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Designed to hold any of your household essentials, these totes add extra storage and a pop of color to your home. Store various household items under a table, on a shelf, or even by the couch with this stylish Ivory Open Storage Bin. It always seems such a shame that gardens are often neglected and left looking unattractive by the presence of the essential but aesthetically displeasing collection of refuse bins. Constructed by our experienced landscape gardeners from solid hardwood frames and battens, these bin stores are all made to measure with complete flexibility of design, size and finish.
This unit below is made from Western Red Cedar with a sloping wooden roof and includes space inside for storing some garden tools and outdoor sweeping brushes. High-density polyethylene with attached hinged cover opens and closes easily for ready access.
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This multi-purpose bin can fit in many of our storage cube cabinets, and the small size allows you to store this shelf storage bin anywhere in your home. With decorative trim along the edges for style, built-in handles for easy carrying, and a collapsible design for simple storage when not in use, this toy storage bin is ideal for any home or office.
This is particularly true in urban areas where bins are often stored at the front of the house for easy access on collection day. By incorporating a green roof such as the one shown, this structure can be made to look even more part of the garden and a useful place to grow small plants and herbs.
The unit is made from Ipe hardwood and has two levels separated by a shelf – the bins sit on the ground and the upper level provides space for excess waste and items for recycling.
The built-in side handles make it easy to lift and carry this storage bin anywhere in your home, and it folds down compactly for convenient storage when not in use. Here at Living Colour Gardens, we are on a crusade to remedy this by incorporating bespoke bin storage units such as those shown below into the garden landscape for our clients.

This unit’s roof is planted with a selection of scented herbs including sage, rosemary, lemon thyme, mint and lavender which help to disguise any lingering odours coming from the bin bags.
This small storage bin measures 13 wide by 13 deep by 10 inches high and is constructed from a durable blend of cotton and polypropylene material. The green roof has its own drainage layer built in as part of the design so that the herbs do not become waterlogged.

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