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Register or Login Advanced Search Renovate Directory Login to Your Account Remember Me? Join Date Sep 2007 Location Adelaide Posts 34 This is the shed that I built Pretty proud of myself with this one. Join Date Sep 2007 Location Adelaide Posts 34 And all of the carport material will go to good use.
Join Date Jun 2006 Location The Sticks Age 44 Posts 15 Looks great Kaptan, good work!!
Join Date Sep 2007 Location Adelaide Posts 34 Originally Posted by builtforcomfort Can you tell me a bit more about the epoxy product you used on the floor? My cheap-skate method used less product, but I had to really work it into the rough textured concrete, and that took longer and wore out the rollers. The epoxy comes in many colours; my old man once used the light blue on the inside of a concrete inground rainwater tank on the farm to use as our swimming pool.!
And as a variant, I was in a trendy new cafe the other day that had used clear on a surface ground concrete floor. Join Date Mar 2008 Location heathcote junction vic Age 37 Posts 32 nice shed!!!
Join Date Sep 2007 Location Adelaide Posts 34 G'Day yozza, My air setup is fairly simple.
If you have a look at the picture below, I came through the shed wall at the purlin level where I placed a T-piece, (the black section down low).
Glad I checked this out, as I was thinking epoxy for the downstairs concrete when I eventually rip the carpet out of the garage.
Join Date Jan 2009 Location Murwillumbah NSW Age 53 Posts 271 Awsome effort, but how did you get the compressor into the hutch?
Join Date Sep 2007 Location Adelaide Posts 34 Originally Posted by chipps Awsome effort, but how did you get the compressor into the hutch?
Join Date Sep 2007 Location Adelaide Posts 34 Originally Posted by Kaptan I have since built a workbench, and mobile welding bench.
Join Date Dec 2009 Location SA Posts 42 Very nice, there is no better feeling after building things, Top shed mate you should be proud.
Those who have been experiencing field operation would have had known on how difficult to deal with storage of large amount of operation related equipment to keep them save from sunlight, rain, tree sap and more. The ideal shed must be able to be carried away easily whenever we need to move on and off, and able to assembly in such an easy way to prevent wasting valuable operation time for the team. This is where you need to have a shed in a box for an instant help to build your own instant shed for your operation equipments and keep them away from any sunlight, rain, tree sap and more.
Made by well known brand Shelter Logic, this shed in a box in an ideal “carried-in-a-box” facility to help you have an instant shed for any possible needs in your field operation. One of their well known garage-in-a-box product is the 10” x 10” shed in a box which is well designed to be able to cope with any possible season and definitely can protect your valuable equipment from any sunlight, rain, tree sap and even more weather issues during field operation.
With price tag less than $200 in many re-seller’s online shopping website, this shed in a box come with all-steel frame and comes bonded with DuPont thermo set, backed on powder-coat finish for its durability. The triple-layer, heat bonded polyethylene cover is waterproof which going to expel any water from rain and others, and feature a high-profile white interior part once this shed in a box fully assembled and installed which will reflects light for greater interior visibility. The canopy storage shed is not only comes in 10”x10” size but also any possible size with different square shapes, one has longer width while the other one has longer shed in a box length to cope with any possible field operation equipment size and length to deal with. Shelter Logic has been widely recognized and their products have been widely used in countless numbers of field operations throughout the nation and worldwide. Auction includes exotic early trains, superior-quality toys and exquisite dolls from 55-year Paul and Katie Hedburn collection. Anyone assuming they’ve seen the last of the great early collections of toys, trains and dolls may have to readjust their thinking September 10-12 when Morphy’s presents at auction a long-held trove amassed by the late Katie and Paul Hedburn. The Chicago couple began their collecting journey around 55 years ago, before there were specialty shows for dolls and toys, and certainly long before the Internet. Another treasured doll from the Hedburn collection is an Oriental Bru, one of six or seven Brus entered in the auction.
From the 1990s until his passing in February of this year, Paul was an enthusiastic collector of German bisque wigged bathing beauties.
A small selection of character dolls includes an interesting, possibly unique, Leo Moss black doll with molded composition head and cloth torso, estimate $5,000-$10,000. By the 1980s, the Hedburns had become interested in other types of toys, including trains, which they avidly pursued.
The revered American brand Ives is represented by early passenger and freight “inboard” truck cars, including livestock cars and cabooses; train stations, and both a 40 and 41 passenger set with European styling.
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You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. Rugged Ratchet TiteTM Tensioning System provides simple installation while keeping cover tight to frame.
Advanced engineered, triple-layer, chemically heat bonded enhanced quality weave, rip-stop, waterproof, polyethylene cover. We promise to never spam you, and just use your email address to identify you as a valid customer. With their wide range of store locations, this will ensure no matter where you reside in this country, their product will always be there for you to purchase. Set includes: gold wash tin wind-up tractor with front plow piece, five tin litho farm implements, one pressed steel wagon, four wooden milk cans and a box of colored blocks.
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