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You can move locally or long distance, but moving containers are more affordably suited to local moves of small houses or apartments. There’s no question that PODS is the leader - and self-proclaimed founder - of the “you pack, they drive” moving options. The major differences between 1-800-PACK-RAT and PODS are the type of container and the size of the company. ReloCubes ® are a little different from the others in the portable storage containers category. Each company has its own positives and negatives, but there are some tips that are universal when renting portable storage containers. The first month of storage is factored into the price for most companies, so you can feel free to take your time loading, getting the driver, and unloading. This means that you must find out if it’s legal to park the container on the street, and for how long.
PODS did overall fine, my only gripe would be they weren't able to drop my POD on the date I really needed it.
I booked PakRat for my transportation need given that I needed both moving and storage services.
These dollies come as a pair with one going on each end of an upright piano, straps then secure the piano to the dollies, the dollies will then raise up to move the piano to your desired location.  This dolly can not be used to lift the piano in any way, it is strictly for rolling horizontally.
One of the things that we have been considering is what to do with all of our worldly possessions while we are out sailing the world. It looks like PODS works purely by the month…no breaks on longer term storage (though the operator that I talked to implied that something could perhaps be worked out if we knew we’d be storing our belongings for several years). Renting their largest storage container, sized 8ft x 16ft x 8 ft, runs about $2,400 per year. I also looked at a climate controlled unit at a standard self-storage facility located near our house. Right now, the self-storage option seems more attractive but we will keep looking at this as we make our plans. Description: PODS Storage Directory of Pod Storage, Pods Storage, Pods Storage Units, Storage Pods, Storage Delivered and Storage Containers for Rent or Lease. One feature on his newly constructed pod is a sliding door, which Berkowitz (right inside the pod) says is one of his favorites things about the tiny room. Earlier this year Berkowitz was living in a noisy apartment at street level and really wanted a quieter place to sleep, so he 'thought of making something like a Japanese capsule hotel'. But that’s mostly because you need to rent out more than one container for larger homes, which raises the fee. These companies offer storage either on your property (you keep the container locked up in your driveway, for example) or at one of the company’s facilities.
But you are limited and there are no supply rentals, which means you are on your own when it comes to getting hand trucks and furniture blankets, unless you want to buy them. The "Portable On-Demand Self-Storage" units, known as PODS containers which are 7, 12, or 16-feet long, have a reputation for being durable. For all we know, the two companies have the same number of facilities, but PODS seem to be more spread out, which means that you are more likely to have a facility near you. We've learned the ins and outs from booking to drop off, from storage to delivery, so take notes and you'll be prepared when you rent your next portable storage unit. As a result, they have more rentals available, so you have more access to them when you need them. Once you pass that first month, however, you are going to have to pay a monthly fee for storage. You should check with the local city hall for details on parking containers in your town (both where you’re living now and where you’re moving to). I compared several options and PakRat had the best size container and pricing for my job, which was a four bedroom house moving out of state. Amazing; Delivered on time by a super friendly driver, picked up and delivered to Salt Lake City in far less time than they estimated.

Learn more › Rentable Storage UnitsHomepage › Rentable Storage Units Need a coop?We have lots of options!
We plan to rent out our house but that means we will have to have some place else to store our furniture, electronics, books, etc. PODS, for the uninitiated, is a service that will bring a large storage container to your premises which you can load at your leisure. You pay a slightly higher rent the first month to cover the delivery and pickup cost (likewise on the back end when you get your items back). Given the list of items we are planning on keeping, I think we may need more than one of these pods, but we may be able to use a smaller second pod. The closest equivalent unit I could find was a 10 ft x 15 ft x 8 ft unit that will run about $1,600 per year. The door (left) slides open A The apartment where Berkowitz built his pod is not only allowing him to pay affordable rent, but it's also located up the street from the beach.A He pays $400 per month for actual rent and $108 per month over the course of a year to cover the full cost of construction.
These newcomers have revolutionized the process by allowing people an easy, convenient way to pack, store, and move their stuff.
Some people use the storage containers to store their stuff while completing a renovation project. In other words, you are better off seeking out supplies elsewhere, where they are gentler on your wallet. This matters because a driver can drop off and pick up moving containers at your place more easily and at a lower cost, which benefits your bottom line. Unlike its competitors, ReloCubes come in one size, are offered for long-distance moves, and cannot be loaded or unloaded at the client’s convenience. On the other hand, you’ll pay more than you would with a rental truck for a long-distance move of a larger home, but then again you don’t have to drive. While it’s true that you can take all the time you need to load, have your stuff moved, and unload, you maximize the value of the service by doing it all within one month’s time. For example, in Seattle you need to get a permit that will allow you to leave the container on the street for 120 days. Their driver Sandy Maurice Wall was right on time, and a truly marvelous representative of Pack Rat. Learn more › For the kidsA playground of their dreams Learn more › Poly-Vinyl Furniture20-year warranty. We will be judicious about what we keep but we don’t want to have to repurchase an entire household worth of furniture once the sailing part of our adventure is over. Once it’s loaded, they will come pick up the container and store it at one of their regional climate controlled storage centers (turns out there’s one about 12 miles from us) for as long as you want it stored. PODS also offers a $5000 insurance policy for your items at an additional charge but given that our bedroom set alone will exceed that limit, I don’t think we’ll take them up on it.
They also have larger units available, meaning that we have a higher likelihood of getting away with just one unit whereas we may have to get two PODS to accommodate all of our stuff. We’re already pretty sure we’ll sell my 12-year old Honda Accord, but we may want to keep Cindy’s van since it’s only three years old and for all we know we may be back sooner than planned.
Clients reserve a date for the delivery of a shipping container (or two for larger homes), and then they pack up their stuff - on their own or with hired help - at their convenience.
Of course, you pay for the moving container rental by the month, so the more months you keep them, the more money you will spend.
Still, the extra costs associated with moving container rental might just be worth it if you don’t want to make like a truck driver. If you go with 1-800-PACK-RAT, there’s a good chance that someone will have to drive a longer distance to drop off and pick up your moving containers, and you’ll have to pay for that.
If you need to store your stuff for long periods of time (especially if you can and prefer storing it on your own property), these are really a fantastic option. Simply by asking to make sure you’re getting all the discounts which you are eligible can help you pay less. Keep in mind that you’ll have to pay any parking violations incurred by the container while in your possession for loading and unloading.

