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A design, which accounts for both regional allocation of stock as well as bonded and unbounded stock in a facility (or closely located facilities). How GATP can be used to provide available to promise for the same product, which is differentiated by regional allocation for stock or planned stock at a storage location. One approach that a company followed prior to using SNP or GATP was to create the following setup of storage locations in SAP ERP. If locations come through the CIF from ERP to APO, then the type of geographic entity will automatically cause the location to be created as a particular location type. Setting up MRP areas provides you with more flexibility and control than simply using a plant. Plant MRP Area: The plant MRP area initially contains the plant together with all its storage locations and stock with subcontractors. MRP Areas for Storage Locations: You can define an MRP area that consists of a particular storage location, by creating an MRP area and assigning the storage location to it. This quotation shows that MRP areas can represent a single storage locations or multiple locations. There are several implications to this design to various SAP modules; however, probably the biggest is to SNP. There are now more product locations in the supply network to be managed.  This is more an issue of an issue of organization and configuration overhead rather than an issue of processing time as is described in the third bullet point.
There now more product locations that must be added to the method profiles (SNP heuristic, SNP optimizer, CTM) as well as requiring more product location combinations to be added to the selection profiles of the planning book.
As was described in the first bullet point the storage locations would appear as any other location or product location (which I have shown above) in the planning book. Using GATP along with storage location MRP areas is an interesting approach to automating a process what requires a good deal of manual effort if GATP is not included in the design. Join to be kept in the loop on updates Subscribe to get our latest content by email.
If you are using Inventory Management without WMS, you can assign one or several physical storage locations to each plant. In this case, Inventory Management supplies information on the stock quantities at storage location level in the form of quantity totals. We recommend that you implement Lean WM in fixed bin warehouses for the purpose of picking deliveries.
When you implement the Warehouse Management System (WMS) in a plant, you define the individual warehouses (high-rack storage, block storage, picking area, and so on) as storage types within a warehouse complex and group them together under a warehouse number. It is appropriate to define further storage locations for a plant if other warehouses (storage types) exist within a plant that is not managed using WMS but with Lean WM, for example. As a rule, it is a good idea to manage only the stocks of one storage location and the same plant within a warehouse number. Each of the warehouse facilities or areas that make up the warehouse complex can be defined as a type of storage area or "storage type" on the basis of its spatial, technical, and organizational characteristics.
Each storage type and storage section consists of a row of storage spaces that are referred to in WMS as storage bins.
To depict the setup of your physical warehouse in the system, first define the warehouse structures in WMS in the Customizing application.

The Plant may contain one or more storage location, at least one storage location is to be assigned to a plant.
You can maintain storage location in sap by using one of the following navigation methods. You can a create storage location by copying from existing storage location or creating new location by selecting new entries. However, for SAP clients that do not use GATP, the standard available to promise (ATP) functionality in SAP SD cannot utilize storage locations.
MRP areas can be used for a variety of segmentation purposes; however, an MRP area can be use for storage locations. As soon as each storage location is an MRP area, GATP cannot interoperate with this design. When you have defined MRP areas for storage locations and for subcontractors and you have assigned the materials, the plant MRP area is reduced by exactly this number of subcontractors and storage locations, as they are then planned separately.
Material requirements for this storage location are then planned separately from the rest of the plant.
Within the planning, what was once one location is now multiple locations that show the stock segmented into the storage locations. If CTM or the optimizer is used to plan most of the supply network, it makes little sense to use these complex methods to plan the storage location MRP areas (as they are all at a single geographic location).
The design described in this article requires that the GATP have rules setup that treat each storage location as an allocation. The first plant has two storage locations: storage location 0001 (for example, high-rack storage) and storage location 0002 (for example, bulk storage). Here you can use the advantages of transfer order processing without having to manage stock quantities at storage bin level. As a rule, it is not necessary to define several storage locations for a plant since you assign the WMS warehouse number to a storage location from Inventory Management (IM). In this way, WMS manages stock information on all materials in the warehouse at storage bin level. In this case, the same warehouse number is assigned to the storage locations for these plants. However, you can also manage several storage locations of one and the same plant within a warehouse number.
A storage section generally includes all bins that have certain characteristics in common, such as bins for "fast-moving items" near a goods issue area. The coordinates of the bins indicate the exact position in the warehouse where goods can be stored. We recommend that you adhere to the following sequence when setting up your warehouse structure in the system.
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Chehalis is a city in Lewis County, Washington and is the county seat of Lewis County. If you need railcar storage in this location. Inventory management is managed on a quantity basis at storage location level in the plant and not on a value basis at the storage location level. The same product can be assigned to different storage locations, and each storage location can be provided with a different rule in GATP.

Without GATP, this is a manually intensive design with planners controlling the movement of stock between the different locations. You can also group several storage locations into one MRP area, by creating an MRP area and assigning the storage locations to it. This type of fixed bin is different from a WMS storage bin in that it is entered into the material master record at the storage location level. The second plant has three storage locations: storage location 0001 (for example, high-rack storage), storage location 0002 (for example, bulk storage), and storage location 0003 (for example, picking area). In addition, the stock quantities of the material are managed in Inventory Management (MM-IM) at storage location level.
The city is located in the northwestern part of the state, a region known historically and geographically as the Llano Estacado and ecologically is part of the southern end of the Western High Plains. For companies that do need to allocate to allocate specific stock for at least groups of customers (for instance geographic customers), this means having to spend a lot of manual effort in order management in order to ensure that some sales orders do not come in and consume stock which is reserved for other purposes.
Therefore, if a sales order comes in from say one region, the rules in GATP can restrict the sales order from only taking stock from one storage location.
Bonded stock can be released to either a bonded or unbounded storage location (which I have called the “initial” storage location).
However, when this design is connected to GATP, sales orders are routed to the correct storage location automatically.
A shipping point, which is simply a place in a plant where shipping takes place, is actually a location in APO.
It’s unnecessary to use a complex supply planning method to plan the initial or child storage locations, and a target stock level should help maintain the proportional stocks as desired, although to see how this actually works in practice would require some prototyping that I have not performed, therefore I cannot say exactly if setting a TSL would provide the intended result. In order to link the information at storage location level with the information from the storage bin, assign a warehouse number to the storage location.
The city was founded in 1829 and is located along the Sangamon River and Lake Decatur in Central Illinois. If you need railcar storage in this location.
There may be plenty of stock in other storage locations in the same plant, but if configured to do so, GATP will not allow the sales order to pull from it.
When a location is created in APO, it is necessary to define the location as a location type.
As the intent is to create buckets of allocation, it makes the most sense to push from the initial bonded and unbounded storage locations to the child bonded and unbounded storage locations.
This can be achieved by setting a target stock level (which is activated by running by the SNP heuristic).
This allows each storage location – which is allocated to specific geographic regions, to be filled to a target, and of course the presence of stock in each storage location is what GATP works off of when accepting sales orders and when decrementing them from the planned stock on hand at a particular storage location. However, while CTM can create “planning” allocations, there is an issue once the stock exists in SAP ERP. One way of persisting the planning allocations that are created in CTM is to move the allocated quantities to specific storage locations that have been setup for different uses.

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