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Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. To gain access to this Brotherhood of Steel Quest, players must first complete the Main Quest: Reunions, and also become a member of the Brotherhood of Steel faction.
This guide will help you take the necessary steps to complete the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel. The Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel becomes available upon completion of Act I. At the end of the Main Quest: Reunions, players will emerge from Fort Hagen to discover a massive airship flying overhead.
Once Paladin Danse leaves, you will have the opportunity to briefly discuss several topics with Lancer-Captain Kells. After speaking with Lancer-Captain Kells, head to the Prydwen Command Deck through the doorway beside the Brotherhood Knight. When Elder Maxson is finished with his address, speak with Maxson and he will promote you to the rank of Knight, regardless of your previous ranking. Locate this container in the lounge area above the Main Deck to fulfill the Miscellaneous Quest.
After speaking with Elder Maxson, you are free to roam about the Prydwen to familiarize yourself with the airship. On the Main Deck, pass through the corridor to the dining area and speak with Paladin Danse. Continue on to the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Tour of Duty, or return to USGamer's Fallout 4 Walkthrough and Guide.
Forget Tiny Tower and SimTower—if you like witty writing, building management, post-apocalyptic wastelands, and watching your entire female population waddle around in giant yellow pregnancy sweaters, this is the game for you. This was always one of my primo tricks in Sim Tower, and it carries over to just about any other building strategy game: Even if you don't have rooms you can build yet, start planning where you'll place rooms and floors early on. First, each floor has room for two elevator shafts, with one already pre-built for you; though you can add more, I recommend against it. You build rooms in the game in one-room segments, but don't let those tiny rooms fool you—you can build up to two more copies of that room next to it to combine that section of the floor into one giant area. Accounting for an elevator at the very end of the -1 floor, you can build one three-room area, the elevator, a three-room area, two-room area, and another elevator.
I like to start by putting a one-room power plant on the left side of the pre-built elevator at floor -1, and one water-treatment plant on the right side.
On the top floor, you'll be stuck with a one-room living area next to a one-room cafeteria at first; I recommending building as-is, then demolishing that first floor and rebuilding once you have a bit more depth to your tower. Unlike some other sims, Fallout Shelter doesn't punish you for putting your power next to your water or food, so feel free to line up rooms next to each other however you like.
Speaking of attuning your dwellers to their perfect vault jobs, let's talk a little bit about what makes your sims tick.
When you first meet your dwellers, most of their SPECIAL skills will be non-existant (though you'll have opportunities to train those up later). You may also want to know how your dwellers are feeling: Their happiness contributes to the overall health of your post-apocalyptic sanctuary, and unhappy dwellers mean an overall decrease in your vault's production. When it comes to your dweller's health, you want to try and keep it at full whenever possible. If you see red creeping into your dweller's health bars, they've been exposed to some nasty post-apocalyptic radiation!
As I mentioned in tip #1, you can chain up to three copies of the same room to create a bigger, better workspace for your dwellers. This means that you make more of that room's output with every work cycle, and you can store more of it, too. I highly recommend building (and upgrading) single, three-room instances of your necessities over building a single-room power station here and there every time you start running low—not only will it save you CAPS and give you a place to group your dwellers, but it also makes it easy to collect your resources if all those rooms are built in the same basic region. It's tempting to have your dwellers immediately start making babies after you get your basic resource centers up online—after all, you need workers, and new dwellers don't just wander up to the vault (at least, not without a radio station to entice them).
If you suddenly have an influx of babies and no means to support them with food or water, your dwellers will quickly lose health (from lack of food) and get radiation poisoning (from crummy water).
Your dwellers are happier when they're doing the job they're attuned to—if you match a dweller's SPECIAL stats to their life's work, you'll have a vault full of happy dwellers. This is pretty easy to do in the initial stages of the game, but once you get more than 15 dwellers, it's hard to remember who does what or is working where.
If you want to swap dwellers old-school and drag your sim from one room into another, you'll see a number when you hover them over that room. If you see a plus or minus before the number, it means that your room is full, and the dweller you're moving in will swap places with the lowest-level dweller currently in that room; the plus or minus indicates how much extra (or less) your new dweller will contribute to that room. Later on in the game, you'll have the opportunity to build rooms that help train your dwellers' SPECIAL stats; until then, your dwellers are stuck with the SPECIAL stats they were born with. As in today's non-post-apocalyptic society, men and women have different outfits available to them. To equip a dweller with a new outfit, just select them, then tap on the outfit icon in the info pane; you'll then be able to see every outfit that they can wear. Outfits can increase your stats by +1 to +5; extra-special and rare outfits will increase multiple stats. Raiders are the worst: Always barging in with knives and guns, stealing your resources, killing your dwellers. I've found that raiders also come less frequently after they have to deal with an upgraded vault door and angry gun-toting dwellers a few times; invest early, and you won't have to take care of raiders later in the game. Though you can technically station two dwellers on "guard duty" in the vault entrance room, this is a waste of dweller manpower. When raiders attack, all you have to do is move two of those gun-toting dwellers into the vault entrance; chances are, they'll take out the raiders before they even make it to the next room.

