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The result of the introduction of VAT has seen an increase in storage prices across the industry. It is therefore important therefore for customers to make sure they are getting the best deal available when they look into the cost of self storage. There are many storage companies now doing offers such as storage for ?1.00 or  half price for the first eight weeks. When working out the cost of self storage or getting a quote there are a few key issues you should address with the storage company. Here at Space Centre Self Storage, we have a clear pricing policy and check our prices against competitors regularly. This entry was posted in Customer Information, General Storage, Self Storage Costs and tagged General storage, Self Storage costs, the cost of self storage by Mark Dangerfield. Mark started his career in precision engineering before establishing Space Centre Self Storage in 1995 with his father Paul. Wea€™ve had a number of questions about multi-story self-storage construction costs recently. While building self-storage structures is one of the most straightforward types of commercial real estate, it is a market that has undergone a transformation in recent years in terms of design and zoning. As with any construction project, there are many variables that will impact the costs but below are some general guidelines that will help you to estimate the cost of your multi-story self storage construction project.
In the engineering and construction phase, the cost increases tend to come from aesthetic considerations, mistakes made in the pre-planning stage and off-site improvements. Mako Steel has been involved in the construction of thousands of two- and three-story self storage buildings, so it is not hard to quantify the average cost of the vertical construction.
For the structural engineering, steel framing, siding, roofing, partitions, insulation, roll-up doors and corridor systems as well as labor to install, we can estimate costs to be between $11-$15 per square foot. Our self storage lock up rental containers at Blaydon are the perfect choice for cheap storage of building materials of all kinds. Many builders feel uncomfortable leaving valuable tools and electrical equipment in vans overnight. Our terms are flexible and if you need a second container for a short while, then we can accommodate you. We have self storage lock up containers at our main site in Killingworth and also at our site on the Addison Industrial Estate, Blaydon.
Newcastle Self Storage containers have originally been built to withstand salt water storm conditions on ocean voyages.
We can offer some of our storage containers at the Blaydon site to builders at specially reduced budget rental prices as low as ?9 per week. When you hire storage from Newcastle Self Storage you will benefit from a flexible service that comes at less than half the cost of alternatives such as indoor storage.
If you need to rent or lease units for workshops, salesrooms or offices in the Newcastle & Gateshead area, please see Units to Let Killingworth and Units to Let Blaydon.
Self Storage Blog: The Storage Facilitator - Does LEED Construction Make Sense for Self-Storage?
LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) is a certification process managed by the U.S.
Any commercial or residential building can be LEED-certified; different standards are in place for each. What does it take for a self-storage facility to become LEED-certified, and is it worth the cost and trouble? To gain a LEED certification, commercial buildings must achieve at least 40 points on a 110-point scale.
For instance, ezStorage, a self-storage operator with more than 40 locations in Maryland and Virginia, has two LEED-certified buildings–one with the highest rating (Gold), and one the second-highest (Silver). The facilities are fully climate-controlled, and use high-efficiency lighting and HVAC systems.
For some self-storage operators, building to LEED standards “may be too expensive and very difficult because of the nitty-gritty details, but we are a small enough company that we can make these decisions pretty quickly,” said Steve Cratin, ezStorage’s vice president of asset management. The self-storage operator has not retrofitted existing facilities to achieve LEED certification, but Cratin said the company may do so. If you’re planning to construct a new self-storage facility, building to LEED standards can be more complex than traditional construction. First, you’ll need to pay the Green Building Certification Institute to register and certify your project. Building to LEED standards typically adds about 2 percent to the overall cost of a building project. Crain said ezStorage decided to pursue LEED certification for new construction for several reasons.
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Drive by the latest self-storage facilities being built today and you may need to look twice. The face of self-storage is clearly changing as developers find ways to blend their projects into neighborhoods. For example, Skeans built a three-story, 104,000-square-foot facility on nearly 2 acres in the San Antonio suburb of Schertz.
Such multistory facilities are becoming more common, said Jeffrey Dallenbach, managing partner at Archcon Architecture in San Antonio.

