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This property (MLS# 123572 - Black Hills MLS) is not available and may not be listed in the MLS. All information provided is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed and should be independently verified. It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, gender, handicap, familial status, or national origin. Thursday we briefly reviewed and discussed the chemical agent used in riot and crowd control. Friday we worked on the memorization of the South Dakota Highway Patrol mission statement and reviewed for our written test. A large collection of my work is on display and for sale at OFFCenter's sales shop until the end of October.
Man builds a hut with a "kiln-fired tiled roof, underfloor heating and mud pile walls." He does this only using primitive tools (sticks, stones, hands).
An interesting response to the common reaction of "I could have done that" when people experience (modern, contemporary) art.
Severe headwinds (30-50 mph) convinced us to abandon our plan to do all 109 miles of the trail down to Edgemont. Took Old Hill City Road to Keystone - surreal landscape terminating in a bizzare vacationland of Keystone. Huge climb out of Rapid, saw some wild turkeys, stayed the night at a place called Trout Haven where you can catch a fish and they cook it for you.
First fifteen miles or so were fun, but then a weather event blew in, it rained, turned remarkably cold and gusty.

I'm not a Case man(got oliver green flowin through these veins) But i've been lurking in the shadows here on the case board for awhile now. Tuesday morning began at 0600 with PT, but it was not until later that morning that the real pain began. We then headed to the gas house to experience the effects of CS (ortho-chlorobenzal-malono-nitrile). Dave McCrea from the Game, Fish, and Parks gave an excellent presentation on wildlife and boating law enforcement procedures. As you may already know, the OFFCenter Folk Art Festival is THE FUNNEST art festival of the year. I tend to not take many pictures because it makes you stop and fiddle with the camera instead of just enjoying where you are. The weather was great and we shed our jackets and helmets and enjoyed miles and miles of easy climbs and luxurious descents. Meandered into Deadwood feeling awesome because of the three-mile coast down into the town. Data may not be reproduced or redistributed and may not be used for any purpose other than individual consumer's use.
We first did an hour of PT with our gas masks on, taping off a quarter of our air valves every fifteen minutes. It has alot of weight to it, at the time, it would do anything my 1070 would do, you just had to be 2 gears slower.
We learned about the importance of chemical agents, when to use them, and the effects they have on a person.

We learned about the importance of communication in the performance of our duties and how to take control of a situation without using physical force. Ate a bison burger, looked at the carvings, talked to some nice Tennesseeans, rode back a different route. The morning wrapped up with each of us getting sprayed with oleoresin capsicum (OC or pepper spray). This was to simulate the feeling one might get while working riots for an extended period of time and what it feels like to have filter blockage. Some of the effects that we experienced were severe burning of the face and eyes, difficulty breathing due to panic, and runny noses. The effects of CS we experienced were gagging, burning, coughing, and difficulty breathing.
Seconds after being sprayed we had an obstacle course to complete that consisted of knee strikes, elbow strikes, baton strikes, forearm blocks, and concluded with drawing our weapons to apprehend a suspect. During this obstacle course we were forced to give verbal commands while trying to keep our eyes open.
The obstacle course gave us the confidence to fight through the OC if we ever get sprayed while trying to apprehend a suspect.

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