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Hi, I'm new to Templot and have been discussing with Martin a fairly large terminus plan which is an adaptation of a CJ Freezer terminus plan published nearly 20 years ago. The lower level is under construction now and will have 12 through storage roads, each about 30' long. Lower level track is all Tillig for ease of laying with all visible track being SMP flexible plus hand made points using pcb strip and code 75 bullhead rail with 1mm flangeways. Please do not send requests for help direct to me via email or PM.Post your questions on the forum where everyone can see them and add helpful replies.
Before you began handbuilding you sent me some scans of your existing 00 pointwork, which I matched for you in Templot. I tried using these for the CJF terminus plan, and managed to fit it within your 5400mm space, without losing any platform length.
So the first question is how many of these straight A-7 turnouts and straight 1:7 diamonds and slips do you have? Gordon S wrote: The thought of a long gentle curved terminus is very attractive and boards could be made to suit. Orders for 00-SF track gauges are now being taken and if you get in quick you might be in time to get some. It does have a slight bearing on the design process in that 00-SF turnouts are a fraction shorter than DOGA-F. It's no wonder 00 gauge is such a mish-mash of conflicting experience and reports of poor running.
I don't want to be too pessimistic, but I think you need to get this sorted outed before continuing. Obviously it's a matter for you, but I do feel that a sensible choice for the layout you are planning would be either 00-BF or 00-SF, so that you don't have to adjust any wheels and the Tillig turnouts remain compatible.
Just to get a quick idea, I have broken up my previous design and dragged the bits round to a gentle curve. To put curved turnouts further round in the 48" approach curves, they can't be 1:7 and need to be C-10 or more. I have scattered some bits of the previous design (in orange) along the base line just to create the general effect.
I am learning more about Templot each day, but am struggling to generate a 1:7 double slip despite tacking the tutorial several times. For your curved yard ita€™s not so easy but a start can be made by putting all the turnouts in what is currently the longest road.
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The lower level will be about 18" below the scenic level which will allow full access to the storage roads for track cleaning and point repair etc. I had around 50 points from a previous layout but have now learned how to build my own customised pointwork.
I have had WinRail for a year or so and have been able to produce a plan which will give an indication of what I am trying to achieve. You're right that it's a challenging design, because you want to include as much as possible of your existing pointwork while hopefully creating a flowing "Templot" design for new handbuilt curved pointwork. The goods yard access needed a changed design to keep a long enough head-shunt, but otherwise it's a straight conversion to 1:7 angle of CJF's original design. It would obviously be much more attractive and create a longer-look effect to put the station throat on a gentle curve transitioning into the approach curves. If only a few could be fitted in this plan to allow it to be all to be on a curve, do you have any other use for the remainder? It might steal some space from the proposed freight storage but that would be a compromise I would be willing to make.
I assume this means you are using the DOGA Fine track gauges and will be widening all your wheel back-to-backs to 14.7mm accordingly?
Common sense says if that is the case, stock with B to B's less than 14.5 should bind on the checkrails.
A large complex layout is going to be a nightmare to run and maintain if you continue with this situation.
The 00-SF check gauge tool is interchangeable with 00-BF, and with a bit of luck Brian on the 00-SF group has a few left.
That means the diamonds and slips need to be 1:10 too, which means they must be switch-diamonds.
Starting from the top left there is about 3ft straight, then a long transition curve in about 23ft length down to a radius of about 51" at 6 o'clock. If you can reach that far, there is room top right beyond the MPD areas for an industry or warehouse of some sort, or perhaps a significant chunk of townscape. So that I am able to be involved in the generation of this plan, is there a double slip template on file, or could a benevolent soul generate one for me?  The straight and curve points are not an issue and having a slip template would enable me to experiment a lot more with the basic track design.
To see the component partial templates, hold down the SHIFT key and run the mouse pointer over the name labels. Note that because of the wide flangeways in 00-BF the slip road rails conflict with the K-crossing check rails.
Like timber shoving, it is a waste of effort adding slip switches and slip roads to a diamond-crossing until the track planning is finalised (except perhaps to check that the radius will be acceptable).
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A switch-diamond curved double slip is very impressive, but not perhaps the first choice for a novice track builder! At the 3 o'clock position the radius is about 72", and the pointwork for the station throat could begin about there. A fenced yard or a leash are musts at all times, because many Cavaliers will pursue squirrels, chipmunks, low-flying birds, even butterflies, right into the street.
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In theory you could have curved platforms under a straight roof, but it might look a bit odd.
It also means that after widening the wheels won't run properly through your Tillig  turnouts.
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Since then, I have been well and truly hooked and have now built curved points, a double slip and two 3 way points so feel comfortable that I could build most combinations if required.
Freight will be of the through variety and will have its own upper storage loops (or goods yard) which has yet to be finalised.
The freight storage loops shown in green is simply a representation and may be changed if better alternatives can be found.

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