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However, the second we sat down in the big, bustling, low-lit, dark wood dining room, and studied both the menu and the wall-mounted blackboards, which displayed in chalk which cuts were available, I realised that the price handicap didn’t really need to be applied. One of the gang chose a relative modest 400g rib-eye steak from the main menu, but me and the other glutton chose a monster 1kg Porterhouse – a mega T-bone steak, comprising both a sirloin and a fillet. With our steaks, we had buttered sprout tops, beef dripping chips, roast field mushrooms, cauliflower cheese and roasted bone marrow. Somehow, we managed to share a pudding of peanut butter shortbread with salted caramel ice cream. 2.¬†Heat the remaining sunflower oil in a saucepan then add the mushrooms and cook for 2-3 mins, until soft. Whenever my wife gets together with her colleagues, they head for Wagamama’s where she has a seared steak salad with ginger. The fresh ingredients are very similar, but the dressing is Teryaki as the Wagamama house dressing is apparently a closely guarded secret. Unfortunately, I don’t have a barbecue in my flat, but I decided to give it a go anyway and ordered a picanha from a company new to me called Pampas Plains, which imports beef from South America.
Looks-wise, it is a magnificent cut – a thick band of creamy fat sitting on top of blood red flesh.
The first one is depicted here Р1 cm-thick  picanha, cooked on the hob in a white hot pan for 3 minutes each side (the Brazilians prefer their meat more well done, according to my friend), served with thrice-cooked chips tossed in grated Parmesan, with some steamed asparagus on the side. I first marinated a couple of fillet steaks in a bottle of Muled Wine for an hour, then a put the pan on the hob, brought it to the boil, then turned the gas off and left the beef to steep for half an hour before draining the steaks, then frying in a very hot frying pan. Married with gherkins and Dijon mustard, it was a perfect filling for fanstastic Saturday lunchtime sandwiches. Now there are a number of fishery eatery places within easy walking distance to the bar which seemed the ideal next step as we were at the beach, but we fancied a steak. It works an accompaniments to meat but I mixed it with half a can of coconut milk to make a dressing for this rare beef salad.
The three we went for were crab on toast (me), corned beef and bacon, and Tamworth belly ribs. The Porterhouse was perfectly cooked medium-rare, and considerately cut into slices by the chef, with meat so beefy it would have attacked a Matador had there been one in the room.

I’ve heard that beef is priced ridiculously high in the UK but that’s outrageous!
It is incredibly savoury and goes fantastically with umami-rich ingredients, such as beef and mushrooms.
In a small bowl, mix the Chinese rice wine, sesame oil, 2 tbsp soy and 1 tbsp sunflower oil.
And I must confess that I admire you for those tons of recipes you created and your love for food. Mix the rest of the ingredients together, except the onion and coriander leaves, and load onto plates. When you said salad, I had to wrack my brains (and blog), and mine is a simple one today- but may I say, yours is rather stunning. Add the onion slices to the bowl and stir with a wooden spoon until the onions are thoroughly coated. She said a cut called picanha (also known as top sirloin in the States) is where it’s at. This is not the most expensive cut of beef I’ve ever had and I reckoned that I could cut it down into at least two pieces to make two dinners for my wife and I. I just wish I could pretend such a triumph was deliberate, but as you can see from these photos, the disaster was very real. Not you may think a dark, sooty, smelly cupboard or lean to at the end of the garden which stores the winter fuel – rather a lovely little steak house off the beaten track.
The Coal Shed specialises in steak and according to the staff do their own butchery on the premises. It’s made with lots of coconut, lots of chillies, combined with lemon juice, tomato puree and several herbs and spices. I never realised that looking after my boys on the weekends would involve so much cooking and I am really struggling for recipes now that my few old classics have been used so many times. It has the most amazing fat marbling running through the flesh, which makes it incredible juicy and flavoursome. Turn the oven to grill setting and grill the mushrooms for 2-3 mins until the cheese has melted.

The outer layer is great of basting the meat during cooking, but what you really need is a cobweb of fat running throughout for both flavour and mouth-feel. They come round with a blackboard with information of what steaks are available at what size. Not cheap, but you get what you pay for – and you get to choose everything that goes on your plate. The crab was shredded and divided into its brown and white components, piled high on the toasted bread.
I should get my act together because another month or so and I’ll be digging out the slow cooker! Instead of chips, I served this magnificent piece of sirloin steak with red onion fritters and blue cheese-stuffed mushrooms – Portobellos. Mix with the softened butter and put a blog at the centre of each mushroom, where the stalks used to be. Cook the steaks according to how you like them – medium-rare is a couple of mins each side, but flip them every 15 secs to maximise both the colour and the internal temperature. Our bill came to ?103 for the 2 of us – I think we had 4 glasses of wine between us too.
But it also costs ?100 a steak in a restaurant, so I decided before we arrived to judge the Hawksmoor fayre on value for money rather than straight taste-for-taste.
The wine we chose was a Syrah, third on the list, and at ?24 a bottle, incredibly good value. Although not the tenderest cut, it is proclaimed for its super-beefy flavour and is traditionally barbecued.
We had been enjoying the evening sunshine in a bar on the beach here in sun struck Brighton – but were chucked out (how rude) because there was a large party arriving. The next step was to pick the sides – so the meal is all about the meat and you get to decide what you have with it.

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