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Before building a new shed, it pays to be armed with some knowledge – a bit of research and planning can save you a great deal of time and money later on.  For us to build you the best shed possible, you must first consider carefully what features are important to you.
If you require further information about how to ensure your shed designs are up to the job, please call us on 0800 555 147. This comes down purely to you choosing what design you like the look of, and what is going to be most practical for the purpose you will be using the shed for as well as the location of the shed and surroundings. Do you plan any renovations for your current buildings in the future and if so, do you have a style in mind? In some coastal locations, cladding needs to be upgraded to Coloursteel Maxx to cope with sea spray, and to get building consent.
It is very important that site excavation is done correctly as the foundation of your building rests in the excavation and sand pad. Do you want a full concrete slab, individual concrete pads or a combination of both?  A 100mm slab is suitable up to light commercial use.  Our engineer will provide specifications for the slab and footings required based on the building size, if it contains a mezzanine floor, and other factors. Zincalume and Coloursteel are popular choices due to their durability, good looks and ease of fitting.
Coloursteel is essentially Zincalume with a primer and a top coat of paint applied.  It will exceed the service life of most traditional painted systems.
As a building gets closer to the coast (generally within 1km) the salt air will have an effect on the cladding.  We advise using the recommended Coloursteel product for the location for maximum durability. There is a range of cladding and roof profiles, with the most popular being T-Rib due to its strength and good looks. As our buildings use clear span portal frames, roller and sliding doors will give you more useable space inside.
Sectional or tilt-a-doors can be fitted, however due to the internal supports needed for these doors you do loose the advantage of the clear span design. In larger widths sectional doors usually have the advantage of lower cost, and their lighter weight requires less powerful (and therefore cheaper) door opener motors.
When we quote our doors we refer to the “daylight opening size” – the actual size of the opening.
The use of translucent sheeting (clearlights) is an excellent, low cost way to provide natural lighting into your shed.
The advantage of clearlight panels is that they allow plenty of natural light into the shed without the potential security risk of windows. The disadvantage is you may find them uncomfortable to work under when there is too much sunlight coming in. We always supply wire safety mesh beneath our clearlights – just in case someone working on the roof steps through them. Clearlights can also be incorporated into wall cladding.  On American Barns we can replace some of the parapet sheets with clearlights, to add light while still providing some shading from direct sunlight. We don’t recommend using inferior quality joinery, and as such we only use residential grade aluminium joinery for all our windows and PA (personal access) doors.
Consider size as well as quantity and location to provide ventilation and plenty of natural lighting. The roof pitch may make a significant overall height difference on a shed and should be taken into account.

The classic look of the American Barn (sometimes called a Heritage Barn) is achieved with a 22° roof for the centre module and 11° lean-to’s.  The lean-to’s start lower than the eave height of the centre module. For all enclosed sheds we recommend lining the roof with a moisture barrier and netting to catch any condensation that may form.  Options include black building paper, double sided silver foil or white diffusion paper.
If you are concerned about mice getting into the building, we can install a steel flashing around the concrete perimeter to stop this.  Bird brushes can be used above roller doors to fill the gap between the roll and the shed wall. These are very strong, can support heavy loads and are a great way of utilising a high stud area. The concrete under the columns supporting the mezzanine will need extra thickening and steel, so it is advisable to plan ahead if you think you may add a mezzanine in the future.
Dividing walls can be clad to match your external wall cladding or with plywood or other materials.
If you are looking to line your shed walls or want additional partitioning within the shed, steel stud and nog framing can be used in exactly the same way as traditional timber framing.
Steel stud framing and building paper in an external wall prior to windows being installed. This is ideal if you are converting the shed into a habitable building, or perhaps an office space.
The picture to the left shows steel stud framing and building paper in an external wall prior to windows being installed.
And because it’s steel your wall will be straight, true and square.  Pricing is comparable with timer framing, making it an easy decision. Variable bay spacing allows you to vary the bay widths of your shed so you can make maximum use of the available space.  Consider the 3 examples below of a 16m long shed.
A typical way of configuring the shed would be to have 4 equal bays 4m wide as shown in the 1st design.  In many situations this will be satisfactory. The 2nd design provides garaging for 4 cars plus a workshop while still maintaining even bay spacing.
However if the shed was to be used to store 2 cars and a wider vehicle (like a truck or boat) and you needed a large workshop, we could vary the bay spacing to achieve this. You can see with the 3rd design that space between the cars that would not be fully utilised in the 1st design has been moved to the 3rd and 4th bays where extra width is needed. This may make very little difference to the price in the case of design 1 and 2, but could be more significant in the 3rd example due to the 6m bay width. By discussing with us how you want to use your shed, we can customise the design to provide you with more usable space than you can get from a shed built from standard designs or set size modules. A building consent is Council’s written authority to carry out building work that it considers will comply with the Building Code, provided it is completed in accordance with the plans and specifications submitted with the building consent application. Each Council has check sheets and guidance documents available to help you make your application and to put together the necessary information. Waikato Shed Company is happy to handle the building consent process for you.  We do not include Council fees in our quotes as the cost varies considerably from job to job, and between Council’s. Order plans and obtain engineering PS1.  Allow up to 15 working days (longer for industrial buildings). Once the building permit is approved we order the building kit.  Allow 4-6 weeks for the kit to be ready.

Construction time – we can give you an estimated construction time, however factors such as bad weather may cause delays. About UsWhen we design your new steel shed we are not restricted by pre-determined modular shed sizes or limited by set size increments. These Shed Roof pictures will give you some examples and options for designing or building your own shed. All of the images used on this website are found in various places throughout the internet and are believed to be within the public domain. If you think any content on this website infringes your copyright please let us know, and we will evaluate and possibly remove the images in question. We've been out of work this last month, so to to keep busy I wrote the following online scripts.
Barrel Roof Plan View Run of the Ellipse from the intersection of the barrel roof and main roof. Eyebrow Roof Dormer Plan View Run of the Ellipse from the intersection of the eyebrow roof and main roof.
The Eyebrow Roof Dormer Framing Calculator is based on two tangent circles with the same radius. You can also import the DXF file into Google SketchUp and connect the plan view ellipse, main roof surface ellipse rotated to the slope angle of the roof and the eyebrow dormer face profile. The Barrel Roof Dormer Framing Calculator is based on a right cylinder intersecting with a sloping surface. You can also import the DXF file into Google SketchUp and connect the plan view ellipse, main roof surface ellipse rotated to the slope angle of the roof and the barrel dormer face profile. A Google SketchUp model of the barrel roof dormer created from the DXF file is attached below. As site preparation costs vary from job to job, and sometimes you do not know what you are dealing with until you get beneath the surface, we treat this part of the job as separate from the building quote.
Artificial lighting can be a real burden on the wallet and now, more than ever, it is important to find the best natural lighting solution for your particular situation.
Our powerful and flexible Multibuild Computer Design System enables us to efficiently design a steel shed exactly to your requirements and to make the best use of your particular site. The script takes the total arc length of the eyebrow roof dormer face profile and divides it by the O.C. The script takes the total arc length of the barrel roof dormer face profile and divides it by the O.C. Fortunately we know exactly what components need to be upgraded – right down to the roofing screws. Peat provides its own unique challenges although we have found that a “floating slab” system works well, or piling if the peat is not too deep. By using overlapping purlins and girts (described elsewhere) our sheds have the strength & rigidity to withstand extreme conditions.

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