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Today, the wood not only used as the main partner for house making, but also became the part of style and decoration.

There are so many stuff created by plastic, fibre and so on, they are used because of the well-known durability. Taking for example, the use of wood as the roof, which usually called as solid wood patio roofing?You can create the look of the solid wood patio roofing, which is adjacent to the area, in harmony with the structure.
In addition to the same material, pattern, ornament detail, until the structural connections can also be made to appear as one. The facade is dominated by natural materials such as natural stone and wood applied also to the carport.

These pillars are the main support of the solid wood patio roofing.To be more robust, drawn by a roof truss steel slings on two points. Sling fitted steel frame adjuster to adjust the position of the corresponding slope required.

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