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So, we got started creating the Manhattan Beach Los Angeles wine cabinet in October.  But long before we got started we met with the homeowners to discuss the refrigeration options, take some field measurements, and learn how he wanted to manage, display, and store his collection. To make it easy to access the bottles where the fixed walls and fixed glass window were in place, we used label forward displays and some open bin storage much like the diamond bin we just looked at there.
Our Barolo style glass doors include dual pane glass, weather stripping, and concealed door bottoms to ensure the wine cellar remains air tight.  There are lots of finishes to choose from and lots of options. Our client selected our Chestnut finish that contrasted nicely with our Premium Redwood wine racks. To cool the wine cellar, you can see this louvered grill cover area right here behind the fixed glass window.  We utilized a split wine cellar refrigeration system.
The evaporator is concealed behind that redwood grill cover and the condenser was placed in the garage.  These condensers of this wine cellar refrigeration system can also be placed outdoors and they include exterior housing to protect them from the elements.
Our client was so pleased with our customer service, project management, and our craftsmanship.  He took the time to share his story at Yelp San Juan Capistrano and the design site known as Houzz. These days, wine enthusiasts and collectors have a lot of options for their custom wine cellar. Wine collectors tend to prefer materials which are durable, reasonably priced, and will not likely harm their wine collection.
Have your wine cellar built by a trusted wine cellar construction company, Coastal Custom Wine Cellars! Traditional custom wine rooms are wine storage spaces usually found underground, at the basement areas of houses, or in an extra room or garage.
These kinds of wood also favorably thrive in the cool and mold-inducing environment of the wine cellar.
The whole wine cellar can become a part of the wall design or a piece of artwork in one corner of the living area or kitchen. Commercial custom wine cellars Los Angeles, California are mostly built with a contemporary design to attract customers in hotels, restaurants, bars, and wine stores. When building a California custom wine cellar, one has to have a concept or preference in mind. If your home is made of wood, classic in design, and the fixtures are made of wood or other “soft” materials, it is better to consider the traditional residential wine cellar for a more seamless and blended overlook look.
However, if your home is made of glass, steel, and the like, a contemporary wine cellar will look better against the modern spread.
Choosing the opposite can probably work as long as the incorporation of the wine cellar in the home is tastefully done and would somehow complement the rest of the home.
Whichever type of wine cellar you choose, it is prudent to ensure that the design is what you really want; one that you will not tear apart later on or plan to renovate after a year. Choose a design that you will stick to for a long time so as not to waste money, time, and effort. Do thorough research to create a functional and appealing resting place for your collection. Wine Cellars by Coastal is a California wine cellar designer and builder with more than 11 years of experience. This is the easiest and the most common way of installing a cooling unit into a custom wine cellar in California.
The second way of installing a self-contained cooling system is by ducting the unit into the wine cellar. It is important to keep in mind that, though most self-contained ducted refrigeration systems are configured for ducting, but there are some self-contained systems that can perform well, whether you choose to have them ducted or not. In this kind of installation, the split cooling unit is taken outside and ducted into the wine cellar. Designers have thought of space-saving ideas for wine collectors who have limited space in their homes as more and more are beginning to be initiated in the world of wine. Wood is durable, easy to work with and obtain, flexible, easily matches any decor, and adds elegance to your space. Wooden wine racks can be stained according to your person taste.
There are semi-custom wooden wine rack kits offered by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars California, allowing you to create a semi-custom wine cellar. Metal wine racks help you achieve a contemporary look in your wine storage space and stunning wine storage displays. Racks made of wrought iron are very stylish and creates a classic ambiance in your wine storage space.
Each style has its own advantages, so it’s best to have knowledge of them before purchasing one.
For quality and reliability of your custom wine rack, contact Wine Cellars by Coastal at (888) 735-8889.

