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Whenever you need access to your possessions, our Nottingham based self storage units, available in a variety of sizes, will fit the bill.
Online self-storage finder SpareFoot in early May launched its service in the Chicago market. SpareFoot, according to a company press release, ranks as the country’s largest online marketplace that allows consumers to find and reserve self-storage units. The service, which is free for consumers to use, allows visitors to compare self-storage facilities in their neighborhoods. Store First Nottingham is located on Low Moor Road, across the road from Sutton Parkway train station.
Every type of business, from start-ups to large national operations, could use a bit of extra space from time to time. Our storage experts are always happy to talk through your requirements and what we can do to assist. If you would prefer us to contact you by phone or email then please complete the enquiry form. In this article I want to walk you through the process of creating financial projections for a startup self storage facility. Out of your potential market, only a certain percentage would even consider using self storage. Your marketing efforts should lead to a successful conversion of some of your target market into customers.
This is not part of  your revenue projections, but it is really important to know the cost to acquire 1 customer.
One of the most important pieces to your revenue projection puzzle is how long does a customer stay a paying customer? Then add your recurring customers to your new customers and you will get your total current customers. Finally, estimate how much space each customer will rent on average and the rate they will pay per square foot to come up with the average rent per month per customer. You will likely have to pay 1 full time person to manage the facility, sign up new customers, collect payments, etc. Unless you can pay cash for the facility,  you are likely going to have a mortgage on the property. You will also need a good insurance policy to cover your facility and your tenants valuables. You will want to have good lighting at the facility at night which will probably be your primary utility cost. Now that you have your revenue and expenses projected, you can estimate what occupancy rate you must have in order to breakeven. When managed well, industry experts estimate that you should be able to generate a 30% Return on Investment when you have a 90% occupancy rate at your storage facility.
Now that you have done all of the leg work, if you need to complete a 3 year financial projection for a potential investor or lender, you can use our ProjectionHub web app to complete a 3 year Income Statement, Cash Flow Statement, and Balance Sheet projection. These days self storage facilities are a great option for the many people who face major problems with lack of space.
How To Pack A Self-Storage UnitBy Joshua Green, a moving industry professional, author and writer. Yes, self-storage can be a very convenient solution during specific periods in life, and currently around 11 million U.S. However, keep in mind that renting extra storage space may turn out to be too costly if you fail to follow some basic yet essential self-storage tips when packing and organizing your storage unit.
The size of the storage unit you’re about to rent is determined by price – the monthly rent for the tiniest rentable space you can get (usually 5’ x 5’) is between $60-$100 or more depending on a number of factors, such as the city, the exact location, the storage company, etc.
It’s essential that you use boxes of similar sizes which you can safely stack high and therefore save storage room by taking advantage of the vertical space of the self-storage unit. Make a detailed list of all the items that you are placing in your selected self-storage unit before you pack them for storage. You may think you will always remember what’s inside your unit, but memory can sometimes prove to be a very unreliable friend.
All of the stored boxes should be labeled properly and facing the walkway for quick and effortless identification. Ask your self-storage company if they offer dollies or other equipment you can use for free.
Moreover, all fragile items need to be wrapped separately with either packing paper or bubble wrap, placed in strong boxes and any empty spaces in the boxes filled with paper, towels, old pieces of clothing, thick socks or other suitable materials you have at hand. When you begin packing your storage unit, think about the next time you’ll need to retrieve an item from the back of the storage area – just leave a tiny path through the middle of your unit for easier access later on. It’s imperative to weigh all your options when choosing the size of your self-storage unit. Your tallest and bulkiest items (mattresses, furniture pieces, home appliances) should be placed at the back of the self-storage unit and as close to the walls as possible.
Also, try to come up with some clever ideas of your own to maximize the space of your self-storage unit. Before you place some of your larger furniture (beds, tables, etc.) in storage, see if you can dismantle them to save precious space. Even if you have chosen a well-protected and clean storage facility, the atmosphere inside it surely won’t be dust free, so it’s up to you to take the necessary steps in order to ensure that your precious belongings are not damaged by possible dust and moisture. Failure to use effectively the vertical space of your self-storage unit to will result in lost space, and lost space means lost money.

It’s best to place the items that you think you’ll need to access most frequently at the front of the storage unit. If an item is stored vertically but you notice that it’s not too stable, then you should place it horizontally to avoid unpleasant surprises. For maximum protection against dust, you’re advised to box all items that can fit in boxes.
