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Ask our sales consultants about why Shop A Docket is more effective than classifieds, radio, television or letterbox drop advertising. Your offer is handed directly to the main grocery buyer through our unique relationship with Australia's leading supermarkets and variety stores. Everyone loves an offer and there is an established loyal market out there who really love coupons and want to try new businesses. Shop A Docket is one of the best ways to advertise and market your business to your local community.
You can choose the areas you want to advertise in and target the number of people you want to reach. Behind the scenes it’s a huge effort of co-ordination and team-work to deliver our offers into the hands of consumers throughout Australia. Fortunately we’ve been doing this for so long our systems and technology make this seamless and straight forward for our advertisers. Your Shop A Docket Sales Representative will help you choose an offer that is most likely to attract new customers. Our packages include print, online and mobile coupon options, along with email marketing and Facebook posts.
For extra visibility and greater reach, add more email, promoted Facebook posts and website banner ads into the mix.
After your campaign is launched, you’ll be able to track the results from the print and online redemptions as well as the mobile coupons.
These are coupons that appear on the reverse side of supermarket and large variety store receipts.
A Shop A Docket coupon on a shopping receipt allows you to choose a defined area to target. There are a maximum of 15 advertisers per shopping receipt roll, and you will never see a competitor advertising a similar offer running at the same time.
An online advertising coupon on the Shop A Docket website will give you increased exposure to customers beyond the household shopper.
The Shop A Docket website attracts over 100,000 visitors per month, and all coupons can be searched by location, category and advertiser. Simple, elegantly designed and backed by a powerful search engine optimisation program, the Shop A Docket website allows customers to download and print your coupon, save to a personal online wallet (the Docketbook) and share with their friends. Your coupon is uploaded to our website once you have approved the graphic design, often appearing before your printed coupons arrive in store, extending the offer’s lifetime and attracting additional customers. For increased exposure advertisers can also purchase additional advertising space on our website.
Smartphone users can access mobile coupons by searching our mobile website for local offers. Once they have found an offer they want to redeem they just present the coupon on their smartphone in-store at the time of ordering or paying. Coupons are no longer confined to where customers shop, giving you greater access to a broader, mobile savvy market.
Choosing an email marketing campaign with Shop A Docket has seen advertisers reach an active, involved audience who want to hear about your offer.
With our eBulletins your offer is matched with other offers in the local area of your choice to provide even further targeting. Every new customer who purchases a package campaign deal will have their coupon appear on Shop A Docket’s Facebook page, targeted at our Facebook fans in your area.
Facebook Promoted Posts are an additional cost – but present exceptionally good value to advertisers. If you wish to advertise on shopping receipts your offer will be the only one of its kind on the roll. We do not accept advertising from political parties, religious organisations or adult entertainment companies. Shop A Docket has mapped all areas of Australia and broken it up into designated distribution areas. This is true also for the website and the mobile site, where postcode or location will determine where your coupon appears.
You can choose a particular region that is central to your business, or advertise in additional, neighbouring regions to attract a wider audience.
Your sales representative is your greatest source of knowledge when it comes to choosing the perfect offer. We have collected a range of testimonials from advertisers who have run successful campaigns.
Your sales team will have a range of successful examples of campaign offers for businesses like yours that you can compare and consider.
Unlike Groupon, Scoopon or the Entertainment Book, Shop A Docket will not tell an advertiser what the offer will or should be. Once you have approved the offer and the regions you want to advertise in, our graphics design team will develop your coupon, incorporating your logo, address, contact details, an image and the offer information. And then when you have approved the artwork your coupon is uploaded to our website and mobile site for customers to search and redeem. Your coupon is sent to our printers, along with the other advertisers in your area, to be printed on shopping rolls and then distributed to the supermarkets and variety stores you have selected.
This process takes four to six weeks – giving you lots of time to prepare for the extra customers!
Over that time you will see a steady rise in customers as more and more shoppers become accustomed to seeing your offer, and decide to act on it. The continual brand reinforcement that the frequency of a Shop A Docket campaign gives advertisers cannot be underestimated. Shop A Docket works closely with supermarkets and variety stores to ensure that your advertisement reaches as many people as possible. Advertiser X wants to advertise in Regions A, B and C, including three major supermarkets and three variety stores. Shop A Docket has an exceptionally talented graphics team that will do all the hard work for you.
We also need to ensure that all coupons are equal in measurement and meet our printing guidelines.

Once we have developed your coupon we send it back to you for final sign off before going to print or uploading.
