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Legends claim that the city was made during the First Era, when Arch-Mage Shalidor built the city of Winterhold with a whispered spell. In 1E 2804, an event called the Winterhold Rebellion took place in protest of the forced conscription which was being imposed on the populace.
In 3E 399, the final year of the Simulacrum, the Eternal Champion, with the help of the Winterhold Mages, rediscovered the location of the Labyrinthian, a structure constructed by the Archmage Shalidor almost 4000 years prior.
In 4E 122, a seemingly never-ending series of storms lashed out at the northern coast of Skyrim, eventually causing most of the city to erode alarmingly fast and be washed away into the Sea of Ghosts.
Strangely, the College of Winterhold was unaffected, remaining firm on a now freestanding spire of rock. Regardless of the genesis of the Great Collapse, it is certain that since that time, the population of Winterhold has continued to dwindle. Since the Great Collapse, the city (or what's left of it) has suffered an economic downturn. Due to a lack of residences caused by the cataclysm, it is not possible to purchase a house in Winterhold. After encouraging Ranmir to settle his debts with innkeeper Dagur at The Frozen Hearth Inn, the beds in the rooms on the left hand side of the inn are available to use for free. Korir, Jarl of Winterhold, honors the Dragonborn with the title Thane of Winterhold, after performing certain duties in the service of the Hold.
I know there are Mods that sort of Rebuild Winterhold or just add Houses to make it more City like or more Ruined like, but im wondering for a Quest Mod so we can Investigate the True Reason for how the City got Destroyed, then the Jarl can quit picking on the Mages, because he is anyway to Stupid to Rebuild his City as if he expects the Mages to do it, because even after the War, none of the sided Jarls lifts a finger to Rebuild Winterhold. Its been what 30 Years already that half the City got Destroyed, get off your Butts and Rebuild your City instead of waiting on a Hero like the Dragonborn to do your job. The jarl does not rebuild it because he fears it will bring more mages to the college and it would end with the history repeating itself. True but the Jarl on the Imperial Side thinks the Mages are Cool, so why doesent he Rebuild the City.
He lives in a wooden cabin, he's got sod-all villages, hardly any farm land, he's above the snow line and any economy they may have had was probably fishing and sea trade. And as the coast and port is half a mile down and all smashed up, there's not much he can do. Anyone with the skills for ye olde economie, like scrimshaw carving and horker hide tanning, probably went down to the bottom of the briney in the Great Collapse. I'd have put the lighthouse poking out of the sea at an angle (in a ruins version), maybe like the Statue of Liberty at the end of planet of the Apes.
I think the bit that fell into the sea was the land surrounding the college, so a good 80-90% of the old city is gone now. Press TAB, open Magic, head to Destruction and choose Arniel's Convection from the list (screen above). Stand in front of the Convector and in accordance with the instruction received from Arniel, hold down the mouse button for at least three second (screen above) to heat up the Convector. Afterwards approach the Convector, interact with it again and take the Warped Soul Gem (screen above). You will be able to return to the quest giver only after finding three Convectors and heating up the Gem in each of them. Regardless of whether you started the search at once or postponed it, you will find the courier dead. Return to the College of Winterhold and head to Arniel with the found dagger, without having to speak to Enthir.