Multistory projects can be essential to creating density to make a project economically feasible. Amsdell has a redevelopment project set to open in May in downtown Cleveland that features a combination two- and three-story facility containing more than 500 climate-controlled units. Multilevel facilities require elevators, stairways and more interior corridors—all adding to the construction costs. Amsdell estimates the cost of building a modern, single-story self-storage property at $32 to $42 per square foot, while a multistory project generally costs $45 to $65 per square foot. In Texas, Skeans typically builds multilevel, fully climate-controlled facilities at roughly $50 to $55 per square foot. However, it’s important to note that when site work and land costs are included, a multistory facility actually may be less expensive. The upside to multistory projects is that they can cost less to operate on a per-square-foot basis. On the cleanliness front, dust and dirt don’t come in the door and then get into an elevator and go up to the higher floors, Skeans pointed out. As for security, multilevel facilities usually have more controlled-access points, making it easier to keep an eye on things.
In areas like New York City and Chicago, where customers are used to living vertically, multilevel facilities aren’t a drawback. At a multistory facility, you don’t always “have that ease of going into a drive-up unit and grabbing a large, heavy item and putting it in the back of your vehicle,” Dallenbach said. Wanting to know what it costs to build self-storage facilities is often the first question a new investor asks. That being said, we will give some high-level answers to the self storage cost question in this article. The current rule of thumb for land cost is approximately 25-30 percent of total development cost. In many markets, land use is maximized by developing multi-story self-storage with two-stories and even three- and four-story facilities.
To give you even ballpark costs, we will need to know if you are planning to build a single story or a multi-story facility. It often takes 18-24 months for many self-storage facilities to realize its full income potential in a competitive market.
If you don’t need regular access you can save money by storing outside the city centre where rates are considerably lower. The company started in Stroud with just a handful of storage units and has now expanded to include three branches and over 800 individual units in Gloucestershire & North Bristol. Multi-story self storage facilities are often located in more densely populated areas and therefore can often demand a higher rental rate. It is imprortant to fully understand the market and how to develop the property to maximize your investment.
Utilizing standard steel corrugated siding for the exterior would put your project at the lower range. Give us a call, we would like to know more about your particular self storage project so we can help you more accurately budget.
A lot of builders don’t need the expense of a yard and simply need a secure place to store tools and materials after work and at weekends.
The Blaydon storage container site is only a 5 minute drive from the A1, south of Newburn Bridge.
We maintain our containers in good condition and they are the ideal storage lock up for builder’s and tradesmen’s tools, materials and equipment. These are not our newest containers but they are dry, secure, low cost and ideal for builders use.
A 20ft builders or tradesmen’s lock up container starts at just ?9 per week with flexible terms, convenience, independence and safe and secure CCTV monitoring. By building a LEED-certified self-storage facility, you can minimize your building’s impact on the environment, gain positive attention from your community and beyond, and save money over the long run on heating, cooling and electricity. LEED certification is a voluntary process, holding builders to strict requirements to gain points on the LEED scale. The categories cover topics such as the building’s impact on surrounding ecosystems, its water efficiency, its energy efficiency, its use of recycled materials, its indoor environmental quality and its design innovation.
No statistics are available regarding how many of those are self-storage facilities, but numerous case studies are available.
The Gold-certified building achieves a 58 percent energy savings compared with an average non-LEED-certified similar structure, and 37 percent in water savings from the U.S. In January, the company opened Greenbox Self Storage, a 747-unit facility in downtown Denver that features 234 solar panels, energy-efficient insulation and recycled building materials.
That shifts your focus to other areas of LEED to get the majority of points you need,” Dunn said. You also must religiously document your process and factor in that cost, as well as research and design fees to meet LEED criteria. According to a report issued by the Massachusetts Technology Collaborative, building to LEED standards can save so much money on utilities and other resources over time that you’ll eventually recoup your additional investment ten times over.
This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management.
