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This is our BUSY PERIOD so order now to get your Greenhouse as soon as possible or a date at your own convenience. Woodpecker Joinery has been including shed elements within our customers cedar greenhouses for many years. We can manufacture anything to complement your surroundings and make your gardening dreams come true, giving you everything you have ever wanted from a cedar greenhouse. If you want something out of the ordinary, intricate or something you perhaps thought was not possible - we have the perfect solution. 10ft wide x 12ft deep Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof, includes partition, partition window and maintenance free roof as standard . Strong construction- Manufactured using 2"x 2" Western Red Cedar in all window sections, and with 2"x 3" Western Red Cedar in roof sections. Doors and Windows- Fitted with a shed door entrance, another for the greenhouse entrance both doors are 800mm wide and also includes a 48"x24" window in the partition. 10ft x 10ft Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof - fitted as standard with two greenhouse roof auto vents. 12ft x 10ft Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof - a bespoke design to incorporate a larger growing space. 12ft x 14ft Centaur greenhouse with Cedar Shingle roof - fitted as standard with three greenhouse roof auto vents.
8ft x 14ft Bespoke Greenhouse and 8ft x 28ft Bromley greenhouse with Cedar shingle shed roofs.
10ft x 20ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including a 10ft x 6ft felt roofed shed. Any size and style of building is possible using our Bromley, Kingsbromley, Kingsbury or Bespoke greenhouse frame.
Built to your exact specification- door placement, additional doors,shed size, extra windows or partition style.
8ft x 22ft Bromley Greenhouse installed in Hampshire including a 8ft x 4ft felt roofed shed.
15ft x 24ft Kings Bromley Greenhouse installed in Cheshire including a 10ft x 15ft aluminium roofed shed. Although cedar wood is durable and generally requires staining once every 2-3 years, the aluminium capping (optional with our greenhouses) provides a maintenance-free roof for those who wish to avoid climbing to attend to their greenhouse. Louvre vents can be installed in addition to roof vents to increase air circulation within the greenhouse. The Sugar Bowl Residence located in Norden, California, USA was designed by John Maniscalco Architecture to take the winter environment into account within its exterior silhouette. Perched on a concrete plinth that keeps the home above the 9' mark, the house appears to float above the snow, looking cosily warm with its solid cedar planking and inset window glazings.
A flight of stairs leads up to the main level front door perched on top of the 9' concrete plinth, and depending on how much snow is outside, depends on how many steps actually need to be taken. The concrete used on the foyer floor is poured in rectangular sections separated by wood expansion seams. The stairwell is constructed with solid fir treads and handrails and a powder coated steel balustrade.
The stairs lead up to the second floor and here, the flooring changes from concrete to hardwood. While the home might feel like a warm and cozy cabin, the spectacular modern chandelier brings the icy and snowy vista into the home through its cascading light globes. The living room on this level also boasts a modern chandelier of rows upon ever smaller rows of crystals.
In the evening, with all the lights and the fireplace turned, the room sparkles within its woodland setting - both inside and out. With the wood being used as the prevalent material, the architect chose to clad the fireplace wall in a simple vertical colour blocking of striated stone slabs.
The graphic statement made within the fireplace wall is continued both with the large, low coffee table and within the choice of seating used at the dining room table. The kitchen continues the use of thin profiled seating with the choice of bar stools that wrap around the centre island.
The contained kitchen is on one side of the living and dining zones, and the family room is on the other.

