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In the video, Spike, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie went to find Fluttershy, and decide to start with looking in her shed, despite clear warnings not to in the past by her. Also Rainbow Dash herself was depicted in this series as a consistantly vulgar and monstrous individual herself, making it hard for most to really sympathize with her demise.
Aside from being a parody of Fluttershy, she is also a combined parody of horror icons Leatherface, Carrie White, Hannibal Lecter & Jason Voorhees. Fluttershy was thought to be the main antagonist because she brutally murdered Rainbow Dash, however, she reformed in SWAG.MOV and the true main villain took her place.
When they enter, they discover that the room is decorated by de-skined and gored animals, though Spike is more concerned by the porn in the box.

Pinkie Pie criticised it as weird art, with Rainbow Dash retorting because Fluttershy was "Some quiet bitch who spends all her time in the woods with small woodland creatures", with Pinkie agreeing stupidly and calling Fluttershy a freak. Fluttershy came in, got their attention with a scary-like version of "Hey, hey, hey" (a running joke based on Fat Albert), the group turns to Fluttershy, who is making a creepy face, then begins to turn monsterious, pulling out a chainsaw, while shouting "What did I tell y'all about coming in my SHED?!", to the unamusedment and nonchalent responds of Spike, stating that "[they're] fucked". Fluttershy then somehow briefly got fingers (most likely for comedic effect), snapped them, and ordered the corpse decorations to sing, which started to play their ribcages like Xylophones, then Fluttershy sings the song that parodies the Fat Albert intro theme, (due to having a voice similiar to the said character as a parody of episode 9 of the real MLP:FiM where Zecora cursed Fluttershy to have a deep voice), with Pinkie Pie and Spike deserting Rainbow Dash to be captured by Fluttershy while she is still singing, Fluttershy advises Rainbow Dash to sit back, and relax, while, in a demonic voice, she eats her brains!
Fluttershy begins to kill Rainbow Dash as the psychotic Fat Albert Parodied song begins to climaxes with the dead creatures (and the Derpy decorative toaster cozy) repeating "NA, NA, NA, GONNA EAT YOUR BRAINS".
By the time the song ends, the police showed up, (presumed informed by Pinkie Pie and Spike) bursted in, demanding to be informed what is going on!

Fluttershy, now making the face of her real show form, became nervous and tried to say it isn't what it looks like, but the deceased Rainbow Dash and all the dead critter decorations, the Derpy toaster included, were overwhelming, and Fluttershy was arrested, and sentencd to a psychiatric hospital, having been muzzled and straight-jacketed.

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