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EZ Pads can be put on any flat level surface and meet manufacturers' warranty specifications. EZ Pads are inexpensive, and can be assembled in just minutes.Concrete often requires a permit, forms, and days to cure. They can be put on any flat surface, are chemical-resistant and non-reactive, and do not break down into hazardous by-products, and can be recycled.Concrete is caustic, can cause burns, and increase the Ph of nearby soil affecting the health of your landscaping. Concrete may break down over time and leak caustic moisture into surrounding soil.EZ Pads are Easy to RelocateEZ Pads can be easily moved if you want to relocate your hot tub. If you sell your hot tub, you can sell your EZ Pads with it!Concrete is heavy, difficult to dispose of, and nearly impossible to move.

It must be jack hammered and removed to a landfill.EZ Pads Will Not Crack or BreakEZ Pads do not crack or break. EZ Pads are made of high density cross linked polyethylene that resists wear, weathering and breakage. Concrete slabs that are not poured with re-bar and steel reinforcement can crack and move with ground settling or swelling. Here is how EZ Pads compare to our nearest competitor, Handi-Pads.EZ Pads are Better QualityHeavy gauge plastic, better engineering, and 3rd party tested, EZ Pad has a Lifetime GuaranteeWhen held up to the light you can actually see light through the Handi Pad. EZ Pads are easy to assemble, move, and position because screw fasteners don't pull out.It's difficult and aggravating trying to assemble the Handi Pad in place on top of a sand base.

Handi Pads are sold through resellers who offer various pricing schemes to attract your attention. For example, some will price the Handi Pad by one panel, by three panels, or by the required six panels.

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