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Through collaboration, and with a focus on practical solutions rather than politics, on innovative rather than ideology, together we can realize this vision.
Citywide Emergency Information: For current snow storm alerts visit our Emergency Information web page.
December 2013: Completed demolition of the western half of the SR99 bridge over Mercer St. March 2010: Began building demolition and construction site preparation north of Mercer St. I have several roles that demand my attention: husband, father, team leader, colleague, board member, ministry leader, friend, and others. If you’re like me, your days are packed back-to-back with meetings, conference calls, planning, projects, and more!
Mark Miller, Vice President for Operational Effectiveness at Chick-fil-A, observed that many leaders have built a team or a system that is dependent on them. Michael Hyatt recommends: If the content of the meeting is irrelevant to you and your job or if you don’t feel that you really add that much to the discussion, ask to be excused.

It’s foolish to expect to get your work done when you spend your entire day in meetings and working on projects for others. If an item was not important enough for me to schedule 10, 15, or 30 minutes to accomplish it, then maybe I shouldn’t be doing it. Most importantly, you’ll have greater control of your schedule so you have more time for those who need you most. I like to make a to-do list for the next day before I go to bed so I’m not up all night reminding myself to do things tomorrow.
I run or swim once a week & agree that it totally revitalises you whilst getting the endorphins going for that feel good vibe.
Are you forced to work on low pay-off activities that take you away from your high pay-off functions? There are times when the meeting organizer isn’t prepared, the meeting objective isn’t defined, or you can’t really affect the outcome.
I learned a number of years ago that my to-do list is exponentially more effective when I simply add the items to my calendar.

Putting them off requires me to think about them over and over and ultimately wastes far more time than the action requires. Anyone can benefit from a few simple steps to reduce wasted time and develop new productive habits.
Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will add value to my readers.
Then, when someone asks you to attend a meeting, you can say, “I’d love to, but I already have a commitment.” If you don’t control your calendar, someone else will. Coming back from a brisk walk, short run, or a set of jumping jacks and my productivity level jumps. You can get burnt out very quickly if you’re not careful and then you won’t be putting your best foot forward!

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