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I started having the same problem with my Galaxy S4 just after the software update, but after trying the clear cache and reboot suggestion the problem remained. I do have apps like dropbox and pandora but I cannot imagine it taking up the bulk of the 15.5GB that the phone claims I'm using. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 offers 32 GB of storage, but users will not be able to make full use of this thanks to a large amount of system files that Samsung includes on the new Galaxy Note for 2014. Thankfully there is still a decent amount of usable Galaxy Note 4 storage space that owners can take advantage of and the option to add at least 64GB of added storage with a Micro SD card. During our Galaxy Note 4 hands on we discovered the demo Note 4 left 17.82GB of storage for users, but that number should bump up to at least 20GB of available storage due to demo files loaded on the Galaxy Note 4 for the event, in the Miscellaneous files category. In the photo below you see the Galaxy Note 4 storage where the large system memory takes up a significant chunk of the Galaxy Note 4 storage.
Samsung sells the Galaxy Note 4 in 32GB and 64GB models, but it is very likely that the U.S. When you buy a Galaxy Note 4 late this year you can count on close to 20GB of available storage space as we typically see over 2GB of Miscellaneous files on the demo devices to showcase the new display with stock photos and videos as well as other demo content. Samsung came under fire with the Galaxy S4 for using too much space for system files, leaving users with a paltry amount of storage and lackluster options for what worked on the Micro SD card.
Samsung confirmed the Galaxy Note 4 supports a Micro SD card that can add up to 64GB of storage. Users can store photos and videos on the Micro SD card, leaving more room on the phone storage for users to install apps and games that require fast on board storage. The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 features a 5.7-inch Quad HD Super AMOLED display, a variety of sensors and new software that simplifies Multi-tasking and Multi-Window mode as well as adding new S Pen features on the Note 4.
There is no official Galaxy Note 4 price yet, but you can expect $299 on contract based on previous models and an October Galaxy Note 4 release date.
I have previously had all the previous Note mobiles but I had to get my Note 3 from Germany although I am in the UK as the 32GB model was not available here.
As Samsung’s newest flagship device starts to land in the hands of retail buyers, some of them are discovering a nasty surprise lying in wait.
Many buyers of smartphones look for the availability of a microSD card slot when making their buying decision, which gives Samsung a big advantage with those buyers versus a device like the HTC One. Raised in North Carolina, Jeff Causey is a chief financial officer and licensed CPA in Durham, North Carolina.
Europe and down under will never get the 32gb and 64gb versions unless they import unfortunately.
This is also why when the 32GB model of the SIII was made available that is what I went with even though it has the microSD slot with it. You see this was the issue that HTC had with Sense version 3, it was so bloated that they would leave you with barely a 150MB on a 512MB internal.
NO phone I’ve ever owned allowed installation straight to the SD card, you had to move it later IF the app allowed it.
I believe most of the phones in the xperia series also offer moving most apps to the sd card without rooting.
It is the same with all Android & other phones, as well as tablets and computers, which is why the 32Gb versions should always be offered when the next models of phones launches. The first Android with the most space available and smoothest long-term operation for me has been the Nexus 4. I think it is deceptive to make such a big deal about offering expansion memory and then not allowing apps to be placed onto that expansion memory card. Yes pictures and music may be stored onto the expansion memory but so what, we have Google drive and Google Music for that. That sucks, really over ? 500 phone does not allow to install apps on sd card , so tell me Samsung , why r u using awesome customization quality of Android … ?
It comes with a generous 16 GB Flash Memory, and a single microSD card slot that can take up to 64GB additional memory for all your movies, music and photos. There’s no need to worry about capacity in any case – with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1-inch, you get over twenty times the free Dropbox space available to the individual. This next-generation processor also helps keep the Samsung Galaxy Tab running for a solid work-day before it needs to be recharged: 8 full hours of web browsing, social networking, chatting and more are at your fingertips. On the social front, experience brilliantly-smooth Skype connections, Pinterest, Facebook, Tumblr, television and much more out of the almost million-strong apps available for download from Google Play.