Never store wet items in your self-storage facility as they will most likely cause water damage and mold. Before you store a piece of power tool equipped with a fuel tank, you are required to empty the tank before you put the equipment into your storage unit.
My wife and I are just getting ready to move and all the stuff that we have is a little bit daunting.
Self-storage facilities: they seem to be popping up in urban and suburban regions everywhere, appearing like weeds after the rain on low-value land on the outskirts of town. For a long time, self-storage owners and operators have been frustrated by obstacles at their facilities such as utility lines and property setbacks. Although self-storage professionals can choose from a variety of portable storage options, ranging from cargo containers to pop-up units, the movable units offer the same look and same metal construction as many traditional self-storage facilities do. One of the lead manufacturers in the movable-unit niche is Temple, GA-based Janus International. Known mainly as a maker of roll-up doors, Janus set out to create a high-quality movable building that would mirror the look of a stationary self-storage facility.
One of the advantages of movable units is that they’re classified as equipment, which often allows them to be placed in a variety of situations where traditional construction wouldn’t be feasible. Hill said he’s working on financing for a self-storage facility where the owner wasn’t allowed to build along the back of his property because of setback requirements.
Another factor that owners and operators should be aware of: Movable units are viewed differently from a financing perspective.
Janus does sell movable units to an array of customers, such as small businesses, schools and hospitals. Welcome.The Storage Facilitator is the modern self-storage professional's destination for useful education, intriguing news, diverse expert perspectives, technology updates, and beyond.
Get our free white paperThe Four Pillars of Profitable Self-Storage Management is an in-depth resource that empowers facility owners and managers to get more out of your business and stay ahead. The information contained herein has been obtained from third parties and we cannot guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information. Is your basement overflowing with bicycles you never pedal or books you’ve never read? Now you can use it to help find a place in the city to stow that old couch from your college days or that fifth silverware set from your wedding. We are just off the A38 five minutes from the M1 making us easily accessible for everyone.Our flexible self storage licences can be tailored to suit a host of requirements that include long term lets or shorter rentals if required, making the self storage process as straight-forward and stress-free as possible. Our self storage solutions are tailored to suit your business or household budget, and with plenty of storage units ranging from 10 to 2000 sq ft in size we can cater for your needs! We’ll come and collect your items, offload them and even help you load them into your storage unit.
Whether you’re setting up from scratch, expanding, relocating or downsizing we’ve got a storage unit to suit you.
Please use newer version of your browser or visit Internet Explorer 6 countdown page for more information. Posted on Moving Tips and Tricks If used reasonably, self-storage can be hugely beneficial – you rent a storage unit where for a monthly fee you get to store the household items that you currently don’t need but will be needing in the future. The ultimate goal is, of course, to fit all of your items into the smallest space possible simply because when it comes to self-storage, smaller means cheaper. Invest in good quality boxes that will last you for years and not fall apart in a few months’ time or so.
Write clearly what’s inside each box and be as specific as possible – for example, instead of having several boxes marked as ”Kitchen”, take a black marker pen and put down “Toaster”, “Blender”, “Kitchen utensils”, etc.
So, you should fill them up to their full capacity but at the same time keep them from becoming too heavy for you to lift and carry around. TV sets, stereo systems, computers and other electrical equipment will be best protected in their original boxes, or alternative boxes of similar sizes if you don’t keep the packing you purchased them in.
Yes, knowing that space is money, the temptation to fill the entire storage cell up to the brim will be strong but do your best to resist it. The shorter and less bulky goods should be stored closer to the pathway so that you’ll have a clear and unobstructed view of all your stored items when you stand in the unit doorway. For instance, furniture drawers are excellent for keeping fragile items, wardrobes are great for storing larger boxes inside, while kitchen appliances will surely fit some of your smaller packed containers.
Keep the dismounted pieces together, wrapped safely and ready to be put back together when the time is right. Consider placing a layer of protective sheeting or boards on the floor, as well as mattress bags and furniture covers for additional protection of your furniture.
Similarly, leather items will last much longer if you treat them with a leather conditioner before placing them in storage.
In fact, fuel is one of the few items that you are not allowed to store at a storage facility. Put some thought into each step before you actually take it – use the organizational tips above to save money by maximizing your storage space and the packing tips to save time and peace of mind by protecting your precious possessions the best way possible. If you know any great tips that have worked for you, you are welcome to share them in the comment section below.

