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I do not drink draft beer so keg is not important however I have no ruled it out completely! I wont tell my wife that she can cut the power from the garage, or she might use that to her advantage!
Still have to do some trim at the seams and windows, other than that its ready to host parties! Many people have commented and emailed me wanting to know if I had any great Man Cave Ideas, or resources I could direct them to. Do you want your Man Cave to be accessible to anyone at any time, or would you prefer to have your Man Cave tucked away with limited access? For example, maybe you really want a wet bar for your Man Cave, but you’re planning on using a large shed out back. If your ideal Man Cave is at a lake house, or somewhere secluded away from your primary living space, you will need to consider the functionality, frequency of use, and underlining utility of your Man Cave. The great thing about a Man Cave is that it doesn’t have to fit the mold of a typical, or traditional living space. Another thing to consider when assessing the size of your Man Cave is the purpose and functionality. Function and theme for your Man Cave will vary for all cavemen, consider what you want to do in your Man Cave?
Ok now its your turn, below is as listed of the most common themes and ideas I could find for Man Caves.
You are well on your way of uncovering all the things you should consider when considering your Man Cave Ideas.
I distinctly remember one get together where my sister’s little boy came out of my Man Cave with a Little Happy Man Wine Cork. Finally, when you are thinking about Man Cave Ideas, you need to consider the work that is to be done in converting a space, or constructing one from scratch. Depending on your project and where you live, you may need to secure certain building permits.
Check out the Man Cave Resources page for a listing of DIY, self help resources that will be extremely useful tools in the construction of your Man Cave!
Author note: There is a lot of Man Cave pictures on this page that have been lifted form various internet search engines, and other Social Media Sites.

Everyone seems to like the products I’m promoting, but without a solid Man Cave Idea, it is hard to know what purchases would be best to outfit your Man Cave! The first thing to consider when thinking about Man Cave Ideas is the space you want to utilize or transform into your Man Cave.
Is your Man Cave going to be a short walk across your yard to your garage, shed, or guest house? If you live in the North East, your Man Cave probably wont get a lot of use in the middle of February when there is 3-feet of snow on the ground. After all, you don’t want to stock your Man Cave with 10 cases of beer and not have a chance to visit for 3 months. Now that you have put some thought and consideration into your perfect Man Cave location and understand your accessibility, lets look at Size. Sure, you can do a lot more with a larger space, but having a smaller space to work with could generate some really cool out of the box thinking and give your Man Cave a very unique touch. If you are interested in hosting neighborhood gatherings on the weekends, your 5 x 10 shed is probably not large enough to accommodate your guests (unless you plan on serving drinks out a side window like the neighborhood ice-cream truck). Don’t think you have to pick one from this list, be creative, this is just to give you some ideas. Obviously this only scratches the surface when looking to build your own Man Cave, but it will get you started down the right path.
Perhaps you have an existing space like a basement, garage, or spare room in your house, or apartment, or you are looking to construct one from scratch. These are important questions to ask yourself when considering your Man Cave Ideas as it will impact who will use it, how often it gets used, and it will ultimately what your theme will be, and what products you want to get for it. Then again, maybe you like the appeal of trudging through 3-feet of snow slightly buzzed on Saturday night! On the other hand, if you want a space where you and your best friend can chill out, drink a few beers and tinker on your guitars, then an entire basement is great, but not necessary. Perhaps you want a gaming room for video games, foosball, pool, or your very own little Las Vegas! Pick something you absolutely love and have fun finding the things that will make it your own!
Although I love the novelty item and own the full collection (bottle opener, cork screw, and wine cork) It was quite embarrassing and difficult to explain away to a 7-year old boy!

If this is the case, you can’t exactly tear down that wall and install the necessary plumbing for your wet bar!
Regardless of your Man Cave Ideas, big or small, it wont hurt to do a little investigation into what you may need to remain compliant. There is much to be learned from you and if you have some thoughts we would love to hear about it!
You might be considering a space that is disconnected from you living space like a shed, guest house, or maybe you are lucky enough to have a lake house! Or maybe, you want a home theater, music room, sports room, tool room, or a space that you can fill with all your favorite collectibles, and memorabilia. Maybe you enjoy hosting neighborhood get-togethers, or just large groups of close friends and family.
Regardless of where you are considering carving out your Man Cave, you should assess this space for the following attributes: ease of access, size, function and theme, your audience, and finally your DIY skills and availability.
Whatever you choose to do for your Man Cave, remember, be creative, think outside the box, have fun, after all, it’s YOUR MAN CAVE!!
There is a lot of DIY self help resources out there that can aid in a lot of little things like electrical, carpentry, wood working, plumbing, flooring, dry wall, and the list just keeps on going.
There is also a comments section below, I would love to hear your ideas, and I’m sure many of our other Cavemen, and Cave-woman out there would as well! If so, you should reconsider such things as guns, ammo, knives and other items that could get someone hurt if in the wrong hands.
Most things can easily be done by you, but there are some things with the complexity that should be handled by professionals! You you would get stuff for the New England Patriots, Boston Bruins, Boston Celtics, and the New England Revolution. It may be funny, and a great conversational piece, but could be quite difficult to explain if a curious child ends up with it in their hands.

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