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Order Below or Phone 0422 590552, Multiclad – Multiclad Wall cladding – Is a very neat tidy looking low profile trapezoidal rib sheeting mostly used on the walls of sheds & garages. Most often used on wall, Multiclad is very popular as a low profile wall sheet or cladding. Delivery available to these areas – Click to check if delivery is available to your area.
Delivery : If you have any concerns regarding delivery to your site or any questions about this product then call our customer service on 1800 652 001. Select from the drop down list the Colobond colour you require, or choose Zinc if you are going to select zincalume sheeting.
Qty : Calculate the total linear metres you are purchasing and round down to nearest whole metre. Delivery can be added to your order if you require it, simply select it and add it to your shopping cart once per completed transaction. Enter here the # of Sheets and the length, then below where it says Qty : Enter the total number of linear metres of sheeting - Eg. Hi, this couldnt have come at a better time, iam also looking at options for a new shed, current one has shiplap cladding which is wrecked on 2 sides, iam going to tear down whole thing and rebuild bigger.Paul yours is very similar to what i was thinking, do you have any more pics?iam looking to try and get that honey coulor from the wood, and thought vertical cladding might look good, how waterproof is it?iam using insulated roof sheets as i have them already, just re-roofed a garage and have enough left over. I too am in the process of purchasing materials to build a new shed, oddly enough of similar dimensions (4.5 *x 3 metres).
CoolHands said: I just used normal shiplap you get from your builders merchant for making fences etc. Does anyone know how well plywood (non marine) stands up to the elements - I plan to paint the shed once done.
I used 18mm marine ply for my shed, luckily we had a pallet of 40 sheets left over on a project that suddenly appeared in my garden, think it was circa 45£ a sheet. I used treated feather edge boards on my shed because they were the cheapest not been up for years with no treatment still fine not the best looking cladding though.
I'm in the process of building my workshop (a slow, grinding project due to kids and other projects).
Swordfish, have you considered plugging the gaps inside and avoid the reclad for longer?What is the cost these days for recladding per 10 sq.mtrs, does anyone know?

Devonwoody - too many gaps to fill - it would probably cost me more in filler that new cladding As well as shrinking the wood is cupping (concave from the outside). I recently built a new workshop and decided against T&G and opted to go for a battern and board style instead. Wood fence , Easy installation, improved my company built residential, beautiful, practical. All these raw materials are premixed and extruded by professional Wood-Plastic machinery with special technics, so it is a kind of Low-carbon, Environmental protection and Recyclable new material. Applied to a variety of wall panels, ceiling, siding, door frames, decorative articles, decorative panels, framed pieces, curtain rods, sheet, curtain rings and decorative pieces, venetian blinds, interior stairs, furniture (desks, chairs, windows countertops), lamps, etc.
Can be used for indoor and outdoor decking, fence, door frames, wood tile, wood overall balcony, sea floors, building templates, moisture separators, stairs, handrail, guardrail, road plates, BAN cards, bike parking shed, room roof garden drainage board, anti-pipes and sites of ancient buildings, activity rooms, villas and so on.
Used in industrial pallets, mat board positions, warehouse shelves, glass shelves transportation, ammunition packaging, shipping pallets, general packaging materials (especially export commodities packaging), fish tank glass boxes, crates, forklifts and pallets, railway sleepers. Since WPC excellent water resistance, it is particularly suitable for parks, playgrounds, streets and other public places outdoor furniture, signs, billboards, bus shelters, highway noise barriers, railway sleepers, etc. We can provide free sample pieces, free new products samples into container,and we can make the special samples as clients requirement . We can do everything before delivery.You only need to make the order ,then box designing,raw material preparing,product producing,delivery and documents preparing all can be done by ourselves.
We can design the products based on customers’ requirement,based on the patterns,colors,sizes and so on. China Good Quality Phenolic Film Faced Plywood, Shuttering Plywood and Brown Film Faced Plywood International Trade Site. I built it myself.Looks like feather edge rather than shiplap, although it could just be the camera. My Dad's a retired joiner and I'm a sparky so he's told me what to do for pretty much all of it and I've tried my best to do it! Low water absorption, acid, anti-moth, fire performance, no pollution, long life and economic.
Having said that I am also very tired so if it turns out a little rambly please forgive me!!

Simply note sheet length and quantity, add to cart, continue to shop, add your next product choice and don’t forget to pick up some tek screws.
These products can be collected from your nearest Lysaght Depot which will result in saving the delivery charge (see ordering instructions) Delivery of Steel by Bluescope Lysaght is usually conducted by a rigid table-top truck or a Semi trailer. Built from 4x2 on a concrete base, everything hand built fom the founds to the trusses for reasons of cheapness!How much are you looking to spend on the cladding? Ordinary tanalised shiplap cladding can just about be acquired, but I think there are better alternatives out there.
Back to OP, how about still using 2x1 roof batten but chamfer off one edge and run it horizontally so each piece is sloping slightly downwards. My wife's Dad is management in a sawmill so I got all the wood at cost price and trade discount on most of the other stuff I've had to buy.It's 5m x 3m and is pretty much finished, just need to finish plasterboarding the inside and insulate the roof.
In hindsight on the south facing side I would have used 6mm external plywood as a base for the shiplap cladding because this is the side with the most movement and if it does move and create gaps you still have the plywood behind.
Your purchase of Lysaght products can be delivered to the delivery address you specify during check out if you add delivery to your shopping cart during check out. Mind you, some of the reclaimed options are nearly as expensive, and difficult to get hold of as they're miles away.I'm intending insulating and boarding out the inside of mine too. The shed we are building is going to be 4x3x2.4m (roughly) but at the moment to clad that we would be paying more than it would cost to build the whole structure. It is recommended that you have an alternate delivery site prepared if access to your site in unavailable due to wet weather, has poor roads, is steep, is rough or other reason. No order is deemed to have been accepted until such time as we can confirm delivery address details or pick up, and product availability. My hubby declared it was time to sort the garden out and I totally agreed but said I wanted to go back to having a nice lawn so that was the decision made. As Dave finished one bit I went along with the creosote brush and also got the garden bench done at the same time.

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