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The truth is that those multi-story, mixed-use buildings lining the street were built by a different culture.  We are a different people now, and we demand different things from our built environment.
This is what made historic downtowns beautiful in a way that no government or philanthropist could recreate today, and why historic preservationists nurse a broken heart with every lost structure. The change has been beneficial in terms of life safety, but the effect on older buildings has been onerous as owners were left with a complicated legal situation just when downtowns were under fierce competition from the suburbs.  The results are plain to see in downtown Indy, where adjacent buildings were torn down for new parking lots and the old walls still bear the marks of beam pockets. The heating and cooling issues are simple enough to explain, because there are fewer pathways for heat transfer (assuming your neighbor is also climate controlled).  This results in a significant savings compared to independent buildings with 4 exposed walls. Traditional buildings, and traditional streetscapes by extension, never happened overnight. As you can see, traditional building developers used their limitations as advantages, making the most out of known technology and social behavior. It’s interesting you mention Siena because I had that in mind when I wrote some of this.
But the world today is what the world today is, and there is a huge overhang of investment in the status quo that I believe will prevent significant macro change for at least another generation.
Up here in British Columbia we have just amended our Land Title Act that now allows for party walls to be utilized again. Excellent article, Graeme, as I expected–but not the conclusions I expected you to draw, which made me like it even more.
Just wondering, the last photo of the nearly vacant strip mall looks like the one on 86th street just before the Keystone on-ramp near Keystone at the Crossing but the text underneath says Carmel.
This is a radical approach but would actually benefit the masses as opposed to relying upon the big banks and large corporations. The issue with shared party walls is that a collapse on one side will bring down both buildings. I live in downtown DC and have looked into renovating my own Victorian row house as well as a few others in the neighborhood. We are doomed with inefficient land use patterns by our economic system that values shot term gain over long term investment. A big reason we still get crap buildings—even in cities where there are no downtown parking requirements on site—has a lot to do with lending rules. Buildings serve several needs of society – primarily as shelter from weather and as general living space, to provide privacy, to store belongings and to comfortably live and work. Downtowns are brilliant place and space-making because they provide shelter, a distinct inhabitable scale, a street-edge, and provide definition and enclosure. By clicking OK, you're confirming that your use won’t conflict with the restrictions found on the image page.
US President Barack Obama urges young people to "reject pessimism and cynicism" and "know that progress is possible and problems can be solved".

This is Derby Shed No 4, which was a brick built square 2 track double roundhouse with a triple pitched gable style slated roof. Salloway is a trading style of Salloway Property Consultants Limited Registered in England and Wales No.
When checked, Shutterstock's safe search screens restricted content and excludes it from your search results. Have you ever wondered how they could create such beautiful buildings on such small budgets, compared to the placeless architecture we are told is barely affordable today?
It is up to us to figure out how to apply these concepts to our modern urban areas.  But the key lessons here are to create a development environment where buildings can start small, expand gradually, and create mutually beneficial relationships with their neighbors. The adjacency to public space, transit, retail, or employment is important as a catalyst to develop around a space or along a corridor.
Even affluent consumers will bring themselves to shop at walmart, not realizing that you lose something when doing this.
Most suburban cities have already mortgaged themselves to the hilt on round two of their infrastructure and gas is still dirt cheap compared to the rest of the world. Excellent article highlighting many of the modern issues as well as the historical contexts that permitted such development. But the problem (as I understand it) is that it is only been amended to reduce conflict between ownership and liabilities related to shared walls, not to promote the cheaper and older building techniques that you highlighted. Citizens unemployed, under employed, home foreclosures and the fact that there are several large older U.S. It’s nearly impossible to do what my grandparents or their parents did while building.
One other thing… Because Main Street buildings usually had such simple massing they could be used for many things over time. I would love to build replicas in downtown Dayton, Ohio where I live in a townhouse built in 1827. You just can’t get money for a grand building because banks need to see a quicker ROI. A building as a shelter represents a physical division of the human habitat (a place of comfort and safety) and the outside (a place that at times may be harsh and harmful)..
It was opened in 1890 to the south of the three previous sheds and had its own facilities, which included an extra external turntable, a ramped coaling stage and a water tank. Anyone interested in the city's railways should take a look at this aerial shot from the Britain from Above site. At some point, Walmart is going to get a bill for all the infrastructure they use and one of two things will happen – 1) Walmart leaves, city goes under or 2) Walmart pays up, prices rise. At this point I guess it will be up to local authorities to create new or amend regulations to promote such development.

If you’re a hot market and can cajole big developers to front more of their own money to build to a higher architectural standard (via design review), go for it. Taken in March 1921, it shows the Midland Railway's hedquarters - carriage works, locomotive works and station. I doubt it would result in any changes or improvements to our modern building practices though. I guess in the end public safety related to fires and earthquakes trumps promoting economic benefits for builders. I think it’s interesting how certain areas have new attempts at revitalization that differ.
It likely won’t be the foot thick masonry walls and beautiful details of days gone by, but it’ll be better than the dreck that most Americans seem to tolerate! Pedestrian access and convenience to retail and commerce, and community activities is enhanced. Now you’ve got to get a building permit that follows one set of rules, a zoning permit that follows another, and a historic approval that follows a 3rd set. In times of decline, the street level might go to offices, then residential, then maybe even storage at rock bottom. In total, it has lost about 5% of its budget but will make some money back by increasing its council tax precept by 2%.
Some time before I was trying to collect the best modern architecture has to offer in North America. But because the buildings had some use all along, they would not be torn down, and could be renovated when the town turned up again. But the party walls and attention to the street, and attempt at beauty are there even then. Not so for a standalone Burger King, which could never be anything but a fast food restaurant.
The architectural and spacial theories you are speaking of are definition, scale, orientation, compression and release, prospect and refuge, shelter, boundary, and containment. Add in the time to get everything and suddenly a 2 hour, $30 DIY weekend project has become a $500, 30 hour process that requires several days of vacation time for day-trips to offices that are only open 9-5.

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