Now you will just need to watch the experiment that Arniel has been preparing (screen above).
The College of Winterhold is a place uniting those who can use magic, therefore serving as a type of a Mages Guild.
The quests of the College of Winterhold include both main as well as a few side ones, connected with exploring various areas of this location or helping the mages inhabiting it. Find Drevis Neloren (screen above) who should be travelling through various College rooms, including the main square, Hall of the Elements and Arcanaeum.
The third and last point can be found in the central part of Hall of Countenance (screen above). The Arch-Mage's Quarters are located at the top of the main tower in the College of Winterhold. Upon completion of The Eye of Magnus, these chambers are given to the Dragonborn, along with the title of Arch-Mage.
Accessed through the staircase directly on the left upon entering the Hall of the Elements, the Arch-Mage's Quarters opens into a hall lined with bookcases. The bed does not give the "well rested" bonus all the time, as ownership sometimes does not change upon becoming Arch-Mage.
If an explosion occurs in the quarters, some of the objects resting on the shelves may become stuck in mid-air. When you enter the quarters and face the tree, take the right-hand route towards the bedroom.
Before the catastrophic event, the city flourished culturally due to refugees from Morrowind who, far from burdening the eastern city, brought with them new ideas, enriching the city's culture and stimulating its old mercantile spirit.
Even with the Hearthfire DLC, Winterhold remains the only hold where it is not possible to purchase property. It is first required that the Dragonborn recover the Helm of Winterhold from a random location before the Jarl recognizes their worth as a potential Thane. He hasn't got a bean and whatever income he has left from his ragged old Hold goes on supporting Ulfric in the Civil War. If someone made that, even just as a properly ruined Winterhold, I'd try it as it fits the in-game lore and history better than what is in Vanilla. All the above actions have to be repeated two more times with the Dwemer Convectors you choose.
You will have to search for the courier and the item for Arniel in a randomly chosen location. If you want your hero to specialize in magic, you should of course visit the College early on in the game.
They can also train you in different magic types, therefore speeding up the process of reaching higher experience levels.
This mission is optional and can be completed multiple times (on average once every couple days). Speak with him to surprise him that he's visible for you and ask if he needs your help with anything. The first magical focal point is on the main square of the College of Winterhold (screen above). While Savos Aren remains Arch-Mage, these items regenerate every two or three days (These items can be "Stolen" without incurring a bounty or consequence.) If the Dragonborn becomes Arch-Mage, the items no longer regenerate as swiftly. The Dragonborn will have to enroll at the College of Winterhold, which will entitle the Dragonborn to a dormitory within the College.

Rundown of FeaturesGenerally: removal or organisation of unwanted clutter from interior and exterior locations. Note that you were rewarded with the Summon Arniel's Shade spell, thanks to which you will be able to call in the mage for help at any moment.
The advantage of such solution is that by solving quests and interacting with members of the College, you will be able to increase your skills faster and gain access to precious equipment. The College itself is in the north-east corner of Skyrim and is accessible through a long bridge, connecting it with Winterhold (screen above). You will get the chance to receive this mission no sooner than after finishing the first main College of Winterhold quest, First Lessons. He will ask you to purify three magical energies and for that give you the Mystic Tuning Gloves. Spouses do not have the option of moving in here, however, just as with the Dawnstar Sanctuary and the Jorrvaskr Quarters.
The hall bends to the right, opening into a circular room with a alchemy garden in the center. 30 days for ingredients; as well as the Staff of the Frost Atronach, Boots, Troll Skull, Baskets, etc. As such, Winterhold has become something of a haven for mages in Skyrim, a safe refuge from distrustful Nords.
Completing the entire College quest line will confer upon the Dragonborn the position of Archmage at the College, and thus ownership of the Archmage's quarters. All cells featuring re-positioned objects have had navmeshes reworked and tested both in and out of combat.
You can of course ask him about the last known location of the courier, as your mission will be to locate him. After reaching the destination, you will have to explore some ruins, a keep or other construction occupied by monsters or living enemies (screen above). Apart from that you can also pick up the Keening which luckily didn't disappear together with Arniel. If on the other hand you don't intend to use magic at all, or in a very limited range, you can postpone you visit to the College, especially that it's connected with the Elder Knowledge main quest.
After the initial conversation, you will gain access to most of the College rooms and only the Arch-Mage's Quarters will be locked.
Here, Potion ingredients can be collected, similar to the courtyard of the Arcane University and the garden in the Poisoner's Nook in the Dawnstar Sanctuary.
The mage will share good news about the progress that he has made and will send you to Enthir, who for inexplicable reasons doesn't want to give you an item needed for his work. What's interesting, by doing so you will be able to enter the College without any magical skills. Around the perimeter of the room resides a bed, an Arcane Enchanter, an Alchemy Lab, and several storage devices, including a safe.
This is after the events of the civil war and after you become the Archmage of the College of WInterhold.

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