Coastal wood wine rack displays are handcrafted by skilled craftsmen, using only the best wood varieties in wine rack construction, such as Northwestern Pine, Premium Redwood, and Malaysian Mahogany.  To help accentuate the natural beauty of the wood product and enhance its aesthetic quality, a range of wood stain options are available, including Rustic, Chappo, Cherry, and Chestnut. Curved corner display wooden wine racks are specifically built to provide a smooth transition between walls.  It also comes with a display row where wine aficionados can present their favorite wine bottles.
This display rack features a true radius curve that offers a continuous appearance and also adds to the structural integrity of the frame.  Check out these curved corner display wooden wine racks we installed for a wine cellar project. Wine racks can be used for commercial or residential purposes such as building custom wine cellars.  Some of the most popular wine racking styles are tabletop wine racks, wall mounted racks, stackable wine racks, Cube box wine racks, rectangular bins, island racks, and quarter round displays. Many wine collectors and wine retail business owners choose custom wine racks Los Angeles because of their flexibility. Some metal wine racks are stand alone units used to display only a few bottles of wine, while others are mounted on one side of the wall and covered with glass panels or doors. Metal wine racks are sleek and versatile in design. They fit both modern and traditional homes. The wine collector can even place different bottles from one region in one metal wine rack or place all white wines in one rack and all reds in another depending on one’s preference or fancy at the moment. Metal wine racks have naturally cool surfaces which help the bottles maintain their cool temperature to preserve the quality of the wine.
The metal wine rack is one option to display one’s special bottles for others to see and admire. Wine aficionados love to stock up on their favorite vintages not only for personal enjoyment, but also to protect the value of their wine selection.  For most wine collectors, a wine cellar is the ideal storage place because it has the right climate conditions for preserving the taste and flavor of wines for a long period of time.
If the wine cellar also functions as an entertainment area, adding antique furniture and decorative pieces can lend a whimsical appeal to the storage space.  Installing chandelier lighting not only highlights the architectural structure, but also enhances the visual appeal of vintage wine cellars. Certainly there are other ways to store wines in diamond bins and rectangular bins, wood case storage racks, and lots of horizontal displays.  For the most part, single bottle storage wine racks dominate the wine cellar. You have to be careful, though, because some manufacturers out there who don’t offer this universal option.  If you’re not careful, you may find that some of your collection may or may not fit into that actual opening. Hope this helps you understand a little bit about the different sizes that are available in the market place and how Coastal Custom Wine Cellar and Wine Racks likes to offer their wine storage solutions and other options.  Thanks for stopping by.  Cheers! Since 1999, we’ve proudly served all of Southern California including Orange Country, Riverside County, San Diego, and Los Angeles.
Our steel GII® Overhead Racks are rust resistant, height adjustable, available in multiple sizes, and come with a Lifetime Warranty. Our affordable grid and storage accessories allow for neat and easy organization of tools, sporting goods and just about anything else. There are wine cellar owners who prefer to have a classic or traditional looking wine storage room, while a rising number of wine collectors who choose to have a more contemporary or modern ambiance for theirs. Generally, there are two types of wine cellar that one can choose from: traditional and contemporary. Hard woods are often used as walls, but insulators are placed to prevent heat from the environment from entering the wine cellar.
They are also easy to stain and are able to maintain its classic feel and look that add to the charm of the wine cellar.
Most of the contemporary wine cellar designs are minimalist ones as these are intended to be sleek, uncluttered space-savers.
One of the factors to consider is the current design of the home where the custom cellar will be built. One wouldn’t want the wine cellar to stick out like a sore thumb against the classic furniture. But for some wine collectors, they may want a contemporary wine cellar inside a traditional home or a traditional wine cellar inside a modern home. Although these days there are a lot of reasonably priced materials for you to be able to have your dream wine cellar, one has to search the internet for possible options. They design and build wine storage structures for residences, commercial spaces, and wine cellar dealers. A refrigeration unit makes sure that the inside of a wine cellar has the temperature and humidity ideal for wine storage.
Basically, the self-contained refrigeration system is mounted through the wall of the wine storage room.
Therefore, it really depends on what model or brand of wine cellar cooling unit you purchase, whether you have the option of ducting the cool air into the wine storage room, or ducting the hot air away, or are able to do both. In this configuration, you can have the noisy part (condenser) outside of the custom wine cellar.

In this configuration, you get all the benefits of a quiet cellar and a spacious storage room. They hold and display one’s bottles in many ways. As a wine collector, your main goal is to preserve wine until it has reached its full potential. They can be placed inside a California wine cellar or in any vacant spot in your home (in the living room, family room, kitchen, or on the wall). Included in their kits is the wine rack with a table top, a favorite of many wine cellar owners. Durability and versatility are the characteristics that make wrought iron one of the favorite materials in wine rack construction. Wine rack styles include free-standing, stackable, countertop, wine rack with stemware storage, and wall mounted wine racks. You also have to determine the size of your collection or how many bottles you intended to store for a long time, the size of your wine bottles, the location where the rack will be placed, your budget, and of course, the look that you want in your wine storage space. No matter what the design is, there seem to be several advantages for which wine collectors from different parts of the world, including Los Angeles, California prefer metal wine racks over traditional wood wine racking solutions. One can even choose a design to accommodate 6 to 8 bottles and scatter the metal wine racks in different parts of the house. This will serve as both collection and decoration pieces. The metal adds contrast to the wine bottles which are made of glass. They can sit noticeably in any area of the house as they contrast with most homefurnishings. It is only one kind of wine storage system the collector can opt for. It would be a matter of choice for the collector. In California, there were several wine cellar projects constructed by Coastal Custom Wine Cellars.
Our professional and courteous staff is trained in offering the highest quality of service and satisfaction to our customers. Let one of our designers come to your home and give you a FREE in home estimate on the spot. Dan was very professional installing our new cabinets, overhead racks and epoxy floor and it was done quickly and on time.
Traditional wine cellars often boast of old fashioned and classic designs and fixtures, both in the interior and exterior areas.
The wall insulators also aid the wine cellar refrigeration systems in maintaining the cool temperature inside the wine cellar.
Redwood and pine wood are the commonly used as these are proven to be durable and long lasting. It is best to have a licensed technician install a custom wine cellar refrigeration system.
They allow easy viewing of wine labels and are adjustable, making them ideal to be placed even in small corners of your house.
Wall-mounted wine racks (designed for direct installation to the walls) are ideal when space is sparse.
Some store them in wine coolers or refrigerators, or metal wine racks depending on the size of their collection and personal preference. Metal wine racks are used in the construction of both residential and commercial contemporary custom wine cellars. They will custom design a solution for your storage needs with our design program while you wait. We utilize cutting edge equipment and industrial grade materials to create a garage that is sleek, functional, and durable.
Although having an HVAC professional is still the best option, you can choose to do it yourself.
You may fit inlet and outlet grills into the cellar for ducting in place of the bulky unit. When combined with our fantastic customer service and our 15+ years of experience, our process is tough to beat! 2 of these methods are for self-contained cellar cooling units while 2 are for split system cellar refrigeration units. The disadvantage is that self-contained units are usually quite noisy, because the unit’s evaporator and condenser are together in this setup.

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