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To the outside world, Toronto might be considered a cold Canadian city with visions of dogsleds and Mounted Police dancing in their head. If you’ve been dreaming of a tiny space created just for you that you can use for virtually any purpose your heart desires, this stylish prefab studio by Camera Buildings is for you.
The Tetra Shed modular stand-alone pods are designed as modernized workspaces for the garden, but can be used for far more.
When a house extension project and a prefab system come together the result can only be outstanding. The concept behind a tiny garden pavilion in London, UK was simplified by the following equation: shed + office = Shoffice. Sometimes a simple cardboard box can become a whole new world for a child – a place of their own where they can paint, read and play.
Nowadays, conservatories and garden rooms are transformed into contemporary garden buildings.
Haworth Tompkins announces the completion of The Shed, a temporary venue for the National Theatre on London’s South Bank. The artistic programme for The Shed, recently announced by the Director of the National Theatre, Nicholas Hytner, pushes creative boundaries, giving the NT the opportunity to explore new ways of making theatre.
The Shed also represents another step in Haworth Tompkins’ ongoing project to research sustainable ways of making theatres. We remarked last year on the increase in the number of shedworkers who were also keen to include some traditional shed storage space alongside their garden office. The result is a triangular garden office incorporating a storage space and featuring concrete panels at the back and inside an integrated cupboard and desk.
Based at the heart of the City, this venue has spectacular views of the London skyline looking out towards The Shard and the Tower of London. Seven manly ways to step briefly into a realm that is primarily made for the ladies of London. By using this site, you must be aged 18 years or older and agree to our Terms and Conditions. Home: The wretched backyard and garden sheds, described as 'little bigger than rabbit hutches', have been described as dragging London back to Victorian times.
More and more desperate migrant families have been forced to set up home in cramped wooden sheds crammed into small gardens, which are being rented out by unscrupulous private landlords.They are ruthlessly exploiting a housing crisis and often charging hundreds of pounds a month for the dilapidated huts. Newham Council released pictures last week of a slum on Katharine Road in Forest Gate and another of Tower Hamlets Road in Forest Gate - occupied until recently by a middle-aged man.In some recent cases, enforcement notices were issued ordering the owners to take down the illegal buildings.
Newham Mayor Sir Robin Wales said: a€?We want to ensure that private sector rented properties are well managed and meet a good standard. The most notorious slum of London's Victorian East End was Old Nichol in Bethnal Green - known for its filthy and narrow streets surrounded by overcrowded tenement buildings and the carcasses of dead animals.The area was dull and grey, blocking out all light, and many houses were prone to flooding because they were below ground level. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.
The Oyster Shed will be situated right in the heart of the City, and offer an impressive range of seafood and traditional British dishes alongside an extensive Champagne list and a wide selection of local ales, stouts, whiskeys, wines and cocktails. Found just minutes away from Monument and Cannon Street tube stations, The Oyster Shed is in an amazing location and offers its patrons water side views in the heart of the City. We couldn't find any availability around the times you specified, but you can still make an enquiry. We have received your booking enquiry and we will work with {{venueName}} to confirm your booking.