Our recent research has shown us that the typical Shop A Docket user is female, aged between 25 and 49, well educated and works part time. Young adults, aged between 16 and 23, are increasingly accessing offers online and on the mobile.
As for men, they used to feel bashful about redeeming a clipped coupon – but they have no such issues with the mobile phone. Measurability – unlike other forms of advertising you can directly measure the success of your campaign by tallying the dockets, and recording sales achieved as a result of the coupon and upselling opportunities.
Frequency – potential customers have frequent, multiple exposure to your offer, reinforcing your brand and your business time and time again. Location - Choose the area you want to target to directly reach your local shoppers, or expand your regions to increase your potential market. Exclusivity – a key feature of the Shop A Docket advertising campaign in-stores is our legendary exclusivity promise.
You get to choose your offer – unlike other discount or daily deal sites you are able to choose your offer. While a Shop A Docket campaign can bring the customers to you, it is up to each business to make the most of their campaign.
Inform all staff about the advertising campaign and ensure they are fully up to speed with all the details, including any restrictions and expiry dates. Determine early on how you wish to approach accepting coupons – will you accept torn or partly missing coupons? Are your staff doing a good job of cross selling or up selling all the customers that come through your doors? Shop A Docket is an Australian owned private company that has offices in five capital cities and is headquartered in Brisbane. Learn how Shop A Docket delivers to the market, how our campaigns work and the numbers of our service. Listen to testimonials from our advertisers on the value they get from their Shop A Docket campaigns.
Meet some of our advertisers – they talk about the impact of running a Shop A Docket campaign has had on their business and give advice on getting the most out of a campaign.
Grab a cuppa and see the full 25 Years of Value video, combining all three shorter videos, to fully explain why you should consider a Shop A Docket campaign. We asked our advertisers to tell us just how much real value they get from Shop A Docket campaigns – for many of our advertisers, Shop A Docket is their only form of advertising. We know a Shop A Docket campaign will benefit your business and look forward to explaining further how we can increase foot-traffic, build awareness and grow sales for you.
Tell us where you found us such as through a our shopping dockets, friend, advertisement, internet site, Google.
Over the past 14 years, South Australian based Shoe Shed has grown from one store to 10, making it the largest independent shoe retailer in Adelaide. Family owned and operated, the Shoes Shed sells an enormous range of quality shoes for men and women, with thousands of styles available.
Ten years ago the Shoe Shed opened its first shop outside of South Australia with a megastore in Penrith NSW and four years ago opened an online store servicing shoe shoppers across Australia.
Director, Sognia Slade, attributes the company’s success to the range, style and friendly service found in each store.
With over 80 employees across two states, the Shoe Shed has an enviable reputation for providing quality, value and exceptional service.
When the company opened a new store early in 2012 they researched the number of options available to promote the new location.
Already using television advertising, online and email marketing, and a coupon in the charity Entertainment Book, the company decided that a newspaper campaign for the local area was too expensive. Since then Shoe Shed has re-signed for January and February 2013, again in July-August and a regional campaign for the online store for April to July. Read the stories of our Retail advertisers, and see how you to can create a successful campaign for your Retail business with Shop A Docket. In 2015 Shop A Docket commissioned Brandleaders Consumer Research to conduct extensive consumer based research so we could determine how effective coupon advertising is as a marketing strategy for your business.
New advertisers usually need about six months for their campaign to reach it’s full potential.
You've probably seen them in Coles, Woolworths, Big W, Kmart, Target, Bi-Lo and selected IGA stores. Our receipts appear in more than 2,500 supermarkets and variety stores – and this number is growing.
Your audience is unlimited and is a powerful supplement to the traditional printed coupons. Your click-through banners and medium-sized rectangle advertisements (MRecs) will appear on a rotational basis on all website pages.
Launched in 2013, there are more than 2,500 coupons available every month to be redeemed in stores.
Using the latest technology available, customers can just choose location and all offers in their area will be automatically uploaded. We treat our valuable audience with the utmost respect, never over-send or bombard them with emails, and only send offers they are interested in. You can choose the number of recipients you want to receive your email, their location, gender, age and income.
We have an expert digital team with extensive experience in social media channels and a thorough knowledge of the rules and regulations regarding paid promoted posts (they are lengthy and often complicated to comply with). For example within Retail you will find a significant number of chemists and pharmacies advertising discounts and savings.
For example, you will only see one coffee offer, one pizza offer, one video store offer and one hair offer.
For example, Sydney has been divided into 89 regions, and supermarkets and variety stores located in those areas, along with shopper numbers for these stores, have been allocated to that region.
With the website this is further extended to allow for people from outside your area to also find your coupon, further extending its reach.