Living in the post-apocalyptic future has its downsides: Even in the safety of your Vault, you'll have to deal with invading raiders, frequent fires, and pesky Radbugs.
If you find yourself with a fire in a room with no dwellers, or a Radbug infestation when none of your dwellers have guns, don't panic: Just borrow dwellers from other rooms by dragging them and dropping them onto the room in question. The Wasteland may be a vicious place, but you can find fabulous items, CAPS, and lots of level experience for dwellers brave enough to make the trek. Dwellers with high levels and SPECIAL stats—specifically endurance and luck—will do better than level 1 dwellers with no particular knacks.
You'll also want to make sure you equip your dwellers with stimpacks and Radaways — this allows them to stay out in the wilderness longer without succumbing to radiation or evil attackers and dying.
This is also important because the longer your dweller explores the wilderness, the better loot they bring home at the end of their journey.
While your dweller is out there, they'll write an abbreviated adventure log so that you can follow along with their travels.
Your dweller will take half as long to return to the vault as they did to explore; if you send them out for ten hours, for example, they'll take an additional five hours to return. When your dweller returns, you can collect their loot by tapping the Collect button; make sure you heal them up with stimpaks and Radaways before letting them back into the vault.
The Storage Room is a possible addition for the north wing of a homestead built in The Elder Scrolls V: Hearthfire.
The Storage room is a rectangular room that serves as a dedicated place where various items can be displayed and stored. Like the Armory and Bedrooms, an outdoor wooden porch is added that can be accessed from the second floor.
These are the total amount of Septims and totals are needed in other to get the crafted Housebuilding Items and the purely bought ones. All trademarks and registered trademarks present in the image are proprietary to Bethesda Softworks.The use of images to illustrate articles concerning the subject of the images in question is believed to qualify as fair use under United States copyright law, as such display does not significantly impede the right of the copyright holder to sell the copyrighted material and is not being used to generate profit in this context. Go to our Fallout Shelter forums to talk about the game, or visit our other forums to chat to gamers. These are not usually tested by us (because there are so many), so please use them at your own risk.
While Bethesda thrilled the gaming world with more looks at Fallout 4 during its pre-E3 press event, the treat for mobile gamers was unquestionably this free-to-play iOS game that looks at Vault life through the lens of the art style seen in the Fallout series’ propaganda elements.
For instructions on how to join this faction, check out our guide on how to join the Brotherhood of Steel faction before continuing with this quest walkthrough. If you have already been inducted as a member into the Brotherhood of Steel, you will now be prompted to begin the Shadow of Steel quest. If your Charisma rank is high enough, you can attempt to pry Kells for details about their mission.
Maxson also has arranged to give you a new suit of Power Armor, which you can find in Power Armor Station 03 on the main deck of the Prydwen. Before speaking with Danse, you have the option to open your personal storage container to fulfill a Miscellaneous Quest. After a brief discussion about Maxson, Paladin Danse will become available as a Companion option. This is highly recommended, and one of the best ways to get a balanced, bustling population early. This way, when I build out, I can build a full three-room power plant and three-room water treatment plant.
I will say, however, that I find it easiest to group all the asset-collection rooms (water, food, power, medical supplies), because it makes tapping-to-collect that much simpler.
It'll help you better assign your people to their post-apocalyptic vault jobs, and allow your adventuring dwellers to take the edge off Wasteland radiation.
In Fallout Shelter, your dwellers' skills are divided up into a rubric called SPECIAL: Strength, Perception, Endurance, Charisma, and Intelligence. Dwellers will (slowly) heal on their own, but treating their injuries with stimpacks is a great way to boost their (and your vault's) overall happiness.
Get them a Radaway, stat—and if you don't have any, start making some in the Science Lab or open up a Lunchbox or two.
To make that room even more efficient, you can select the room and tap the upgrade arrow in the upper right corner: For a CAPS fee, you can add both production and storage. But I advise holding off until you've built at least one fully-upgraded three-room copy of each resource center. First, pregnant women can work, but they can't defend the vault—they'll flee from raiders to protect their baby. Tap on a dweller (or an empty dweller slot on the room's clipboard) to directly compare them with every other dweller in your vault.
A straight number means that you have space in that room, and your dweller contributes that much to the room's primary stat. You can get fancy outfits from Lunchboxes or from exploring in the Wasteland; occasionally, incoming dwellers will wear something fancy that you can then repurpose, as well. There are quite a few unisex options, but there are also certain male- or female-specific clothes floating about. Until you get adequate weapons to properly fight against them, you can upgrade your vault door—just like any other room—to make it less susceptible to invading raiders.
Instead, take the weapons you've gotten from Lunchboxes or fact-finding expeditions in the wasteland and give them to your dwellers working on the top level of your vault.
