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Submissions for this year's festive sheds compendium are a little slow in arriving at Shedworking HQ, probably I suspect because of the lack of snow.
It's always a pleasure to report on new garden office builds in the home town of Shedworking so we were delighted to hear from Decorated Shed that they have just finished work on an artist's studio for St Albans-based designer Stephen Wragg. Friday posts are sponsored by Extraspace, the flat-packed, man-portable expandable garden building experts. In retrospect I would definately have landscaped the area thoroughly and used a steel re-inforced concrete base slightly above ground level. Although the cost of this was quite high ( approx ?4000 in materials) and it was very labour intensive for 1 man alone, there were very clear advantages for building the summerhouse from scratch as opposed to getting a premade one.
Some of the grass got damaged in the front so we put some turf down,this could be done more extensively if required, as by this point we were out of money.
I used a real flexible filler to bind the plasterboards together to ensure no cracks will occur. R Bill Fencing are registered with the Environment Agency, as waste carriers, with all waste removed and disposed of legally.

Stephen and his wife Esther run Wragg Art House which includes painting, drawing, sculpture, graphic design for print and web media, photography and cartography. For this project I used standard 2×4 stud walls, pressure treated shiplap cladding, insulation and readily available interior trimmings.
It was therefore very advantageous for me to have 100% control over the construction of the outbuilding.
As it happens this boundary was not a perfect square and although you would not recognise it from the front view we gained quite a few feet of extra space by having complete control of the structure. The measurement is taken from the lowest point surrounding the structure and so if you have a garden that slopes up by 0.5 meter from one side to the other you have a problem as you will only be left with 2 meters on the highest point. As I used 2×4 inch studs for the walls I was able to use a 70mm rigid insulation that wedged in between the timber studs. As the walls were made in traditional timber frame style I included place for electrics and also applied plasterboard for interior finishing.
The pre-made ones all came at shapes that did not suit this garden and I think the price for them to make the pre-made ones to spec would have beeen quite high.

To encourage you, here are some photos of the St Albans Christmas Market and its sheds (it runs until the 21st right next to the cathedral - the bratwurst are particularly good).
I dont think this option is available with any pre-made ones and so this way is guaranteed to have better thermal properties throughout winter and summer. Usually pre-made summerhouses get delivered in a large pile of loose timber that the installer has to sort through and hope they got it right. There were the cost effective Shiplap and Toungue & Groove options, and then the more expensive Loglap options. So I built 4 level foundation walls about 30cm high and used timber 2×5 inch joists to span over all the hard concrete and to loose the slight slope of the garden (20cm).

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