We will also include any restrictions you wish to impose regarding the use of the coupon and an expiry date (valid until date). Day in day out your brand is placed directly into the hands of the major household grocery shopper.
We guarantee you a certain print run – that is, how many times your advertisement will appear on shopping receipts.
Based on our information Shop A Docket guarantees to provide 500,000 prints of his coupon on the rolls and provide it to the supermarkets, expecting the rolls to last for six months, as they have in the past. We work with you and your sales consultant to design a vibrant and attractive coupon that has an eye-catching headline, incorporates your logo, all your contact details and information about the offer. They still live at home, where mum does the shopping, and do not have ready access to the shopping receipts.
So again this is a growing and maturing market that is paying dividends for businesses that typically attracted women with their offers.
Depending on the number of stores you want to advertise in, the number of people you want to reach, the length of your contract, website and mobile presence and the category you wish to advertise in will determine the final cost of a campaign.
As there are a limited number of advertisers in each campaign you are guaranteed high visibility and frequency.
Choosing the right areas for distribution means your coupon will be seen by the primary decision maker in your region.
Shop A Docket can provide guidance on the types of offers that other advertisers have found work for them. Remember that if they are treated well they will come back again, with or without a voucher, and they will tell all their friends about the great service they have received.
Adding just a few dollars in gross margin to the average transaction contributes to a significant increase in your sales volume. The team numbers more than 100 people and includes sales staff, graphic designers, IT, finance, production, distribution and digital marketers. With a generous offer of 20% off all shoes, customers came from far and wide and the first campaign saw 2000 coupons redeemed. As well, a lot of customers from out of town have downloaded the vouchers off the Shop A Docket website and come to us when they do their major shopping. Tear a?˜em down and roam freely, wearing the hardworking Patagonia Tin Shed Tall Waterproof.
The results confirmed what many of our customers already know – coupons are desired by consumers, work to acquire new customers and provide opportunities to build loyalty and retain existing customers. You gain immediate access to an established audience of loyal Shop A Docket users who love the program and are always ready to try new businesses and products. They also have the option to select an alternative location, meaning they can search for offers near their work, travelling or holidaying. We take the hard work out of navigating your way through the rules so your post is up as quickly as possible and working for you.
Within Restaurants you will find more than 250 pubs and clubs offering meal deals, and in Automotive you will find car servicing, panel beating and discount airport parking offers. Our advertisers tell us time and time again that it is this exclusivity of offer that works so well for them. Particularly useful for people to find offers around their work or when they go on holidays. Once they crunched the numbers again and then rethought their offer, they haven’t looked back. And while they may not choose to act on your offer today, your business, location, products and services are top of mind when they are choosing a business to patronise.
This figure is based on the numbers provided by the supermarkets about the number of shoppers they attract and the average length of their receipts. Two of the variety stores decide to offer a 50% discount on toys and children’s clothing for three days. Of course, the most popular offer among men is a two for one offer meal deal from their local hotel. Are you flexible about the offer eg you might offer a buy one coffee get one free, would you do the same for a hot chocolate? Established in 1986, distributing printed shopping rolls to one supermarket in Queensland, the company now distributes to more than 2,500 stores around Australia. This waterproof women's lace-up tall boot features a flexible waterproof, breathable suede upper for a flexible fit and feel. The coupons are read by the primary grocery shopper –who calls the shots when it comes to spending the household budget.
They can block out their competitors, as well as offer an incentive for customers to choose their business before others.
They are already familiar with your business through the repeated exposure you have received through Shop A Docket. We then use these numbers to give you as close to a six-month advertising window as possible. Her favourite offers are hair and beauty, café and restaurant coupons and entertainment vouchers. Internal EVA padding in the weight-bearing areas of the welt gasket delivers comfort and superior flexibility; a PU chamber provides comfort and support on hard surfaces and natural thermal protection in cold climates. Sometimes stores will run promotions that see a sudden run on shopping rolls, shortening the lifecycle of your campaign expectantly – however you will have received the number of advertised coupons as guaranteed by us. The advertiser still receives the 500,000 coupons promised, but the variety stores run out of printed rolls a week earlier than expected. A nylon injection-molded arch shank provides support under the arch and a natural flex at the ball of the foot, while the partially recycled polyurethane footbed provides arch support and stability. However the coupon will still be accessible for downloading and printing online, and can be redeemed on mobile phones.
The Vibram outsole of the Patagonia Tin Shed Tall Waterproof boot boasts Vibram and TC4+ rubbers with 4mm lugs to ensure excellent traction on challenging terrain.

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