high grade rubber resin, this high quality storage shed can fill all your needs. I also keep my gardening hat and gloves in here and they haven't gotten mildewy either.This shed is very easy to clean, I have used soapy water and a rag to clean it out and it came out great! I secured mine to a cement slab and have watched it withstand the very worst of storms and wind.
The thick walls protect your goods from being damaged  should tree branches or thye likes fall on it or against it. Our backyard is quite small, but we do have some grass to mow so we needed a place to keep our small push mower.
We were worried we'd have to get a larger shed that would take up most of our yard, but then we found this vertical shed and it's perfect!The shed fits in a small corner of our yard, very out of the way.

I wouldn't exactly call it beautiful, but the coloring is attractive enough and it doesn't stick out in an obnoxious way.
We don't need to lock it because we have a fence around our yard already but it does provide the option of using a lock to keep it secure.I wish there were more ways to hang items inside though. Some built in hooks or even just loops where you could add your own hooks would be great so we could keep more garden tools or toys in there.
The space below was absolutely perfect to house our snowblower for the summer and in the winter our lawn mower and 2 patio chairs fit in that space.

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