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Accent your decor and provide ample showcasing storage with our solid wood bookshelves entirely made in the USA. At Manchester Wood our extensive solid wood stands move beyond the solid wood bookshelf into other solid furniture, with shelving options such as our solid wood TV stands.
So when you’re searching for solid wood bookshelves, TV stands, or beyond, take a look to Manchester Wood to provide the best in solid wood stands for the necessary items that need a place to go. When you Google Space Saving, Furniture is the next word to pop-up to assist you in your search. Space saving furniture is a must for practical appeal and function in home design-friendly living. Manchester Wood’s solid wood coffee tables, end tables, and media stands and bookcases can be found on the more space saving side.
Space saving furniture may seem new to some, common for many, but big and clunky only works for certain things in furniture. Solid wood furniture is a top keyword phrase on the internet when searching for solid furniture that’s long lasting in appeal and function, why? As American furniture manufacturers focused on solid wood furniture we can’t help but watch consumer demand for solid wood furniture and furniture made in the USA in general. That’s why we continue to make the commitment to affordable, solid wood furniture backed by quality, honest customer care. Shop our 100% Made in USA furniture here, and enjoy Free Shipping Always with every order, backed by our Quality Guarantee. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
The McCoy 4 in 1 Convertible Baby Crib is beautifully bench crafted by skilled Amish craftsmen employing old world woodworking techniques.
Manchester Wood has been making quality, affordable Mission Furniture made in USA for over 30 years. From our assortment of Mission desks, end tables, and coffee tables, where do you find the Mission style to most fit your home?
A media stand of solid wood, like our Mission Console Media Stand or Farmhouse Media Center carries a genuine sturdiness, a planted authentic piece of truly solid wood furniture that doesn’t wobble or stray from the photos it portrays in catalogs and online. There are many kinds of material that can used as furniture material, but the king of all furniture material is nothing else than Wood. We still haven’t finished with a bed, this Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture from harden furniture is surely perfect if you want to have a mid century bedroom style. Well bed isn’t the only furniture you need in your room, you will also need a furniture to keep all your stuff such as clothes for example.
Try to find solid wood furniture items like this at a big box store, and you’ll come up short.
So when thinking about your next media console or media stand look no further than Manchester Wood. During the 1950s due to the advent of television, folding tray tables became a popular item with the American public due to their versatility and convenience. Whether the Portable Folding Work and Laptop Desk, which is a single folding tray table designed for a mobile workspace with laptops and tablets, or one of our TV tray sets, like the Rectangular Folding TV Tray Table Set of 2, or the Contemporary Folding TV Tray Table Set of 4, we offer several different designs for the perfect function necessary in folding trays for your home over the last 36 years.
Crafted from solid American hardwood, a Manchester Wood solid wood bookshelf is built to last. From the family room to the living room, bedroom, or even home office, this solid wood bookshelf is excellent for storing books and other items. Our wood desks, and a few others however range from large to compact; so our tried and true space saving furniture can be found on our Small Space Solutions page.