At this price point, it’s simply one of the best tablets out there when everything is considered; the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8-inch Tablet is the only better one to me but the smaller screen size (slightly) made me choose the 10 incher. Obviously, if you’re a photographer, you wouldn’t buy a Tab and use it to take high-res pictures, but it works for most purposes just as well as your desktop camera.
Overall, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 ran better than I expected for a tablet of this size – but then before this one, I’d only purchased those budget tabs by companies like Ematic, Coby, etc. This tablet is consistently about a hundred bucks less than the biggest 10-inch version, but it offers specs that are similar. In fact, the rear-facing camera is actually a bit “better” (5MP compared to 3MP on the Galaxy Tab 10 inch); but who buys tablets for their picture-taking ability?! It’s quite fast – though slower than the 10 incher; has the same memory capacity and 50 GB Dropbox storage, as well as a 3 month Hulu Plus membership and Google Play cash you can use at the Play store for apps. If you’re asking yourself “why would I get an 8-Inch tablet over a 10.1?” Well other than the price, in my experience, both the 7 Inch and 8 Inch form factors tend to be more ideal for long journeys on the road. They just seem to fit into all the compartments I have without any fuss, and of course the few inches shaved off makes for smaller size in cramped quarters. You can’t really use the 10.1 inch with a single hand, but you can certainly hold the 8 inch like a book and it makes for great and compact, easy-to-read ebook reading. Has Android Jelly Bean, a 1.2 GHz dual-core processor, 8 GB of on-board Flash Memory, 64 GB of expandable memory via microSD and a single GB of RAM. Of course, Samsung has teamed up with Dropbox to still provide you with 50 GB of free storage. I’ve found it to be the perfect choice for ebook reading in bed, listening to music and web-surfing. The Samsung Galaxy 8 is better for travel and movie-watching, though, and of course the 10.1 is best of all for video displays because of the faster processor and screen size.
The 7 inch form factor is perfect for single-hand navigation; the lower cost is one of the most attractive features, frankly, as it is very much within a conservative price range. We at NDTV Gadgets got a chance to play with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 at its India launch event, and these are our first impressions.
One good thing about the rear panel is that because of its finish you are no longer concerned about fingerprints.
We streamed some videos on the device and they all played very nicely, but Samsung’s own demo video really blew us away in terms of picture quality. Samsung has also integrated a fingerprint scanner on the home button of the Galaxy Tab S 8.4, just like the one on the Galaxy S5. The entire body of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 is made of plastic, although we were hoping that Samsung would do something different here.
When it comes to performance, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4 did a great job in the amount of time we spent with it.
The tablet also offers software features such as SideSync 3.0 which allows Galaxy S5 users to mirror their smartphones over Wi-Fi direct. In our limited time with the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, we saw that photos looked decent on the Super AMOLED display, although we would like to see how they look when transferred to a PC.
Our initial impressions are very good, so stay tuned for our more detailed observations and test results in our full review.
Power off and follow this: [Guide] Rebooting into Recovery Mode for the Galaxy S2, S3, and Tab2. It’s possible that you can also use a 128GB Micro SD card like on many other Android phones, but it is not clear why Samsung only list a 64GB Micro SD Card. This time I will only get a Note 4 or Edge if I can get it with 64GB otherwise I will be sticking with the Note3 and may even consider the imminent iPhone6. New owners of the 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S 4 have discovered the device only has about 8GB of useable memory available.
However, Samsung does not permit the installation of apps onto the SD Card, only files, photos, videos and music. Would it cause you to look at other devices or wait for something else to be released later this year? Jeff has owned an HTC EVO, a Samsung Note II, and an LG G3 along with a Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1.
I have NO games on my Note 2 16Gb and I have run out of memory totally, cannot even update any apps now!! If they need the extra 7GB or so to put the OS and other pre-installed apps, then let them make 24GB phone.
