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Wood has been used in bicycle construction since the early 19th century when this mode of transportation was invented. If you don’t care for the eco-friendliness and ride characteristics of a wooden-frame bike, Rob Pollock has just the thing for you.
The first time I tasted roasted chestnuts I was walking through Manhattan on a cold winter evening with a friend. Once your nutcrackers are painted and dry, it’s time to start decorating your mantel! An easy styling tip for a holiday mantel is to frame everything out with a bit of height on either end. As the decades went by, construction materials for bikes changed from wood to various metals and alloys.
The New Zealander has pretty much spent his entire life in the automotive industry, panel painting and repairing cars. Rob will then strip off the old paint, and spray a base coat that he uses on all his bikes.
Required fields are marked *Comment Comment Rules: Keep it civil, and please do not use your site URL in either your name or the comment text. Having just finished a bit of holiday shopping, we passed by a street vendor with a cart literally wafting the aroma of warm, roasted chestnuts down the block. I selected two small pine tree topiaries for either side, topping each of them with a little gold glitter bow that I scored at a local dollar store.

I went with a pretty wreath studded with pinecones and holly berries, but you could also use a large mirror, especially if you already have one hanging above your mantel. A super festive holiday mantel perfect sure to bring the spirit of the holiday season to your home.
He then uses a handheld brush to overlay a one-of-a-kind woodgrain patter in a darker color. Please instead use your own name, initials, or handle, as the the former comes off as spam. Next up, I played with the arrangement of the nutcrackers, opting to keep them toward the middle so they’d be the star of the show. Then I nestled the gold leaf pine cone garland that I made last holiday season along the mantel to add an extra touch of texture and fun.
A pretty glass bowl filled with an assortment of shimmery gold and red ornaments was the crowning touch – just that little extra hint of color and shine that ties all the other elements together. This is so easy to do – just gather a bunch of pretty holiday decorations to pair with your nutcrackers and chestnuts, and spend an hour or so arranging and tweaking things until you have a look that you love. But unfortunately for most people, they are a bit out of our price-range with a single complete bicycle costing a few thousand dollars. A few years back, his son Aaron suggested that he apply the same technique to bicycles which resulted in a new business venture, Rob’s Woodgrain Bike Frames. The next step is to cover the paint with a tinted clear coat and a protective epoxy coating.

A couple of gold glitter garlands swagged along the front of the mantel gave it just the right bit of shimmer and glam. Thinking about those roasted chestnuts I love so much, I scattered a handful of chestnuts along the length of the mantel alongside the pine cones.
For my mantel, I really wanted to keep the look limited to a combination of metallic gold and rustic elements, an ode to the things that most make me think of Christmas and that night in New York, nibbling on roasted chestnuts with the chill of winter biting at our cheeks. The average time frame to apply a “woodgrain finish” to a bike frame generally takes between seven to 10 days. I thought it was the perfect extra touch, giving the look an essence of the warm, wintery scent of roasted chestnuts that was the very inspiration for the mantel decor. Standing on a corner in New York, delighting in the taste and smell of those delicious roasted chestnuts. In that spirit, today we’re talking about creating a gorgeous holiday mantel, one filled with the smells and sights of Christmas – lined with golden nutcrackers and accented with chestnuts and pine cones!

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