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Accessory structures on commercial sites must be shown on an approved Prince William County site plan. To apply for zoning approval for a detached accessory structure in residential and agricultural zoning districts the following is required:A processing fee.
A Special Power of Attorney Affidavit is required if the applicant is not the homeowner or a registered Prince William County contractor. Real Estate Assessment website for floor area of the house for individual lots).Detached accessory structures can only be located in the side or rear yards.
Detached accessory structures are allowed in the rear yard only, and can be located up to the rear property line.
What's New This YearA quick look at what's arrived or been announced since the end of the 2014 baseball season. 21-acre site, 41,000-seat ballpark, construction begun May 2006, Opening Day March 30, 2008. 121 market-rate and 91 workforce-rate townhomes sold in phases; construction started June 2008, completed fall 2012.
New mixed-income apartment building once known as the Lofts at Capitol Quarter on the northern portion of the old Capper Seniors lot along L Street.
A new building replacing the old center, with day care, a rec center, gym, computer lab, and more. 430-unit apartment building called Park Chelsea, 1st phase of 1 million-sq-ft residential project by William C. 336-unit apartment building at 800 New Jersey Ave., SE, second phase of 1 million-sq-ft residential project by WC Smith. 325 residential units, 170-unit hotel, and 40,000 square feet of retail along 1st Street, by Grosvenor and McCaffery. A 168-room hotel on the corner of 1st and N, construction started early 2014, opened December 2015. A bridge between Teague and Yards Parks is part of the planned 20-mile Anacostia Riverwalk multi-use trail along the east and west banks of the Anacostia River.
Construction underway in 2015 to expand the 106-year-old tunnel to allow for a second track and double-height cars. Rail and Bus TimesGet real time data for the Navy Yard subway, Circulator, Bikeshare, and bus lines, plus additional transit information. 195-room Homewood Suites Hotel at 50 M Street, construction underway March 2015, delivery 2016.

Previous shed was 2ft from property lines, I went ahead and made rear clearance 4'6", side 4', the new shed size is 10x16, the foundation is 11x17. Just not sure how to go about cutting my 7'6" header height down to 6'6 without disassembling the whole thing. Not knowing for certain, but it is my understanding and I may be wrong, but, if the structure has no permanent foundation, as yours does not, and its not connected to the house, then why would it need a permit, as it would be classified as a temporary or movable structure. Structures within the setbacks are usually required to have some kind of fire rating to them for this reason.
Not knowing for curtain, but it is my understanding and I may be wrong, but, if the structure has no permanent foundation, as yours does not, and its not connected to the house, then why would it need a permit, as it would be classified as a temporary or movable structure. I designed and built it myself (well with my wife actually!) and we now sell them as off the shelf designs in conjunction with Kingspan Potton. Here I laid out the structure with some 2×4s to figure out how to orient it relative to the boulder.
Incidentally, Dunn Lumber has an excellent site with prices listed for most lumber-yard items. My father and I ran purlins (rough-sawn 2×4s perpendicular to the rafters) at the eave, at the ridge, aligned with the side walls, and then spaced evenly (at about 22 inches on centers) from the ridge down. Wiki containing architectural and structural drawings as well as subcontractor information. If located in the side yard, the structure must maintain the same setbacks as for the principle structure in that zoning district. See the complete map of completed, underway, and proposed projects all across the neighborhood. In my area, a structure that is not on a permanent foundation, does not require a zoning permit and is not subject to setback regulations. I have owned some land in Southern Vermont for several years, including a very lovely spot next to a stream that cascades about 100 vertical feet into a beautiful river. The boulder is covered with moss and lots of wet organic stuff as is typical of this part of Vermont. This is a great reference for cost estimating, even though you most likely will not purchase from them unless you live in their service area.
The lumber yard can order this type of roofing in custom colors (Hartford Green in my case). Also 99 M office building, 233,000 sq ft, 11,000 sq ft retail, underway fall 2015, delivery 2017.

I got the blessing of my neighbor directly behind me, the one to the rear left diagonally I have yet to talk to. A structure not used as a dwelling and not normally occupied that is less than 1000 square feet does not require a building permit. The land borders the Green Mountain National Forest and is quite secluded, yet is accessed with a decent year-round road. I mostly ignored these differences, doing a little sorting to eliminate any real big jumps.
I used a simple framing scheme with no headers above the windows and a single top plate on the walls. If the property is a corner lot, the structure must be a minimum of 20 feet from the side property line adjacent to the side street. No, inspector has not shown up, doubt he will either, you can barely see it from the front of the house.
The assessor that comes around will look at a previous description that might show a shed on the property that still exists. Marmoleum is a trade name for  a type of linoleum, which is a composite sheet material made from sawdust, linseed oil, dyes, and a jute backing. For lots zoned R-16 and R-30:Detached accessory structures must be set back at least 10 feet from all property lines. I was confident that with this heavy sheathing, the minimal structure would be plenty strong. A few hundred screws are required even for a small roof like mine, and many are driven at odd angles. I reasoned that the boulder probably extended several feet below ground and was probably not going to move much over my lifetime.
The sheet version comes in a 2 meter wide roll, which is really the only weakness of that form, requiring seams for most applications. Lots larger than three acres are not subject to maximum floor area for detached accessory structures. The link here is to the DeWalt unit I own, mostly because I’ve standardized on the 18V lithium battery pack for my tools and chargers.

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