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Moving crew with over 20 Years exp in Moving and Storage in Victoria BC know the best solution for storage. If you need you good stored for a night to a few days or weeks, we can simply leave it in the truck or transfer it into a secure truck not in use. We can arrange for your household, or commercial goods to be stored, with professional care and consideration 24 hours, seven days a week.
Our expert loading techniques will ensure you get the best value out of your storage unit size, as well as ensure the loading is done in a timely manner.
Officers prefer our TA-50 Military Storage Lockers because of their modern look, innovative design, heavy duty materials, & quality construction. WireCrafters all steel woven wire storage lockers are an ideal way to secure resident's personal items in multi-family building common storage areas.
Depending on the gear to be stored, different options and configurations are available to customize the storage locker to fit your requirements. All storage lockers and secured cages offered from WireCrafters are available under GSA Contract. Officers prefer WireCrafters TA-50 Military Storage Lockers because of their modern look, innovative design, heavy duty materials, and quality construction. TA-50 MIlitary Storage Lockers can be customized and configured with different options and accessories within the lockers. Different options and configurations are available to customize the storage locker to fit your requirements. Lockers can be shipped fully assembled for quick installation, or knocked down for on-site assembly. Submit your contact information and details about your upcoming project, & we'll quickly get you in touch with your local dealer.
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A mudroom is an essential part of any household, and, mudroom storage lockers have a valuable role to play in ensuring the cleanliness of the house in general.
In many cold countries, it is used to store heavy and wet items such as snowshoes and heavy jackets, which get wet due to melted snow.

The average mudroom storage lockers have been built much like a gym or school storage locker. This is how normal mudroom storage lockers are made, however there are some tips and tricks that will enhance their purpose. Mudroom storage lockers can be further modified in order to allow drawer space or storage trays inside, which will help one store various items. Make the best use of mudroom storage lockers by adding ergonomic elements to them, which will help you satisfy your specific storage needs. Some people design their mudrooms in a manner that will not only allow for the storage space of outdoor clothes, but will also want to store other outdoor elements, from shovels to chainsaws, it depends on the size of the item you are storing, mudroom storage lockers are sure to come in handy. Even for smaller essential items, which might be stored in mudroom storage locked for the sake of convenience and not hygiene, adding a pegboard will allow you to hang them inside the locker. The modification and improvement of mudroom storage lockers and implementation of ideas that will enhance their effectiveness can be a fun home improvement project for the family too. In addition, free estimates are offered to those who would like an accurate assessment on their moving and storage requirements.
Quick to install and rock solid once in place, WireCrafters has supplied TA-50 Military Storage Lockers and other types of storage solutions for the demanding requirements of the military and other government agencies for years. Typically, these storage lockers come equipped with a double hinged door on the front of the locker featuring a three point lock which will accept a user-supplied padlock. The same 16 gauge sheet is formed to make the interior shelf, and the bottom panel of the storage locker is a heavier 14 gauge steel, 4" high. We can also provide secure hatches within the locker to store valuable gear or personal items. If assembled on site, you may choose to use common (shared) wall and ceiling panels to lower the overall cost of your storage locker project.
Doors have full length angle strike, three point cane bolt lock on double door units with padlockable handle.
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Adding mudroom bench across the shelf may add the neatness of the room and will undeniably help everyone to comfortably put the shoes on and off while sitting on. The average mudroom storage facility involves one or many spaces, each of which is meant to store household essentials. Entryway lockers are one way of ensuring that items are stored securely so that accompanying dirt and dust are not brought into the home.
This means that a large door and sometimes, a smaller bottom door exist; the purpose of the large, main door is to store coats, jackets, rain coats, anoraks, and other items. The first tip is to add hooks to the inside or outside of the door in order to create convenient hanging spaces for items. Much like the average chest of drawers the mudroom storage lockers will give you the same storage option, the only difference being that the drawers will be larger and their height and breadth will be different; mudroom storage lockers are “tall”.

For the exterior of the mudroom storage lockers too, using hanging elements such as nails and bathroom organizers will go a long way in ensuring that your mudroom storage lockers are being used to their full capacity. The three point lock is very secure; a rod is engaged at both the top and bottom of the storage locker and a heavy steel padlock lug is positioned in the center of the door.
Openings can be made for helmets and scuba gear, or we can add additional shelves for foot gear or other apparel. Besides, well-organized storage in the mudroom will also creating tidy look that can make the room more inviting. It gets its name from the idea that one should keep a house clean of mud, hence the mudroom is the room where muddy shoes and other dirty outdoor items are stored prior to a person’s entering of a home from outdoors.
Some unique ideas for mudroom storage lockers and how to increase their use are shared below which are sure to help a homeowner become more efficient and organized about their home mudroom lockers.
This hanging option will allow you to hang your wet or muddy things to let them drip dry instead of using valuable space inside. These lockers will safely store all of your police force's gear including vests, uniforms, shoes, radio equipment, belts and more. Inside the storage locker there are three coat hooks as well as a single clothing rod, perfect for hanging apparel.
On the contrary, a mudroom with scatters everywhere and some wet coats hanging untidily on the wall. This is an especially valuable option for those whose climates have a lot of rainfall, snow and mud.
If you have a question about our tactical gear lockers or police wardrobe locker products, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083.
In addition, there is a 16 gauge solid steel shelf mounted above the hooks and rod for storing gear and other items.
Entering the house through the room in this look will really bring the first impression to the lowest one. These wet elements could cause a house to become very dirty, which is why the use of mudroom storage lockers will help. The lockers are ventilated and equipped with data ports and electrical power to charge any equipment that needs to be ready to go when you are. The ventilation helps to dry wet gear and ensure that items stay protected for a long life. If you have a question about our law enforcement tactical gear storage lockers, please call us toll free at 1-800-803-1083 or contact us.
Spacesaver® Freestyle™ Police Uniform and Gear Lockers solves the space problem while providing for the storage needs of today’s law enforcement officers.

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