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Get the latest information on new tools, trends and ideas for your DIY projects from The Family Handyman experts. I want to install two 4 foot wide x 8 foot tall sliding shed doors like in the 2011 Garden Shed on this web site. For locking the doors you could use the hardware that pole barn builders use on their sliding doors. Was thinking, how hard would it be to build a hinged  entry door within the sliding door.
You might also notice that the tricky last length of cladding beneath the roof hasn't yet been fitted.
The roof board then gets trimmed flush with the cladding and the rubber roof and edging is fitted.
If you can get some pics to show how you've gone about doing the edging that would be great ta. Took me about 6 months of half hearted weekend working to get rid of our pond (half sunken, half raised - about 4x2m in total), fill it in and stick some cheap slabs down to meet the existing patio! I had better not show this to the Wife, or it'll confirm her suspicions that I do things incredibly slowly! Disappointed to see some pooling on the roof but pleased there are no leaks around the edges or corners.

The pitch is from sticking 30mm feathers on top of the rafters so it is 3cm drop over 3.6m which isn't great but it was damn tight to get it under the roof edge on the garage. Wall next to long door clad apart from where sparky needs to run the wires for sockets, although I might do that anyway just so I can get the wall finished. That will leave two side of the shed finished, two to be plaster boarded and skimmed, the roof to be insulated, plaster boarded and skimmed and the sauna to be clad and wired up when the bits arrive from Estonia + the flooring to be sorted.
The exterior is finished except for the cover boards over the door slider rails, some timber to cover the door edges and fitting the window glass.
It does line up until about half way up when the t&g hit a hidden nail and didn't quite seat properly. With the doors shut the cladding all lines up so it only shows when both doors are open and only from the angle of the photo so I decided I could live with it. I am pleased with how well they fit but I definitely wouldn't recommend them for a garden office. In the Love Shack you want lots of fresh air and open doors while you are sat in the sex pond. I did actually run trimming along the whole length of the roof, this is a part way through picture. Glass doesn't arrive until the back end of next week and I am working (job work, not diy work) all week so I am not expecting much progress until next weekend.

They slide easily and the windows line up with those in the walls so when they are slide back you don't see them.
For example, another way to customize your door’s appearance is through the type of rod.
All the nails are ribbed so I would have to destroy all the cladding to be able to remove in. One slight draw back that people have found is that it can be quite inconvenient to open such a large door if they just want to get in out occasionally.
Common barn door hardware rods include:RoundJust like it sounds, these rods feature round rods that the door roller straps hang from. If you are afraid of creatures like spiders, ants or any other similar creature, then you should obviously opt for hinged doors. Should be some wick material to hold more oil and mud-dobbers or other dirt make it hard to roll.
Yours looks better as the weight is hanging directly on the axis of rotation, we have a similar flat bottom type but it has a turned up lip and holds dirt and is more prone to binding.

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