And if they do, equipping the rest of your top-level dwellers with weapons ensures that they'll be gone soon after that. Well-placed dwellers with weapons can handle raiders and radbugs, while anyone (save for pregnant women and children) can take care of a vault fire. They'll come in, fix the problem, and once it's solved, return to their original assignment. You can augment this, too, by sending your anointed dweller(s) out with your best weapons and outfits. My best dweller stayed out a full 18 hours collecting outfits, guns, CAPS, and experience—but he was only able to do this because I sent him out with 5 Radaways and stimpaks a piece. These are hilarious and definitely worth reading; you can view your dwellers' notes by tapping anywhere outside the vault, or by selecting them from your master dweller list in the upper left corner of the screen.

Especially any radiation damage—if you let an irradiated person walk around your vault, they will quickly infect the entire population. The porch features various seating furnishings and can also be connected to the Bedroom and Armory porches, if they have been built.
Furnishings can be built manually at the indoor Carpenter's Workbench or added over a period time if done via a Steward.
The name of the furnishing option does not always accurately describe what will be added, as in some cases additional containers and accessories may be added, along with the main piece of furniture. Since no SPECIAL stat is needed for this room, it can also act as a temporary holding cell for new dwellers or when you're interchanging dwellers between rooms.
Bring up your Pip-Boy and tune into Military Frequency AF95 within the Radio tab to listen to the transmission.
Get situated behind the minigun turret and prepare for a nice trip overlooking the Commonwealth. After some brief dialogue between Danse and Kells, Danse will be dismissed to wait for further instructions. As you enter the room, Elder Maxson will begin to give an inspiring speech to several Brotherhood members.
Take the ladder to the Main Deck, and head up one of the two staircases ahead that lead to the lounge area. Choose whether or not to bring along Danse as your Companion to conclude the Brotherhood of Steel Quest: Shadow of Steel.
And if you, like I, have fallen deep into its vault, here are some of my very best tips for making the most of your time there. Here's where you can put people to keep their happiness high, get those daily happiness bonuses, and best run your vault. You can even tap any of the headers—"DWELLER," "LVL," or "SPECIAL"—to organize your vault's dwellers alphabetically, by level, or by individual SPECIAL stats. They'll make it in eventually, but it gives you time to move dwellers into the vault entryway to properly fight them, and you'll be better off.
During the flight, you are free to open fire on anything down below, including Raider encampments. There’s quite a bit of information in his speech regarding the Brotherhood’s current purpose and objective. Locate your personal storage container at the foot of one of the beds on the right, and access its contents to complete the Miscellaneous Quest. Children, once born, also take about three hours to hatch into full-blown adults; they can't work, be placed in rooms, or be anything resembling productive until they grow up. Bars for each resource appear at the top of your screen, giving you a look at how much of each resource you currently have on hand, as well as a line that shows you what quantities you need to have to keep everything in tip-top condition. If you have to make a choice between them, Power is more important than the other two, as rooms will simply shut down without it. At their base levels, each room can be staffed with two Dwellers, and they operate more efficiently if the Dwellers assigned there are high in a specific attribute (Power Generator = Strength, Diner = Agility and Water Treatment = Perception).
Simply tap and hold on a Dweller and then drag him or her to the desired room to give them a work assignment. Rooms will have a green border and display an icon when you need to tap on them to collect their resources. If you fail, a disaster will occur in the room and reset the timer, which could put you even further behind the 8-ball.
Rush attempts too close together carry increased chances for failure, so pick your spots wisely. As mentioned earlier, Dwellers have seven attributes that correspond to the SPECIAL system from the main Fallout games. Tapping on a Dweller brings up his or her status, and tapping on the SPECIAL graph allows you to take a closer look at the stats. Dwellers also have a happiness level that can give you bonuses to production, so keep them happy by making sure their needs are always provided.
Last but not least, Dwellers can be equipped with clothes (that boost one or more attributes) and weapons by tapping on the shirt or fist icons — if you have any on hand.
Existing rooms can also be upgraded by spending Caps, which will increase both their production and storage capacity.
Constructing two of the same type of room in adjacent blocks will cause them to merge together to form one larger room, but only if you’ve upgraded both of them to the same level. New kinds of rooms are unlocked at regular intervals by increasing your vault’s population. Occasionally, new Dwellers will show up outside your Vault, bumping up your total population.
These are usually fires or Radroach infestations, both of which can spread if they aren’t addressed. Dwellers in an affected room will automatically fight the fire or Radroaches (except for pregnant Dwellers, who will seek safety elsewhere) at risk of their own health. If a disaster occurs in an unpopulated room, you’ll have to tap and drag someone over there to take care of it. Raiders can steal your resources and kill your Dwellers, neither of which are desirable outcomes. For that reason, it’s helpful to have the Dweller closest to the Vault Door armed if at all possible.
Sometimes you can score some via Lunchboxes, which you can earn by completing certain achievements or buy for real money via the menu accessed by the radio icon in the lower-right corner.
The other way is to send Dwellers out to explore the Wasteland, which is obviously dangerous but can result in some great rewards.
Simply drag a Dweller to the surface outside the Vault to send them on an exploration run, but don’t forget to equip them with gear, and perhaps some Stimpaks and Radaways, first. By tapping the gear icon in the upper-left corner, you can track what all of your Dwellers are doing, and tapping on the red job button will allow you to see the diaries of any who are out in the Wasteland.

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