Revolutionary booking and enquiry management software for bars, restaurants, pubs and clubs.
An online ticketing box office, catering for all kinds of events, pop ups to big music festivals, and free marketing and exposure to help sell more tickets. A tiny wooden house has popped up between two terraces in Leyton, east London, filling a space that used to be occupied by a decrepit old shed.
At barely two metres - or six feet - wide, the Daily Mail newspaper reported that the ramshackle home was a contender for the title of narrowest house in Britain. And many of the neighbours of the narrow wooden home on Manor Road in Leyton are hoping that the local Waltham Forest Council will tear down the new house, which is covered in plywood and appeared just one month ago. The fate of the little wooden house therefore hangs in the balance, as it will certainly be destroyed if no planning permission can be produced.
And you can even just become one with nature in this backyard office as you read, write, dream, etc. If you enjoyed this whimsical work shed you’ll love our free daily tiny house newsletter with more! Andrea has lived simply in small spaces for more than 7 years and enjoys sharing her space saving (and space multiplying) tips from experience. But for those who live there, they know very well what a cultural metropolis it truly is – offering four distinct seasons and a plethora of beautiful locations in which to visit. Located in Hackney City Farm, Magnificent HQ is the headquarters of a non-profit organization called Magnificent Revolution. They can be assembled in complexes of up to 6 (or even more) and are built from timber, beech cladding and a whole menu of external finishes from copper to black rubber to comply with ultra stringent Modern Methods of Construction (MMC). Backyard Room testifies the power of mixing these two factors by revealing the innumerable benefits that come with prefabricated buildings. When work and living merge to a single space, many people are in need of a physical separation between what happens in their life at home, and their work at the office. An organic volume is now placed in the rear of a 1950’s terraced house as an artificial extension of the existing garden. UK-based Atelier was directed by the element of a curved edge in the design and construction of their modern garden studios. The Shed will give the NT a third auditorium while the Cottesloe is closed for a year during the NT Future redevelopment, also designed by Haworth Tompkins. In the same way, The Shed has been a test bed for experiment by the architectural design team.
Its simple form houses a 225-seat auditorium made of raw steel and plywood, while the rough sawn timber cladding refers to the National Theatre’s iconic board-marked concrete, and the modelling of the auditorium and its corner towers complement the bold geometries of the NT itself. Built of materials that can be 100% recycled and fitted out with re-used seating, The Shed is naturally ventilated, with the four towers that draw air through the building providing its distinctive form.
Here's a new example from eDEN Garden Rooms in Hackney, London for a client who wanted to fit both elements into a tight corner at the end of his garden. It has a double glazed door (with security locks) next to a large window with tilt and turn mechanism and a green RAL for the aluminium cladding on the glazing (this colour was also matched to the powder coated aluminium fascias). Currently open Monday-Friday, with the weekends available for private hire, it offers a rotating seasonal menu using fresh ingredients. We also want to deal with the crime and anti-social behaviour that is associated with bad private sector rented housing.'There are good landlords in Newham and we want to work with them. Set to be one of the hottest seafood pubs in London, this Geronimo Inn establishment will also be serving up traditional British grub and a fabulous selection of tipples, from the best craft beers in London, to delicious new world wines and cocktails.

The Grotto Sauna by PARTISANS is a fabulous example of exactly the type of random beauty you will find there. The standard studio interior ceiling height is 6’-8” so that delivery to your house is easy as well.
Created from a converted shipping container, this multipurpose space serves as a studio for creativity and learning. Sett Studio demonstrates how to create an efficient physical boundary between work and home. The program was very simple and small – an office space for the owner of the house that could promote a closer connection with his domesticated piece of nature. Conceived by Haworth Tompkins and regular collaborators Charcoalblue, it was then designed and built in little more than a year, a collaborative process between the building designers, the National Theatre, and theatre-makers who will work in the space, in a way that more closely resembled a theatre show than a conventional construction project.
A temporary foyer has been carved out from the space beneath the NT’s external terraces and provides easy connection to the existing foyers. The garden office is fully insulated and heated by underfloor heating, finished with an overhang and decking, lit by spotlights and protected by security lighting. For a restaurant that prides itself in its offering of oysters, it has an extensive selection of champagnes to match with their oysters. We take your privacy very seriously and will never share your details with third parties witout your consent. Unfortunately there are also some unscrupulous ones - and we are going after them vigorously and robustly.'We will never accept private sector tenants being directly exploited by landlords who force them to live in dangerous and unacceptable conditions.
But in 1887, five out of every six infants to die in Bethnal Green homes where the whole family shared a bed had suffocated.Coroners attributed most deaths to 'overlaying', when a sleeping parent or sibling rolled onto the infant, but others suspected that many were intentionally suffocated by desperately poor mothers. Escape the working day in the City, and take in the view of The Thames and The Shard, at this exciting new pub. This Georgian Bay, Ontario prefab gem boasts of 800 square feet of specialized steam, sculpted to utter perfection.
The space demonstrates and teaches energy efficiency principles, beginning with its own example as a prototype. In Austin a small prefab building with only 8.5sqm reinforces the idea of living and working in style and comfort. Well, the story influenced this three feet wide and two stories tall garden-shed, which invites one to live outdoors.
The Shed’s brilliant red colour covering the entire mass of a form without doors or windows, announces its arrival boldly against the concrete bulk of the NT, giving it a startling and enigmatic presence. The Oyster Shed is one of the most exciting pub openings of 2012 and will be a great spot for alfresco drinks in the summer and the Diamond Jubilee. The owner of this website disclaims all warranties expressed or implied regarding the accuracy, timeliness, and completeness of the information provided. Do not wire money in any way without first seeing the home (or other product), checking title, and doing your proper due diligence.

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