We need light, sturdy and durable furniture pieces that fit the sometimes narrow spaces we have for them. Our solid wood furniture handcrafted in America isn’t just simply made in USA furniture. After all, the design of Mission furniture began in early American history (The word mission references the Spanish missions throughout colonial California). Our collection draws on this rich tradition to bring you a wide variety of quality, affordable hardwood furniture.
Our authentic solid wood rendition allows us to showcase the grain of our rich North American hardwood supplied locally in the Northeast of America. We hate that some supposedly “solid wood tables” become limber and unreliable, eventual throwaway items to be replaced unfortunately with a similar find. Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture Made In Usa is part of the collection of High Quality HD wallpapers. While wood itself are divided into several types as well, one of the most common type of wood that is common to be used is the solid wood.
This Solid Wood Bedroom Furniture comes in a shape of a small ladder step with a mid century design, it’s perfect if you own a mid century design bedroom.
From our Mission Media Stand to our Slate Top Media Console Table, the array of options offers you quality entertainment consoles made in the USA at quality prices. The quality of our wooden TV stands coupled with our affordable prices makes no sense for the high volume, high profit return model of most major box stores.
At Manchester Wood we pride ourselves on our classically designed folding tray table, as well as the other varying types of solid wood furniture made in the USA we carry. From the lumber, to paint, to the hardware, and of course the craftsmanship, all is entirely produced in America from the foothills of the Adirondacks of New York.
It has two adjustable shelves to allow for varying heights in books, plants, toys, towels, or even framed photos, offering an array of space for all your unique items. For example take a look at our space saving furniture piece, the Compact Workstation Table.
We’ve long since understood the value of sturdy solid wood furniture over flimsy cheap particle board furniture that can only be assembled once in one location of the house. We think so many are searching for it because it has lasting natural beauty and durability. And we do a fine job if you ask the 38 years of vendors and customers whom we’ve provided the finest in American made furniture to. These pieces of furniture are elegant, yet durable, and are sure to complement almost any room in your house.
At Manchester Wood our TV media stands, and everything else we make for that matter is affordable quality. Providing quality, solid wood furniture for over 35 years with three generations of family business in a lineage of woodworking that dates back to 1891. The dark brown colors that dominating this bed makes it look masculine but beautiful at the same time. This Moultrie park tall chest has a mid century traditional design style that will probably perfect if you want to have a mid century design bedroom.
Made in the USA furniture is our pride and creed, it flows through each part of the process and each material used here.
Instead at Manchester Wood we’ve decided to offer you the best Made in the USA furniture at the best price because that’s what makes sense; and our media stands hold to that testament… and more.
From our wood end tables, bookshelves, desks; our TV tray sets are some of our most popular items.

If you’re looking for the mobility, versatility, and convenience of folding tray tables, you can seek no further. It’s an ideal space-saving furniture item, transforming a small living space into a temporary home office.
We sometimes need work spaces that can fold up and go away to make room for what’s next.
For us, making our furniture from solid wood is as natural as it gets, and we think our customers feel the same.
From the outdoors with the quintessential style of American fashion in vacation and relaxation with our Adirondack Folding Chairs. Heirloom is what Manchester Wood wooden TV stands are, “built to last” as much of our product copy states. That’s something we constantly strive for – even to the point of including free shipping on every order.
There are approximately 7 drawers, which is 5 big drawers and at the top it has two smaller drawers. The average solid wood stand at Manchester Wood can handle over 500 pounds, and most are wide enough to handle the big flat screens with enough storage space to take care of the rest of your media. We believe Manchester Wood is the finest designer and supplier of made in USA TV tray sets in the Americana style, and that’s carried by our family business belief in three principles as a business: Value, Honesty, and Community. Our Black Mountain Console Table, designed to be a solid wood table that functions equally as a television stand or a place for storing and displaying non-media and media items alike.
Or a more permanent fixture, like the Compact Shaker Desk, that fits perfectly in the corner or nook that we need it in. The American hardwoods that we use for our furniture are native Northeastern hardwood species like White Ash, Red Maple, Beech, and more. That’s our gift to you in continuing our legacy of furniture made in the USA for many more generations to come. They’re solid wood, built to last, and arrive with not only Free Shipping Always, but also our Quality Guarantee.
Also, small sturdy solid wood bookshelves that we can fit under windows or other shelving that doesn’t tower high over our space can make great additions to the home.
These species produce beautiful wood that is ideal for crafting quality solid wood furniture with timeless appeal. Also, perfect in a bedroom or main living space too, our Mission Media Stand provides a stylish surface and shelving for your television and media among non-media options. For generations, people have used nifty, quirky, and unique items that not only fit perfectly in their home, but also in their lifestyle. Quality, affordable, solid wood furniture made in the USA that puts people to work in America.
So when customers search for solid wood furniture and buy ours, they can be certain that it has been built out of high quality local wood that will last for decades. This durability ensures that Manchester Wood furniture is an excellent possibility for those interested in heirloom pieces.

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