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Even with the popularity of media streaming through services such as Netflix and Vudu many of us still prefer having a physical collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, CDS, and Video games.
Media storage drawers are one of the best ways to organize your large collection of DVDs, Blu-rays, video games, and CDs. Each media storage drawer comes with dividers which separate the drawer into convenient rows. Full-extension drawer slides ensure maximum storage capacity in each media cabinet by providing access to the entire depth of the drawer. Special backstop clips conveniently attach to the row dividers to keep incomplete rows of media standing upright helping ensure a neat and tidy media drawer. If you have questions please call me (Steve Hartfelder) or my brother Dave at 714-630-8100 or 800-616-5354.
Practical and handsome, this 6 drawer is perfect for those looking for extra storage space for your home. Large Ottoman PU Leather Chest Storage Box Foot Stool Black Modern and practical, this storage ottoman is the perfect designer furniture piece for any bedroom, study room or home living decor. PU & PVC Leather Lounge Chair The Lounge Chair and Ottoman embody elegance, comfort and luxury.

TV Stand Entertainment Unit Lowline Cabinet Drawer 190cm White Great in design and quality, this homey TV stand is ideal for home lovers. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website.
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Thankfully at Diamond Case we offer an awesome drawer system centered around full-extension drawer slides, adjustable row dividers, and convenient backstop clips. A properly designed media drawer is incredibly efficient and can adjust to organize any size or type of media you'd like to place inside. Contemporary and simply designed, this beauty features a warm walnut shade that will easily match your home decor. The piece provides comfortable seating and creates a representation of ultra-modern chic whilst keeping the price affordable.
It features a contemporary design with elegant square handles and legs with a well finished build.

All custom drawers ride on full-extension drawer slides, feature adjustable row dividers, and our exclusive backstop clips. And it is cool to be able to introduce your friends or family to a great movie or awesome new band by letting them borrow your favorite DVD, Blu-ray, or CD. When matched with a high-quality full-extension drawer slide you can maximize the storage capacity of every inch of your drawer.
We would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for the perfect storage cabinet to organize your media collection.
Made with high density particle boards and coated metal runners, this is a designer furniture made to last for as long as you need. Hercke is designed to restore order to your chaotic world, one beautifully enhanced space at a time.
When you call please have the following information handy; an estimate of the storage capacity you are looking for and the amount of wall space you have available.

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