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After making the high-level conceptual shed roof design, the direction for detailed design is set. Welcome to the December 2009 issue of Shed Building Monthly!In this issue we announce the winner of this years Shed Design competition.Before the winner's name is revealed I would like to thank all the participants in the competition. Congratulations Kenny, Just keep flying the flag of our Alma mater Florence Design Academy. We won an Architectural Design Prize!Following all the great suggestions you made to my garden office design last month, the revised garden office design won a prize! Great use of words there and I look forward to all questions and in particular all answers. I’ve been busy this month with over 12 new articles As promised in last months issue I have created an article on Shed Design Software. Please feel free to contribute your stories and comments in these sections Interesting Sheds – this section is for you to tell about beautiful or interesting sheds in your area of the world. I might have mentioned before about a Project I had in mind for a Shed Building Course , well….I finally got it together this month. Happy New Year and welcome to the first issue of Shed Building Monthly for 2010.In this issue we are going to depart from sheds for a little while and focus on shed designers. Many people also use recycled timber to reduce demand on the environment and also just because well chosen recycled timber can look great.Buying recycled timber often isn't too great an experience as the merchant often prices the timber at a high percentage of what it would be new. I love recycled timber as it is always dry and stays straight, Shrinkage is complete and in my town, recycled timber is so much cheaper to purchase that new, at the local demolition shop. You have a great workspace there and I enjoyed looking at the artwork you have created too! A Fairly traditional shed shape but with a very calming colour scheme and accessories were what propelled 40% of the voters to choose this shed, giving Anna-Marie a clear lead over the other 10 entrants. Congratulations to Anna-Marie and a big thank you to all who took part in this first competition.
Have a read to find out about some great aids to planning your shed on your computer. I have created a new section on Shed Accessories. One shed designer in particular, Kenny Van den Berghe the winner of our recent Shed Design Competition.

I tried to break one up and it was pretty well nailed together and taking it apart without damaging the wood was hard. I tried to visit your Etsy shop but the link didn't work? I forgot to mention about using recycled building components but you found a very interesting door there and the re-used paviors make an already weathered surface. The idea for getting builders involved in recycling building components for charity sounds great. These are the sort of things that you can add to your shed to make a simple basic shed even better. I have kicked this one off with a rather long article about a trip to Great Missenden to find out about Roald Dahl’s writing shed. Shed Security – A hot topic this one. Kenny has very kindly agreed to answer a few questions to let us know a little more about the background to his winning design.1.0 Introduce yourself Kenny! I need your help!One thing that struck me following all the suggestions I received about the garden office design was how much knowledge and experience you all have. I found all my windows there, just the right size and lots of interesting bits and pieces, like the bench tops and the wall linings. I had a look at the main Habitat For Humanity site it was really interesting, do they have a local website showing this recycling project that we could look at?
New information on Shed Alarms and Shed Skylights the existing articles on Shed Ramps, Solar Shed Lights and Water Butts have been moved to this section. As well as reading this website (of course) and some plans it is always good to read a few Shed Books before you start your project. Has your shed been broken into or do you have any tips to keep out unwanted intruders. Shed Builders Corner- Do you build sheds for a living?
Tell us where you come from and how you ended up studying at a design academy in Italy?I am Kenny Vanden Berghe, 24 years old, Belgian. It struck me that if I am the only one doing the talking here things could get a bit boring! There is my full description of the building and collecting process of my Studio on my blog.
Shed Books has a fairly wide remit as indicated by the first book - The Specialist a short humorous book about a privy builder in the 1930s.

The reason for this is to make the e-zine easier for you to read and easier for me to create! I started my higher education with a Bachelor degree in Marketing management and Communication in Brussels (with 6 months erasmus in Utrecht, NL).
So I have tweaked the format yet again to make it easier for you to add your comments and contributionsEach month I will get the conversation started with some suggestions and then please pitch in.
It sort of strikes a chord with me too in a way! The final section is on Metal Sheds - ‘the Cinderella of the shed world’. I then went to Maidstone, UK, to do one year of Foundation Studies in Art & Design at the University for the Creative Arts (UCA) with a major in Fine Arts, to foster my creativity. Of course the folk who build whole sheds out of pallets do not dismantle them they use the pallet as a panel and use other longer timbers to align them.
I then realized I had a real passion for design and decided to go to the Florence Design Academy where I did a one year intensive course to get a Bachelor in Interior Design and am now doing a Masters Interior Design and a Masters Industrial Design.
They often look the same but a more detailed look reveals very practical structure for storage and security. It is a lot of hard work, but when you love you don't count!2.0 How long have you been interested in architecture?I have liked architecture and design for a long time and always had big interest for arts in general (painting, music etc) but it took me a while, about 22 years, to realize I had a real passion for design and architecture and wanted to make a living out of it!3.0 Have you built a shed or been involved in building any other structure yourself?It was my first time developing a concept for a shed, and I found it very exciting and challenging! I think competitions are very important for young designers as they give you a realistic briefing (that is not from one of your teachers) and force you to give the best you have. I find it really stimulating and challenging!5.0 Sustainabiliity is an important part of your design which single feature of your design contributes most to its sustainability and why?Thats a tough one! I'm not sure we can say there is one feature that contributes more to the sustainability of the "Open Office" shed than the others..

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