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Regional Data Services has developed a web based Master Schedule Builder that quickly and easily installs on your web server. Findandremind’s Schedule builder enables you to enter an unlimited list of events, all at the same time, on one screen! Because findandremind’s features are all fully interactive, once the schedule posts to your findandremind Online Calendar, you can easily export the schedule information to other personal calendars you maintain – so you will never have to worry about forgetting a practice, or scheduling anything in conflict with a game.
Make quick work of scheduling tasks for your private or independent school Registrar or Academic Office with Senior Scheduling™. Define unlimited courses and sections, including details about pre- and co-requisites, books, etc. Click for a printable Senior Academic Office™ Product Profile, or view the full list of printable Senior Product Profiles. All the formatting is done – you only have to complete the fields for name, date and location.

Once you enter your series of events, it goes straight to your Online Calendar with just a click. Once you have your whole group organized on findandremind, any schedule you build for them will get into their hands with just a single click.
You create a schedule, and tag it to the kids so you always know who is playing in what game. You need your scheduling software to simplify the process by helping you to define your courses, sections, and resources (faculty, rooms, meeting times), and to collect course request data from students and faculty. Imagine how impressed they’ll be when they realize they don’t even need to enter the schedule on their own calendars – it’s already done!
You need the flexibility to schedule by group, by section, or by student, and to handle last-minute changes.
You can also set it to send everyone an email alert to let them know when the schedule comes out, as well as post it to a Group home page.

You may need to create special types of block schedules and day rotations, or different kinds of schedules for different divisions within your school. Everyone got an email alert telling them about the schedule, and they can all see it on their own calendars, as well as the group’s Shared Calendar!
No one has to call you to ask where the practice field is – they can see it on a map (screenshot below).
All the kids show up for practices and games on time, with proper attire, and you’re a happy coach!

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