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Published on Friday, January 08, 2016 by Rabble.caWill the Canadian Government Shed Light on the No-Fly List? The recent promise by Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale to open an investigation into the case of six-year-old Syed Adam Ahmed, whose name appears on Canada's no-fly list, isn't enough and here's why. Here we have to distinguish between two categories of passengers: those who are denied boarding and those who are delayed boarding a plane.
In the case of the children presented in recent media reports, we are dealing with the second category. Since 2010, the government has been aware of this problem and hasn't taken any concrete measures to correct the situation. Another disturbing question worth mentioning is why this six-year-old boy kept being delayed through the years even though Transport Canada claims that the list is refreshed every 30 days.
So assuming Syed Adam Ahmed's name was mistakenly added the first time and then brought to the attention of Transport Canada officials, we would expect that they would have refreshed the list after 30 days so his name should have been erased by the second or third attempt at boarding a plane, but Syed Adam Ahmed's parents said that this ordeal was repeated each time they tried to board a plane with their son, until recently.

Now that more and more parents are coming forward with similar stories about their kids being stopped and delayed in boarding their plane, it is time for the government to act swiftly. Yesterday evening, Minister Goodale issued a statement promising that the government will hold public consultations on the PPP to make sure that Canadians will remain safe while upholding our democratic values. Joining the furious voices of poisoned Flint residents seeking even "an ounce of accountability," Green For All marked Earth Day by launching a national campaign calling on polluters to pay for what they break via a modified carbon tax to be invested back into the communities they trash.
Plus, police cruisers are involved in accidents, and a Woonsocket deli closes because it can't find good employees. Today's Paper, also known as the e-Edition, is an online replica of the printed newspaper. How as a society have we reached this level of complacency, accepting that such actions are "normal" under the pretext of living in security? It is known as a "false positive." In other words, these are people who do not represent any threat to security but are going to wrongfully end up on the no-fly list.

In a democracy, there must be a judicial review process to accompany any government program to avoid arbitrary decisions and human mistakes that may occur. Mazigh was catapulted onto the public stage in 2002 when her husband, Maher Arar, was deported to Syria where he was tortured and held without charge for over a year.
A total revamp of the no-fly list is needed as well as the implementation of a transparent judicial review that would allow everyone who has been prevented from travelling or delayed in flying to get the explanations they deserve. In 2008, she published a memoir, Hope and Despair, about her pursuit of justice, and recently, a novel about Muslim women, Mirrors and Mirages. The government refused to release the exact number, claiming that this might help the terrorists in their plans to attack or harm us.

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