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Whole day minimum ATV rental price is for 8 hours.  In park guests receive $25 off ATV rental price per day. Our ATV Rentals have lots of leg and head room and enough storage and cargo space to accommodate coolers and gear as needed. The Sachtler Dolly S Wheels provide smooth and stable dolly action for all 100 and 150mm tripods.
Sachtler 5390 ENG 2 CF HD Carbon Fiber Tripod with Sachtler Video 20 (v20) Fluid Head The Sachtler ENG 2 CF is extremely stable and has a maximum load of 95 kg.
The Sachtler 4188 two stage aluminum tripod is targeted for ultralight DV camcorders with its proven Touch & Go system enabling fast changeovers from the tripod to the shoulder within a matter of seconds.
The Sachtler Video 60 Plus Studio Fluid Head is extremely lightweight for an EFP fluid head.
The Vinten Osprey Elite Pedestal is extremely versatile, designed to support the latest range of digital, portable and full facility cameras for both studio and OB productions. Designed and developed in the UK, the Vinten Vector 75 retains that familiar Vector feel whilst incorporating a range of features which address the pressures of today’s fast paced and cost conscious production company, without compromising any aspect of camera control. The VISION 250 pan & tilt head is designed to support the latest portable digital camera combinations used in Studio and Outside Broadcast production. Inflatable Projection Dome is a fancy inflatable made with a double air chamber system to permit us to create a very smooth silver display screen floor within the Dome. Temporary inflatable tents are very easy to install because of their one piece construction that requires no assembling.

Temporary inflatable tents are available in a wide range of bright colors and special designs. Apart from being an ideal option for many different outdoor and indoor events to promote some products or services, these tents can also be used for many other occasions.
With features like innovative construction, easy assembly, sufficient floor and headroom area, unique anchoring system, durable materials, ergonomic color scheme and adaptability for different uses make them an ideal choice for lots of events. Features fast-action foot-operated brakes, adjustable cable guards and is fitted with track locks to provide tricycle steering. The drive is encased in a rugged protective housing designed to withstand repeated use in the field. The KiStor Solid State Storage Module (SSD) is recommended for mobile environments where shock-proof sturdiness may be needed.
The dual extractible carbon fiber tripod with the Sachtler quick clamping system is comfortable to use, extremely reliable and robust. It easily supports weights up to 145 lb. The Video 60 Plus displays an 18 step counterbalance which can be adjusted easily and safely in 9 stages with the well known Sachtler dial. For this reason, they are widely used in different exhibitions, sports events, entertainment and celebrations. We have been serving as industry leader when it comes to the development of the most advanced and quality inflatable sports domes. Ideal for road shows, product launches and promotional campaigns, temporary inflatable tents can be developed in a wide range of sizes and styling.

Inflatable tents are air filled and powered by operating electric fan that is placed at the bottom and requires 110V to 220V electricity.
Temporary inflatable tents can be set as an emergency hospitals, disaster sites and casualty stations with a waiting, decontamination and control room.
There are endless Arizona desert and mountain trails to choose from and unlimited riding right outside our front door.  No need to trailer the ATVs, as you can ride your ATV right out of River Breeze RV Resort! You load your trailer at your convenience and we will come and pick up the trailer and deliver it to your destination. If you are looking for a solution for your different advertising needs, you can make the most of different colors and designs that you find near to your products texture and features.
You must be 21 years or older with a valid driver’s license, current insurance and credit card to drive one of our Desert Rides ATV rentals, and the driver must be sober at all times…it’s the law. This is an upgrade from the dual-core 2.6GHz Celeron processor that powers the four-bay TS-470.
Our experienced team can take your design or help you design your solution from concept to completion. For this reason, they are widely used in different exhibitions, sports events, entertainment and celebrations.

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