I think it is very tempting at the time to hastily pack a storage unit by shoving boxes in at random, however they’ll fit, to just get it done. My family is going to be moving soon, and we definitely are going to need to put some stuff into storage. We think that we are going to try to put stuff in our new house gradually and keep the rest in a storage unit. These days, self-storage professionals are discovering a new option for maximizing site density by adding movable storage units. The company introduced its movable additional storage structures (MASS) in 2009 in both the U.S. At the time, other types of portable storage units were being introduced, but “what we were hearing from our clients is that they were a bit makeshift,” Fuhlman said. Although the movable units can be picked up with a forklift and moved to a new location, they’re really intended to be stationary storage units at a property. So the idea was, ‘Let’s help our clients gain more rentable space, utilize the land they already own and be able to better service their clients,’” Fuhlman said.
Instead of parking vehicles there, the owner was able to line the edge of the property with movable units, letting him charge higher rents compared with vehicle storage. In some cities, the movable units are exempt from typical self-storage zoning; in other areas, they’re treated just like traditional self-storage facilities.
The units are considered a source of ancillary income rather than part of the real estate, as they could be removed from the property at any time, Hill said.
This white paper identifies major trends and best practices in rate management, occupancy analysis, rental contracts and profit management.
As the company reports, Chicago has some of the highest monthly rents for self-storage facilities in the country, with the average 10-foot-by-10-foot unit costing more than $146 a month. We are perfectly located to provide self storage services to the areas of Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Hucknall, Kirkby in Ashfield, Alfreton and Nottingham.With FREE WiFi, boardroom facilities, and much more, Store First Nottingham is so much more than a self storage facility!
We are a family owned business, committed to providing clean, secure and Affordable Self Storage Units in Perth.
And the reasons for needing extra storage space can be various – two households merging into one (marriage), one big household splitting up into two halves (divorce), a temporary place to put all or most of your household belongings (home renovation or repair works, going away to college, going abroad to work or study, military deployment), downsizing your home and more. So, follow these packing tips and you will be able to use the rented space in the most efficient way there is. Purchasing quality packing supplies is also important when it comes to providing the best possible protection for your items in storage. Also, don’t forget to place the sign “FRAGILE” to all the boxes full of easily breakable stuff. Remember one of the fundamental principles of effective packing: heavier items go into smaller boxes while lighter ones go into larger storage container.
When you’re done preparing a box for storage, don’t forget to seal it well with packing tape to keep eventual dust and moisture away.
Remember that time is money as well, and you’re surely going to waste plenty of it rearranging and unpacking your belongings just to get hold of one single item.
Also, tiny elements such as bolts, screws and hinges should be placed in plastic bags and taped to the corresponding furniture piece. Hopefully, taking that extra precaution will help save me from a huge headache in the future. The weatherproof units can handle heavy snow, can be insulated and can be wired for electricity. Facility owners and operators buy them for extra rentable space or even for self-service kiosks. We cater for both domestic and business self storage customers with the best price in the UK.
If you need to upgrade or downsize your storage unit at any time, that’s no problem at all – we offer flexible long and short-term leases so you can move without penalty and only pay for the space you need.
For a wide range of requirements from office to overflow to a massive house-lot, we provide flexible storage solutions.Choose From Different Size Storage UnitsThose who are looking for secure and economical Self Storage Units in Jandakot can choose from our different size units ranging from small to extra large to suit their needs.
Or you can do a combination of both but make sure the heavier stuff stays at the bottom of the box.
The units are sold on 20-foot platforms that can be divided into two, four or eight units apiece. Get an instant price online for self storage in Nottingham by using our pricing tool below, or give us a call. My tip would be to take inventory and write down everything you're storing, just so you know what you have!
Corridor units give you a more cost effective storage solution as the corridor is wide and very handy when packing your unit as you can use the corridor to help stack your unit more efficiently.
Items like couches take up a lot of room and whilst some people are willing to store items on top of their couch - others aren't, so therefore more room is required.
Are you storing your items, pulling down the door and not touching them for the duration of storage, or do you need to get to your items on a regular basis? If you are pulling down the door and not touching it again until you move it out you can pack to the roof!If you are looking for affordable and secure Self Storage Units in Jandakot, then Contact Us today!

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