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If you own the online library and subscribe to ShopNotes in print, you get new issue updates in your online library FREE—before they mail! Or, try a keyword search using "quick view results" for a handy visual preview of each article on that topic. If you've already purchased the Back Issue Library on DVD, online access to the issues contained on your DVD is FREE! Approaching panel glueups in a different way can save you time and effort and give you better results.
26 Video Editions—includes Heirloom Projects, Shop Projects, Step-by-Step Techniques and a Shop Tip.
When you use solid wood for a cabinet back, you need to account for wood movement and making it look good. The doors are on screen rollers recessed into the bottom of the doors and they slide open very easily.
I designed the cabinet for shelves in all four openings; however, I am sure that I will not use them in every opening.
Now I can put a bench under this and start organizing this (probably a lifetime project – the organizing I mean. DISCLAIMER: Any posts on LJ are posted by individuals acting in their own right and do not necessarily reflect the views of LJ. Last night, Richard Navarette, Mark Johnston, Jeff Weiss, Al Howard, Rogelio Bernal Andreo and I met at the DARC observatory, a private property located in the Diablo Range, roughly 15 miles south of the San Luis reservoir. Fairly bright, tiny (but non stellar) core surrounded by a fairly faint halo roughly 30″ in diameter. Roundish, slightly elongated NW-SE, moderately bright, fairly uniform, roughly 1′ in diameter.
I recently decided to dive into the world of hand tools-only woodworking, mostly because the only times I can do any sort of woodworking is early in the morning or late at night, and my wife, my dog and my neighbors do not really appreciate the noise of a table saw or a router at those rather odd times… In addition, my garage is also used for storage, and cleaning up the mess left by power tools quickly gets old! The mortise and tenon joint is one of the most fundamental joinery techniques used in woodworking because it is both simple and strong.
Were present: George Feliz, Rogelio Bernal Andreo, Paul Duncan, Peter Natscher, Jim Molinari, Jeff Weiss and myself. Observed just above the hills surrounding the Dinosaur Point parking lot, this galaxy suffers greatly from atmospheric extinction at our latitudes. Diffuse moderately faint round glow, slightly brighter toward the center, about 4′ in diameter, very slightly elongated E-W (strange! Round diffuse faint halo, about 50″ in diameter, with a moderately bright almost stellar core.
Diffuse round glow (size not noted?), moderately faint, slightly and gradually brighter toward the center, moderately bright stellar nucleus. Comet Hartley 2 was a real treat on Friday night through Mark Johnston’s William Optics 110mm triplet refractor. NGC 6962 group: N6962, N6964 and N6967 were seen easily, and N6961, although fainter, was fairly easily detected. NGC 7103 group: N7103 and N7104 were detected fairly easily, IC 1393 a little harder, while IC 5124 and IC 5122 were very hard but positively detected multiple times.

Moderately faint, round, about 30″ in diameter, gradually brighter toward the center. Quem sabe, você entrando em contato com a própria Skil, eles possam providenciar essa guia pra te vender?
Tb acredito que utilizando a tupia a tupia com os gabaritos mostrados acima vc terá menos problemas que usando a tico-tico. Muito obrigado pela ajuda, vcs nao sabem o quanto eu estou feliz em ver que tem uma luz no fim do tunel (e que nao é o trem!). This all-new circle-cutting jig makes it a snap to cut circles and arcs quickly and accurately with your hand-held router. Or, if you haven't purchased the DVD, buy online access now at the same introductory price and get the DVD FREE. It took me about 3 weeks to build this with all the other Holiday stuff coming together, but overall the project was very easy to do. I just figured that I would spend the next 30 years trying to decide how best to organize this so making it versatile was the best option.
Interesting FOV in Nagler 7mm with 2 field stars forming an equilateral triangle and NGC 4284 just 5′ east.
Finally, truly fine woodworking requires hand tools — there are operations that cannot easily be done with machinery — and working with hand tools will make you a better woodworker! I joint my boards on a jointer, thickness using a band saw and a thickness planer, and cut to approximate width and length on a table saw. There is a lot of room for progress, but for a first trial, I am pretty happy with the result. At 305x, a dozen faint stars over a hazy background that seems to be composed of many more very faint stars can be spotted within 3′. Composed of roughly 30 fairly faint stars over a hazy background, with many more faint stars popping in and out of view.
I estimated the NELM was around 6.5 while seeing was average to slightly better than average after midnight. Outfitted with a Televue Nagler 26mm eyepiece, the comet was visible along with the double cluster in the same field of view!
N6211 was seen easily, N6213 was a little harder, while M+10-24-32 and M+10-24-34 were very hard but positively detected multiple times.
Moving the scope back and forth over the field helps to distinguish the object’s glow from the background sky. Visible in the same field of view of the 7mm eyepiece (217x, 22′) as NGC 200, both galaxies being at the end of a nice galaxy chain. Using a low power eyepiece (16mm, 95x, 52′) and moving back and forth over the expected position helps in convincing yourself that you’re actually seeing the darn thing!
Forms a very tight couple with smaller and dimmer NGC 742, just to the E, sharing a common halo with NGC 741. I copied the plan from a ShopNotes magazine, but instead of one full cabinet I made two small ones. However, it cleared up nicely by the end of astronomical twilight (9:09pm) and the sky remained clear all night.

While observing, I sketched what I think I saw and later verified that the spiral arms matched exactly my sketch. In the photos below, you can see my first two hand tool-only (*) projects: a wooden try square and a saw bench. After that, all the work is done with hand tools, except maybe for the engraving which I do using an Epilog laser (hopefully, I will get one of those nice stamps from InfinityStamps one day…) I do this to save time (prepping stock is not the most challenging or interesting phase in furniture making) and because I have access to these machines at the Sawdust shop in Sunnyvale, CA. I am very excited about the final result, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the journey and would recommend anyone with a strong interest in amateur astronomy to consider building their own telescope.
On Saturday night, Hartley 2 had moved and was located right near a rather bright (~ mag 6) orange star.
With careful examination, using a 9mm eyepiece (169x, 29′) outfitted with an OIII filter, and knowing in advance what to look for, I was able to detect a faint extension to the E, arcing toward the SE.
I made it in two cabinets simply because I knew that I would be hanging it myself and decided to make it easier on myself. The halo also shows a hint of spiral structure with the NW tip bending towards towards the N and the SE tip bending towards the S. I’ve attached photographs of the entire process below (Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of each photo.) If you take the time to practice, I can guarantee that you will be on your way to cutting great looking dovetails sooner than you think! The photos below show how I usually cut a square mortise using a plunge router, a custom made jig and a chisel.
Jupiter also put on a good show, with an Io shadow transit on Friday and a GRS transit on Saturday.
These projects will teach you a lot about sawing, planing and chiseling, all essential techniques in order to move to the next level in our craft.
The Gegenshein was seen fairly easily by several people after I pointed it out, just south of the body of Aries.
I saw quite a few shooting stars throughout the evening, some of them were slow movers and pretty bright. I used my laptop and SkyTools 3 on the field for the first time fairly successfully, but noticed a few kinks I am going to have to work out.
Although I did not do any formal measurements, I estimate by experience that the NELM was around 6.7. There must have been some fog in the central valley because the light dome from Fresno was almost invisible, and this must have helped a bit with the darkness. Among the highlights, M101 was showing a lot of structure, which is usually a sign of good conditions. Finally, Mars looked pretty good with numerous surface features easily visible whenever the seeing settled.

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