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Potential bidders wait in line to get a quick glimpse of a storage unit on the auction block before bidding on it during a storage locker auction at the Solano Storage Center in Fairfield Friday morning. The last time he was high bidder at Solano Storage Center, he paid more than $2,000 for a 10-by-30-foot unit — full of e-waste materials. And since the Martinez resident makes his living from buying at such auctions and selling what he can at a Concord flea market, Craigslist and on eBay, he was hoping to find something that would help recoup the loss from the previous buy.
Dehaas was one about 75 people who attended a recent auction at the storage center. There were four units up for bid. Auctioneer John Cardoza had already auctioned four units in Rio Vista before arriving in Fairfield. Each was offered the chance to walk by and peruse a unit that seemed to have mostly clothes and toys.
Working with Cardoza was his wife Donna Cardoza, who worked 25 years as a 911 dispatcher before retiring. She stood at the end of a long line, waiting for a peek inside the second and third units, which were right next to each other. With everyone back in the main hall, Cardoza began the bidding, confusing the contents of the two.
Then, it was down the stairs and out the building to a much bigger unit, 10-by-35, piled high with a variety of items. Alvarez said his plans were to go through the unit and find things his three daughters, who are 28, 35 and 38, could use.
He stopped by the office to get the combination on the lock to open the unit. He was heading on to the Vacaville auctions. And, if there’s still any money left, it goes to the county, where the renter has a year to claim it, Morris said. While some may question the need for hiring an auctioneer, Morris said it’s the only way to go as the auctioneer assumes the liability. Cardoza and his crew return to Fairfield on Wednesday for an auction at the StorageMart Self Storage on Walters Road.
Chris Barnhart and Crystal Dvorak, center, listen to the auctioneer as Donna Cardoza, left, of Storage Auction Experts completes an transaction with a customer who wished not to be named during a storage locker auction at the Solano Storage Center in Fairfield Friday morning. The Daily Republic does not necessarily condone the comments here, nor does it review every post. If you left your dear mom's wedding ring or something inside, you probably can't get it if you are behind payment.
Copyright (c) 2016 McNaughton Newspapers, Inc., a family-owned local media company that proudly publishes the Daily Republic, Mountain Democrat, Davis Enterprise, Village Life and other community-driven publications. If we can help you with your storage unit auction needs and get those units back to making you money give us a call today! Contact us today to get your free marketing proposal or to set up a free auction or appraisal consultation. We conduct auctions and appraisals all over the state of Missouri but primarily in the Greater St. These three lockers were reportedly all owned by the same person (a hunting guide and trapper) and contain what appear to be hunting outfits, camping equipment, fur, leather, and tools. Please Note: Also, furs, hides and taxidermy must also not include endangered species or migratory species.

Generally collectible war weapons, which are demilitarized are deemed to be non operational, can be owned by the general public. From what ATF Agents report, firearms over a certain age can be considered antique, and antiques trade differently than a hunting rifle or an assault machine gun. In the United States it is routine to uncover firearms in abandoned storage lockers and buyers regularly find military surplus and privately manufactured arms in shipping container auctions and storage unit auctions.
Personally, we love the smell of gunsmoke and money in the morning as long as no one gets hurt. Enter your email address to subscribe to Storage Auctioneers and receive notifications of new posts by email. With the popularity of shows such as Storage Wars and Auction Hunters many people have become curious, myself included, about Storage Auctions. What surprised me most was that you didn’t need a huge amount of money to buy storage lockers, even with the popularity of the show. Of the six lockers we saw auctioned, one had a lot of furniture that looked like it belonged to a teenage girl, one was a huge record collection and a drum set, and one looked like building supplies. It was at the last locker being auctioned that my uncle placed a bid twice and won the auction! After the auction we spoke with one of the other buyers who had actually found a brand new X-box in his unit that he had only paid $75 for.
We used gloves to process the items and go through them more thoroughly, in my garage, throwing away any trash.
I would love to go to another auction but until then I’ll enjoy watching the show and talking to my uncle and aunt about their experiences and the crazy and sometimes valuable things that they buy at storage auctions. The 2016 Best Chemical Free Household Products- What Chemical Free Household Products Do We Use? Goodwill Outlet Shopping Trip and Haul- Awesome Thrift Finds at the Austin Blue Hanger Goodwill Outlet & Shopping Tips!
Afterward, he was headed to three storage facilities in Vacaville before wrapping up his day in Dixon.
Asked whether he’s found something unique among his storage auction purchases, he said it depends on what one defines as unique.
So, when the door was opened, there sat a man who wasn’t going to let his goods go without a fight.
Justin Clark, assistant manager of Solano Storage Center, stepped up to correct him before any bids were placed. A few weeks ago I went to my first one and it was fun, but I did not end up with a locker for various reasons. Well it just so happens that I have an Uncle who buys storage lockers at auctions just like the ones you see on TV.
He was interested to see the difference between Florida Auctions and the ones he usually goes to. The other thing that surprised me was that you could often see a lot of what was in the unit before you bought it.
I was surprised, thinking that we were only going to observe but I think he wanted me to have the full experience of buying a storage unit.

Yes, there is bidding, but for the most part everyone is friendly and things aren't so heated. I could see a table without the glass, four chairs stacked up and what looked like an organ. The TV shows make it seem like a lot of guess work and it is but certain lockers are higher risk than others. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t really exciting opening the plastic storage boxes inside the locker.
My uncle who buys storage lockers was in town and took me to an actual storage auction where we bought a unit. Second, there are rarely super jackpot treasures found in a unit, unlike on the show where almost every fourth unit seems to hold gold bars or priceless antiques.
I can’t list his findings because it goes against the code of storage auction buyers which requires secrecy.  Let’s just say he has done very well. Boxes and containers that you can’t see through could hold stacks of dollar bills or trash.
My uncle had intentionally bought a very small locker because we had to fit everything in his rental car with us. We didn’t find any dollar bills but we did find some coin change and we did find two bracelets that I’m still not sure if they are gold or not. Third, buying storage units is a lot of work and you can't always get what you know something is worth when trying to resell it. When we arrived at the Storage Center we parked and watched as the long line of cars, belonging to people attending the auction, grew. I also didn’t know that there were additional fees that you would have to pay when buying lockers such as the fee to the storage company and the holding fee to reserve the unit until you finish emptying the locker. My uncle and aunt warn that one of the biggest problems with buying storage lockers is storing and then getting rid of the items that you buy because they pile up fast.
We also travel out state and to other states to provide auction, appraisals and other estate services.
There were probably 30-50 people there to see the 6 lockers that were being auctioned that day. Always call before an auction to find out about fees and also to make sure the auction has not been canceled because many people pay off their debt to the storage company at the last minute and the auction is canceled. I still have almost all of the items from the locker we bought in my garage waiting until I have time for a yard sale and to make it to the consignment store. We have conducted auctions or helped conduction auctions from West Palm Beach, Florida to Rifle, Colorado and from Sacramento, California to Fargo, North Dakota. I didn’t bring any money and was just there as an observer but it was easy to see why it was exciting waiting to find out what was behind those steel doors.

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