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If the individual renting a storage unit fails to pay rent for an extended period of time, the unit owner has the right to auction off the contents of the unit to satisfy the past due rent amounts.
Here is a list of the self storage auction shows that have been such a major success on American TV. Guardian Storage holds local and online auctions quarterly in March, June, September and December. If you plan on attending please call 520-421-3111 to confirm auction status, these Arizona self storage auctions are only held if necessary. Any money obtained from the auction that exceeds the amount owed belongs to the individual who rented the unit.?Practically speaking, unit owners normally do not want to conduct auctions themselves. Fueled by incredible demand for more space to store the toys, treasures, household items and plain old junk of countless individuals, these non-descript low-rise, low-cost buildings are popping up all over the Miami area. Instead, they hire professional auctioneers who know the rules of the lien law and the auction process inside-out.

These professional auctioneers travel the state, and sometimes the country, conducting auctions for different self-storage unit owners.?Following these professional auctioneers is the easiest way to track down storage auctions taking place in the Miami area. The meteoric rise to prominence of many self storage shows in America shows the public wants to know what you have in your self storage unit. Typically, an auctioneer will come into town to auction at least three units at a particular facility.
These shows are so successful that they currently ranking as America's most popular TV shows, figures almost as amazing as their finds in self storage units. In many cases, they will conduct auctions at multiple facilities owned by the same chain during a single trip. America has an estimated 50,000 self storage facilities while the rest of the world has a reported 8,000.
South African's have about 200 self storage facilities operational but Stor-Age hopes to bring a store to you soon.

This will give you some idea of how the self storage product is expected to grow internationally. If you do not do so, the contents will be thrown away and you will forfeit your deposit?Remember, storage auctions are not glamorous in real life and the treasures you see on reality television will probably not be in a unit that you buy. Take a look at some of the unbelievable items that were found in self storage units in the image below.

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