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Print this page, redeem it at our office & receive 15% off merchandise purchases through 10-31-2015! Before beginning your self storage search in Oxnard, there are a few things you should know.
The Lineage Oxnard campus features public cold storage warehouses and processing facilities for fruit, vegetable and seafood producers.
Storage unit prices and availability in Oxnard are determined by many different factors, including real estate, population growth, the wealth of the local population, the current economic climate, and more. In order to give you a better idea of these factors in Oxnard, we pulled in data from the US Census.Self Storage and Moving in Oxnard, CAOne of the primary uses of self storage is as a safe place to keep your things between moving homes. The campus is strategically located in the strawberry growing region of southern California and proximal to Interstate 101, the main coastal route between Los Angeles and San Francisco.
If many people are moving to or from Oxnard, prices could be higher and availability lower. Population changes over time are one way of gauging the amount of moving activity in Oxnard.
We can get a better idea of the relative cost of Oxnard storage by looking into data on local home values and rental rates provided by the US Census.

With a median home value of $442,200 according to the US Census, Oxnard real estate prices are higher than the average for the top 100 US metros. The median income in Oxnard makes up 17.31% of the median home value, which indicates that housing in Oxnard is less affordable than in other large cities. In Oxnard, 65% of homes are occupied by their owner, a lower portion than other big American cities.In terms of rental rates, median rent in Oxnard is $1,470 per month, which is higher than other large US metros. Between 2005 and 2013, the median rent in Oxnard grew by 8.89%, a lower rate than comparable cities.
The median rent in Oxnard would eat up approximately 23% of the median income, which makes Oxnard less affordable for most renters than comparable cities.
31% of Oxnard housing stock is renter occupied, a lower percentage than other large US cities.Cities where homes tend to be smaller may have a greater need for extra storage space. Homes in Oxnard have a median number of 6.4 rooms, which is lower than the average for large US metros. The median price per room in Oxnard is $69,094, which is higher than average among the top US metro areas.Housing unit occupancy can give us an idea of what the demand is like for living and storage space in Oxnard. Self storage units in Oxnard may then also be in short supply, which means Oxnard storage unit prices may be higher.

The average occupancy rate in US cities is approximately 89%, which is lower than the rate in Oxnard, suggesting that storage unit inventory might also be tighter in Oxnard. With fewer units available, storage facilities in Oxnard may charge higher prices.Self Storage Prices and Economics in Oxnard, CACities with a wealthier population and a faster-growing economy may see higher storage prices. Looking at economic statistics for Oxnard can be particularly helpful if you're moving from another city. The median income in Oxnard is $76,544, which is higher than the average for large US cities.
9.4% of the population in Oxnard make over $200,000 a year, a higher proportion than in other large cities.
The US Census reports that Oxnard's total GDP is $41,737,000,000 and its GDP per capita is $49,629. 20% of Oxnard residents over the age of 18 have a high school diploma, 18% have a college degree, and 10% have a graduate or professional degree.

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