Another option is to rent a truck and shuttle your belongings to a portable storage container warehouse where you can unload them into a container, but at that point, a lot of the convenience has been lost unfortunately.
My only comment would be the container we received this last time was a little more rusted and warn than the other two.
We’re both pretty insistent on using a climate controlled storage facility since going through large swings in temperature will age our stuff much more quickly. When you’re ready to get your stuff back, they will deliver the pod back to you and pick up the empty container when you’re done.
It will mean having to haul all of our stuff from our house to the facility ourselves and we will probably have to figure in the cost of a U-Haul truck since my small pickup wouldn’t be able to carry much per trip. No real great ideas yet on what to do there yet but we’re working on it and will let y’all know what we come up with. People with the extra space wanting to bring in more money by subletting, people looking for cheap and simple housing, or people wanting to add another bedroom so their friend can move in, could all benefit,' Berkowitz wrote.A Berkowitz, whose work has appeared in The New Yorker and De Correspondent, told NBC News that his idea for the pod came from several sources. Prices range from just under $500 for a local move (with the largest container) to more than $5,000 for a long-distance move (with two of the largest containers). Finally, a lightweight steel, roll-up door is designed to make it easy to open and close, according to the company’s Web site.
And ABF has lots of experience - more than PODS or 1-800-PACK-RAT - hauling delicate stuff a lengthy distance. Weekends, for example, might need to be secured a year ahead of time, according to a PODS representative.
Most moving container companies will inform you of your city’s regulations for parking containers at the time of booking as well. Learn more › Tired of all the hidden costs?With our simple pricing you are sure to love our affordable storageJim’s Amish Structures is located just north of Lansing and now offers affordable self storage. This past week I’ve been looking at some alternatives (never too early to start planning!). Finally, you call the container company to send a driver, who will drive a truck out, pick up the container, and bring your stuff to a storage facility or your spiffy new address.
In the rest of this guide, you can see average prices for each type of move, as well as get a quick intro to the companies who offer these moving services, learn the best tips for making a portable storage container move successful, and figure out what size container you might need using our container size guide. But PODS is also among the most expensive ways to hack a move, especially if you’re hauling a larger home a long distance.
1-800-PACK-RAT’s containers are made entirely of steel, which makes them seem like the toughest containers around. If you need to move unexpectedly or within a quick time frame, then these containers might not be right for you, but check first. As a kind gesture, you should also inform your neighbors that this big boy is going to be visiting for a while.
And the company’s partnership with Lowe’s® means you can snag discounts on all sorts of stuff you might need as you move into a new home.
Plus, they seem to have their operation nailed down more than some of the competition, and they get some of the highest customer reviews.
Also, you can talk to a customer representative via phone about ways to lower your bill before committing to 1-800-PACK-RAT. You can keep the moving containers for packing, unpacking, and storage for as long as you want, and someone else schleps them to your destination. You really call the shots when it comes to scheduling, at least once you get a hold of your moving container.
However, in the high season, you might have a difficult time getting access to the containers you need in the first place, and scheduling can become a challenge. On the bright side, PODS has more facilities across the country than 1-800-PACK-RAT, which gives consumers in most regions a better shot at getting what they need when they need it.

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