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It's a fair bet that most PHers, or the UK-based ones anyway, will have purchased goods from Argos. Yep, the GTV is prone to 'accidents'For obvious reasons, the ladders had to be quiet, so Shed wanted to examine the choices on offer to make sure they wouldn't clank or clatter unduly. As should be quite clear now, Shed is no expert when it comes to business models, but even he can see there's an element of redundancy in there somewhere. Anyway, the point is that the Argos model is based on a 'semi-secret' selling principle, where you order half-blind and are then either pleasantly surprised or unpleasantly depressed when you open the box to find your shiny new consumer good is actually made from an combination of low density MDF, frangible plastic and roughly compressed baking foil.
Much prettier when you can't see what's leakingWhich, at last, brings us to this week's Shed. SOTW shock: interior better than exteriorFrom a practical point of view, the spare wheel eats up most of the boot space - but who cares about practicality when you've no money left to buy things to put in the boot? Over the year I have completed a fair amount of mileage, but it hasn't been an everyday car. So later ones are strangled and the earlier ones don't have the drive by wire and upgraded interior.

OK so why am I not asking for top dollar for this car?Mileage is 161,000 I actually think this is a good thing, the car has been used not left around seizing up with rubber degrading. Shed was in his neighbourhood branch the other day looking for a set of stepladders to help him swipe what little lead the local villains couldn't be bothered to prise off the church roofs. Cars notorious for cataclysmic failure in their earlier years can be sold on in the autumns of their lives with a lightly skipping heart and no feelings of guilt, on the grounds that if they've got this far, then surely all the known weaknesses will have been sorted by now.
We'll forgive a lotAs you might expect, this 13-year old GTV has had a fair bit of work done and a fair number of parts replaced. The weight of the engine puts a heavy load on the standard suspension and makes the car want to go straight on in bends, but as the owner would no doubt say himself, the beauty of this car is that the regular diff and half of the suspension are on the way out, allowing you the luxury of retro-fitting a limited-slip diff along with a set of Konis or Bilsteins to transform the driving experience. You see a picture in a bacteria-rich plastic book, tap a seven-figure number into a Fisher-Price terminal to see if your item is in stock, and use the world's nastiest biro to scribble down its number on a scrap of paper, which you hand to Argos Joe No 1 - who then goes back into the computer to tell Joe No 2 to get it from out the back.
It's maybe stretching things a bit to suggest that oil leaks are good because they make you concentrate on topping up the level, or that high usage keeps the rubber nice and flexible, but you do have to admire the breezy optimism. All it needs now, apparently, are new shocks and springs, a rear suspension rebuild, a new clutch (dual mass flywheel job, yuck), new diff, an option on a new oil cooler, cambelt and exhaust manifold, and maybe a little light gearbox work.

This vendor believes that features some of us might consider to be negatives - like high mileage and oil leaks - are in fact points in the car's favour. While you're checking the wobbly front bumper you might want to check the underside for rust. That's a fetching shade of blue, and Alfa does have the knack of making long-lasting and inviting leather perches. So there it is then, an interesting if slightly scary vehicle that you can take away today and treat as a rolling project. The engines are strong, they go well and by gum they make a glorious racket while doing so, and the electrics aren't as bad as you might think. If you've been thinking about that new driveway, you might want to go for simple Tarmac rather than any other non-black surfacing material.

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