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Items such as fleece skirting table, scales, garden vacuum, rubbish bins, broom, buckets and bags were organised.
Animals placed in the yards the afternoon prior to shearing with no feed or water – we find the animals are much more comfortable without a full bladder and stomach- it also ensures less spitting and urine. Everyone was briefed on their jobs for the day- we had two animal handlers, one person cleaning up and helping to secure and release the alpaca, two people gathering the fleece, one to two people weighing, documenting and skirting the fleece – oh yes and the SHEARER.
All white animals were done, then brown and blacks – ensuring the shearing was cleaned especially well between each colour. Thank-you to Justin Weaver and Karen, Anne, Keith, Chris, Scott, Alex, Garry, Racquel and William.  You were all amazing and we really appreciate your help and support. Action take into consideration levels, heights, light, temperatures, access, yards, fit out type, etc.
Fitting out an existing shed to convert it to a shearing shed is a great way to create more shearing capacity without the cost of building a new barn. If you don’t need the whole shed converted we can convert part of the space into a fully functional shearing facility and permanent sheep handling area. Higgins Building Contractors can custom design a layout and system that fits into your existing shed while considering sheep flow to any external yards. If required, a raised timber floor can be installed to allow for down chutes and for ease of access to the subfloor area for cleaning.
Existing machinery sheds with concrete floors can also be converted so that valuable machinery is kept under cover at non-shearing times. We can supply and install a new gate and fence system that will enhance your current set-up, improving productivity and safety. We can also add a custom designed extension to your existing wool or shearing shed, either for a new shearing board and wool floor or for more sheep holding, giving you the valuable extra space you need, very economically. If you have an old unused barn or shed on your property you can save time and money by transforming it into an operational building that contributes to the profitability of your business. You can increase your capacity for shearing quickly and easily without the need or expense of a new building. There is less disruption to you current shearing operation as the shearing can continue in your current location whilst the renovation is carried out.
If there is a disruption due to a breakdown in your existing shed or you need extra capacity, altering an old barn into a shearing shed gives you the increased workspace you need.

If your barn is not in sufficiently sound condition to be converted we can rejuvenate it and remodel where necessary to give you the right layout and conditions for your new shearing shed. At Higgins we have been restoring rural buildings, sheds and barns for many years and it is something we are very good at.
Every building is carefully surveyed to accurately assess the structural integrity and the impact of adding new doors, gates and windows. Most sheds in fair condition can be restored and fully adapted for their new purpose as shearing sheds.
At Higgins we have the experience to consider every aspect of your new shearing facility from livestock flow to and through the shed to how the shed works in conjunction with your other working buildings. If you want to maintain the style and charm of your old barn we can also accommodate this, within the renovation. Higgins Building Contractors use only the highest quality materials, to give you the finish and wear you would expect from a working building. In some rare cases an old building is too dilapidated to be renovated, and due to structural issues cannot be safely restored.
In these cases we can undertake a demolition and the removal of unwanted building materials. We will undertake full site preparation the establishment of new foundations (if required) for new buildings and sheds and design and construct a new shearing shed or any other building as required. A new shearing shed is a big commitment in both time and money.  So you want to work with someone you can trust to understand your needs and deliver the right solution for your business.
5 years really getting to understand the needs and requirements of farmers who handle livestock such as sheep and cattle. We have put together a range of pre-tested shearing shed designs that will meet the needs of most wool farmers.
We have completed some great projects in the last 5 years and have many satisfied customers.
We have developed a range of shearing sheds designed to suit every need and a range of shed options to cater for livestock numbers from the smallest flock to the largest. At Higgins we take the time and care to understand what each customers special needs and requirements are.
Whether that is an increase in shearing numbers, better efficiency, safer working conditions, better livestock comfort or any combination, Higgins will deliver what you need.

We understand just how important your shearing arrangements are and are totally dedicated to giving you the best solution for your particular needs. Your new shearing shed needs to go in the most convenient and practical location possible for you and your business. At Higgins building Contractors we will carry out the site survey, leveling and surfacing to ensure that the site is prepared to a high standard.
We will mange the full project for you from site selection right the way through to fit out, liaising with all contractors and any other personnel on your behalf. Our Sheds are also well lit, minimise direct sunlight to reduce heat and are very well ventilated. This property hosts the annual Cabanandra Campdraft with up to 800 participants and visitors. If you wish to contact the owners via email please fill out the form below and click the submit button.
We ensure shearing sheds provide the best possible conditions for both animal and operator.
This is also a great way of increasing capacity if your current shearing shed is too small. Sizes of wool floors and pen areas can also be modified to suit either sheep holding capacity or wool storage needs. We will review with you your current shearing shed layout and design and get to understand what is good about your shed and what needs to be improved to give you the outcome you need.
They are built to withstand the harsh Australian rural environment and to handle the wear and tear of a busy working building. Action work in close association with fit-out specialists to create the most efficient and cost effective shearing sheds.

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