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Hey there, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere, rather than heading to your local bar in town, why not head outside into your backyard and whip up a cocktail?
Turn your backyard shed into a bar and enjoy all the amenities of a sports bar or cocktail lounge right in your backyard.
Turning your shed into a bar isn’t as easy as slapping some liquor bottles on a shelf and installing some chairs.
Aside from mixing drinks, another great use for a backyard bar is that you will have some space for home brews if that’s your pleasure. There are many alcoholic beverages that can be home brewed, such as beer, cider, sake and mead. As I mentioned before, fully stocking a bar isn’t going to be something most people can afford to do all in one fell swoop. Unique – this one is the category I can never believe and this year was no different.
LiLi's bar was built as it was getting to be a bit of a pain getting out of the hot tub to go and get another bottle from the kitchen.

LiLis Bar was made by her owner's own hands and built from scratch with no formal plan just an idea.
Sakrete Top 'n Bond is a material used for patching, repairing or resurfacing concrete surfaces.
A polymer modified, sand and cement repair mortar for the resurfacing and patching of worn or chipped concrete surfaces. There’s no need to drink alone, have your friends over for happy hour and enjoy yourself! With more bars banning smoking, the cost of living prices going up, and with so many people working from home, it seems only natural that the backyard bar is becoming the new neighborhood bar.
She has done everything from laying a concrete basis, wooden subframe, roof and timber cladding. Gardening writer Tom …Press HeraldIf you buy carefully, you may find cages that unlatch and fold flat for winter storage. The typical home brewer will need to outlay approximately $20- $100 for a home brewing equipment supply.

There are often small distilleries around that may work to give you a discount if you purchase several bottles. Seriani, the yard manager, who laughed when asked if he patronized the barge when it was a dive bar. We Mainers are … The third barrel gathers the water from our shed, in our vegetable garden. For convenience there is also a flat screen TV that you can watch from the tub or when everyone is around for the rugby. New years eve party this year was themed as apres ski and included a snow machine, gluvine, very naf ski outfits and of course the obligatory Austrian ski music.

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