The contemporary brick-and-glass facades and multilevel designs make these projects look more like office buildings than storage facilities.
Such multistory properties have been on the rise as self-storage moves out of industrial parks and into more visible locations—bringing with it a higher price tag on land. The old-school method of developing self-storage was to enter an industrial area or an empty field where land was cheap.

So, you have to go vertical,” says Mark Skeans, managing partner of Skeans & Associates LLC, a self-storage developer based in San Antonio. In that case, the site was desirable because of its highway frontage, with exposure to 172,000 cars a day. Seven of the last 10 self-storage projects Archcon has designed have included multistory construction for all or part of the projects. Yet developers also must grapple with projects that are more expensive and complicated to build.
The size of a multilevel project often requires fire and safety codes be followed, such as equipping buildings with sprinkler systems. By comparison, single-story “drive and drop” facilities cost about $39 per square foot to build. In addition to meeting fire codes with features such as a fire-proof shaft, a storage facility must install larger elevator cabs that can fit a couch or other big storage items.
A single-story self-storage project typically requires 3 to 7 acres, while a multistory facility can fit on less than 1 acre.
Furthermore, multilevel facilities also might be cleaner and more secure than their single-story counterparts.
For example, at one of Skeans properties, people can enter and exit through just two spots.
Outside major cities, though, units in a single-story facility generally are easier to lease than those in a multistory facility.
It seems like a simple question, but once you delve a little deeper, you will find that there are a lot of variables that make that question hard to give an easy answer to.
Know your competition, occupancy potential, and the special requirements of your market such as Climate Controlled Self Storage or Boat & RV Storage, etc.
Put all of your competitive, demographic information, estimated start up and operational costs on a spreadsheet and make sure that the numbers show you can generate the revenue and profit you need.
Work with a professional self-storage building company to develop your site plan and come up with a complete estimate. Contract with a professional self-storage construction company who understands the self-storage business.
This was to balance out some issues in perceived advantages gained by larger providers in the industry. Just how much will your storage costs increase at the end of your offer and how long to do you have to stay? What’s more, these sites are often easier to access by car as you don’t get stuck in the city centre traffic. If so, share your experience with our readers in the comments box and help them avoid the same pitfalls. Mark's great grandfather started a Stroud based removal company J H Dangerfield & Son in 1900, and the family have been in the industry ever since. Multi-story facilities also often have climate controlled units which bring in additional revenue. If your self storage project requires insulated or pre-textured wall panels such as API or Kingspan, you will need to estimate at the higher range.
This location, offering easy access from and to many locations around Newcastle and Gateshead and the surrounding area, is very popular for self storage for builders. Greenbox secured LEED Silver certification for the project, with a reported price tag of more than $5 million. LEED also requires that you pay for commissioning (verifying that all of the building’s systems meet the requirements in your proposal) and energy modeling (simulating the building’s average energy use).
The facility also sits in a busy commercial area near a grocery store, a Home Depot and a Walmart.
For example, Stor Cresta Bella is an 86,228-square-foot facility in San Antonio that was recognized as the 2013 Facility of the Year by Mini Storage Messenger. Therefore, some facilities charge less for higher-floor units than ones on the ground level, Nesbitt said. A single-story facility often provides drive-up access to units, whereas such access may be limited or nonexistent at a multistory facility. But Self Storage is a business, and must be evaluated in the same way you would evaluate any other business. Mako Steel can refer to you industry professionals to assist you with a comprehensive feasibility study. Download our Self Storage Planning Guide and Worksheet to help you with this critical step in planning. And because the time and effort to construct a multi-story development is roughly the same as developing a single story, investors make the most out of their property's footprint.
A second Greenbox facility is set to open in Denver in late August, with a third scheduled to debut in October. Finally, you’ll need to construct your building with approved materials and methods, which may lead to extra expense.
The project contains about 500 storage units, as well as 32 mini-offices on the ground floor.
We hope we have given you what you need to start answering the a€?What Does It Cost to Build Self Storage?a€? question.

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