If you’re a movie fan, that’s over 70 movies you don’t have to carry with you, 100 CDs worth of music, thousands of family photos or some combination of all three. Your applications will load lightning-fast, and intensive games like NOVA will literally come to life onscreen with no lag and pixilation. Ditch that hard-to-press remote that came with your Flatscreen TV, DVD player and cable box and integrate all the controls into the wireless-enabled Tab. I would definitely take a look and experience it, especially since Amazon’s return policy is top-notch.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. Now, at the launch in India, Samsung has revealed that it will be selling the 3G Exynos-based versions of the tablets here in the second week of July. Samsung has also tried to be innovative with the back of Galaxy Tab S 8.4 by incorporating two circular clips (see above) for its smart cover, so it can be clipped on quite easily and goes very well with the overall design. Overall the Galaxy S5-inspired design and a surprisingly good balance between thinness and solidity left us rather impressed. This means Galaxy S5 owners will be able to make and receive calls, and share content on the Galaxy Tab S 8.4. If a user wanted to install something like Wikipedia Offline, which clocks in at 3.6GB, they could quickly run through their internal memory.
Luckily I have a 32Gb removable micro-SD which I will now have to use to put downloaded movies and other large files on to free up internal space. Lets do the math and install MC4, RR3, and Dead Trigger and new s4 gets shot down to say 5 gb left-this is unacceptble on a cell in 2013 costing more than $600 USA If tmobile doesnt get 32 gig s4 soon ima jump all over the 32 gb htc one. The 8 Inch ends up being the most effective tablet when everything is taken into consideration – performance, size, cost, etc. Copy - Up And Social on Alexa Rank – The Only 6 Tips You Need to Improve the Alexa Ranking of Your WebsiteWays to Maintain Your Youthful Look - Shop With Me Mama on Dead Sea – The Best Natural Spa for Skin HealthDental SEO Tips You Can Start Using Today! There is also a Multi User Mode that enables up to 8 users to create their own personal profiles. To find out more about the camera you can wait for our final review of the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4, which will include multiple lighting conditions and subjects.
The cached music was going to the internal memory, which caused my Applications storage to have 9.5 GB. Popular games also tend to be large in size, which could force users to become selective in which apps they install. I think manufacturers will soon have to look at making phones with a minimum of 32Gb internal storage, such is the amount of software preloaded on board.
It slows the phone down so much the key board doesn’t even know what to do half the time.
Although the pricing is a bit on the higher side, the impressive specifications and interesting features might give the Galaxy Tab S series an advantage in the price-conscious Indian market.
At least with Samsung and some others, you at least have the option of putting files on an micro-SD, unlike Apple, HTC, Nexus and many others.
Life at home often includes demonstrations of the superiority of his Android based devices. In his free time, Jeff is active in his church, a local MINI Cooper car club, and his daughter's soccer club. Check the storage details for the device memory, it shows pictures and videos 6GB, so i transferred all media to SD Card.
Again I have checked everything and there is no file in the device memory above 1GB and it still shows me pictures and videos 6.65GB.
The problem was with the fact that it decided to advertise certain units of its Galaxy S4 as 16GB models even though users can only really use a little over 8GB of space in them.As many have pointed out in various online discussions, Samsung can only fix the issue by either taking away some of the system applications to free up precious storage space, or simply selling the Galaxy S4 at a lower price which will reflect the fact that it comes with less user-available storage space than advertised. Of course, Samsung is probably loathe to do either one of those things, but it’s worth noting that the users themselves are the ones who have suggested these possibilities.What else is there?Is there a better way for Samsung to get out of this mess?
But what we do know is that as smartphones such as the Galaxy S4 get more and more advanced, this will only become an even bigger issue that will affect more and more people. Since the mobile phone’s first inception, it has evolved to become a full-blown, always-on, handheld computer. So they started releasing products that came with 160GB hard drives and sub-$500 price tags.
That’s a whopping 90% of advertised storage space available for use in any way a user likes. Will it at all be able to translate simple words, looking at the quality of the rest of S apps and features, and deep tripadvisor integration, how is any of this good? These crappy features and useless apps make up a big part of the reasons why Note 2 was my first and last samsung, i rather have no features than non working or useless features.
I had been looking forward to an S4 but I WON’T be locked in to a 2 year contract with a quad-core device that only has 8gb of application storage. Anyone with any knowledge of hardware knows total memory advertised isn’t total memory available, at least Samsung is the only major OEM sticking to uSD slots.

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