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If you've never had the opportunity to visit a Kindergarten classroom, you should find time to do so. Self-compassion is the extension of kindness, care, warmth, and understanding (instead of beratement and criticism) toward oneself when faced with shortcomings, inadequacies, or failures.
Self-compassion is the care and nurturing we offer ourselves when we make mistakes, embarrass ourselves, or come short of a goal we were hoping to achieve. Having self-compassion means to honor and accept your own humanness and accept that in life, you will encounter a number of unfortunate circumstances, sometimes where you’re the one at fault.  Self-compassion is having grace for oneself.
Now, consider for a moment: how you respond to yourself when you’ve messed up or haven’t done something quite right? One way to practice is by taking five minutes at the end of the day and writing about the worst thing that happened to you during the day.  Pretend like you’re writing about it from the stance of someone who cares about you. Here I will share my thoughts on education in an effort to improve schools by helping Educators to reflect upon their current practices and beliefs. Compared to those who try to use guilt, shame, or fear as motivators to complete a project or goal, the ones who practice self-compassion are the ones who spend less time dragging their feet when it comes time to perform a task.

Those who are accepting and caring towards themselves after a perceived or real failure will be much more likely to “get back on the horse” and keep going.
Contrary to what some might assume, self-compassion does not relieve someone of their ownership of a problem; rather, self-compassion actually serves to assist someone in being able to make a more realistic assessment of the role they played in problem process.
Those who are more compassionate with themselves will not crumble if they receive feedback from others.
Being self-compassionate is not an innate quality, and it’s often learned in our family of origin. In one study, participants who did this every day for one week reported experiencing a greater sense of happiness toward their lives. The opinions expressed here represent my own and may or may not represent those of my current employer.
Take for example, a homeless man on the street; when encountering him, you may notice his pain and wonder if under different circumstances your life could have turned out the same way. This is because those who practice self-compassion know they have inherent value and abilities to recover— even if the feedback is not positive.

When you’re tempted to be self-critical or judgmental, try to speak to yourself as someone who cares about you would; consider what they might say to encourage you. Depending on our childhood circumstances, this may or may not have been a skill that we learned from our parents. Shes extremely horny from taking pictures of herself naked and her pussy is wet and waiting! Compassion for her and her situation leads you to offer a listening ear, a comforting hug, or maybe some kind words of encouragement.

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