Horizontal cedar boards run between the clerestory window and the floor, but a soft and gently sloped headboard creates a needed separation from the wall to the bed, offering a comfortable position to sit up and read.
The children's bedroom has four walnut bed frames built in on two levels and separated by an access ladder. At the end of the hall is the bathroom and a large soaker tub is positioned below a window for a true Zen moment of relaxation.
The interior palette of cedar, walnut, fir, steel and concrete combined with the exterior palette of cedar, steel, and concrete combined with the bent planar roof creates a balance between modern and rustic - perfect for a mountain home. If the purpose is an "amateur astronomy observatory" would it be possible to build a platform on wheels that you pull in and out of the shed? If the purpose is an "amateur astronomy observatory" would it be possible to build a platform on wheels that you pull in and out of the shed? This is like seeing your heartbeat or breathing in a higher power rifle scope, but the telescope is a lot more powerful so you can see even smaller disruptions.
Raised Bed Garden ~ If you’ve ever thought about making a raised bed garden, you should consider using used tires to make your beds.
I have been wrecking cars for as long as I've been driving them but I keep coming back for more. Amazingly, when a Reeds Ferry building leaves our facility for your yard the doors, windows, and even the hardware are already installed! Every Reeds Ferry small building is constructed with 2x4 spruce framing 16" on center in the walls and roof. Adding a living roof to your garden office started to become popular a couple of years ago and now is almost a mainstream option offered by garden building suppliers.
The buildings themselves are our old friends recycled shipping containers and optional extras include a rather attractive habitat wall and special bespoke habitats for birds and bats. Tuesday posts are sponsored by The Home Office Company, manufacturers of unique garden rooms since 1998.
After receiving so much interest, we have taken the opportunity to showcase our range of the different solutions we have offered customers over these years. Including 3D sketches to fully describe door placement, roof engineering or even a special partition design.
The shingles carry the same self preserving and insulative properties as the rest of the cedar used in the manufacture of the greenhouse. With this system, the glass sits on top of the rafters on a rubber strip and the aluminium secures the glass in place.
With hot air escaping the greenhouse through the roof vents, forces air to travel in through the louvre.
The blinds provide compact solution to reduce sunlight exposure and prevent your greenhouse from overheating.
With a snow pack then can be 9' deep, the snow load accumulations on a roof can create a dangerous snow block drop of immense proportions and therefore the residence needed a roof design that would take this into account. While the exterior of the home is clad in vertical cedar siding with the cedar continuing on the inner volumes of the home via the ceilings and some walls, the bent planar roof is covered in black corrugated metal and this black detail is also repeated in the window frames and the double columns. This first level contains the foyer, boot room, children's and guest bedrooms and service spaces.
The exterior concrete used on the stairs, continues through on the flooring within the home while an open riser solid Fir staircase leads up to the 2nd level without closing off the view through the glazing at the back of the home. The pattern created by the expansion joints are repeated in the horizontal rails within the stairwell balustrade and the horizontal cedar siding on the stairwell wall. The walls and ceiling in the stairwell are covered in naturally darkened cedar siding, but the double volume space is kept well lit by the expanse of glazings behind the stairs with the open risers and balustrade allowing that light to flood into the inner zones of the home.
Wrapped in wood and looking out over the snow clad forest, the Sugar Bowl Residence has the feel of a cozy cabin.
The dome shape to this light is nicely framed by the two beams that span the centre of the ceiling between the symmetrical window glazings.
Combined with the horizontal facade of the fireplace and the wall is a dynamic graphic statement of modern simplicity. A pair of benches with thin backrests and seats is used on either side of the table and the slight splay to the legs combined with the thin profile of the upholstered sections is a hyper modern statement that plays beautifully off of the striated slabs used on the fireplace.
With a large room devoted entirely to the kitchen, the architect was able to design a centre island with an overhang on all four sides so that it can also be used as a bar height table.

Here, a flat screen is mounted on a built in Walnut shelving unit that doubles as a home office. A large bound carpet covers the hardwood flooring for a soft touch underfoot and a clerestory window above the bed offers starlight views to the sky at night. It just stood to reason someone in the Building and Construction area would have an idea- since cost is associated with construction. While this site should function in Internet Explorer 8, it'll burn tires in a newer edition of Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.
As you can see, our delivery trucks are specifically designed for storage shed installations.
Completed in about three hours, this brand new 10x14 Vinyl Carriage Shed will provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment.
But essentially you still buy a shed and then decide whether or not to go for a green roof. Each structure has been designed to our customers exact specification, to ensure the most practical use of space available in their garden. Each cedar shingle is fixed by stainless steel nails to ensure the roof lasts as long and the greenhouse does! This leaves no wood on the roof exposed to the elements, making looking after your greenhouse a pleasure, not a chore! Woodpecker Joinery greenhouse blinds are spring tensioned which prevents the greenhouse blind from sagging and also allows for auto feeding retraction. The home's design considers the constraints provided by the environment by creating a simple, bent planar roof form to collect the snow to a certain weight, before the weight overcomes the snow friction and slides off at the back of the residence, keeping everyone in the front of the home safe The design is based on a historical railroad avalanche shed. The double columns support the overhanging roof on the upper deck but they also tie in the visual of the surrounding tree trunks with their dark verticality.
The second volume contains the Master Suite, and the social zones, each area taking advantage of the surrounding mountain views through the two story glazings. Even the multiple vertical cords suspending the collection of lights continue the repeat pattern. Adding to the charm of the stairwell is the clever installation of a built in window seat behind the stairwell.
The smart choice of designing a butcher-block countertop for the island means that it can also be used as extra prep space. Just lay the tire on the ground, and fill in the middles fill potting soil and mulch to support your flowers.
Dig a shallow trench as wide as a tire, and line up your tire half-pieces with their cut ends downward in the trench. Stack up different sizes of tires to form a tire-man like you see in the tire advertisements, and pose him waving to passing drivers. gives me a chance to give something back to the automobile community that helped raise me. Now, Green Roof Shelters (whose team includes green roof experts featured previously on Shedworking including Dusty Gedge and John Little) are providing a range of ready-planted shelters which come all done and dusted and ready to crane into position for a variety of uses such as outdoor classrooms, exhibition pavilions and of course shedworking. Woodpecker uses the highest quality blue label cedar shingles, which are free from faults and give a perfect finish. The day bed is large enough to take a nap on and what an awesome place to read a book or cruise the web before taking that nap.
All you have to do is approve the location of your new shed and watch our highly trained installation crew go to work. Because each site is different, consult a Reeds Ferry sales representative to discuss what the best site preparation option is for your new shed. Depending on the environment of the greenhouse, we expect a shingle roof to last up to 30 years with good routine maintenance.

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