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Inspur AS1000 Series storage system provides an outstanding performance with its leading 8Gb all-FC architecture design and characterizes the features of leading reliability, extendibility and manageability, and easy-maintenance. The management program AS SAN Manager of Inspur AS1000 Series storage system provides an visualized graphical user interface. Data volume isolation mapping function can create maximum 64 logical mapping relations and maximum 2,048 volumes (LUN) for Inspur AS1000 series storage systems.
Data snapshot function based on storage system can conduct logical copy in real time for volume created in storage system, and realize data reuse for backup, application testing or development, information analysis or data mining, which allows assistant server to access to the snapshot version of data. As a complete copy, this snapshot volume with high-capacity efficiency can effectively save disk space.
This function is also a preferred option for online data backup and recovery, which can implement rapid data recovery. Data replication function can create a cloned volume (a complete physical copy) for the data volume that is already in the storage system. The process of creating cloned volume with data replication function can flexibly adjust and check various parameters and fully guarantee the access performance of original volumes.
Data remote synchronization is to continuously copy or mirror local data to the remote storage system, which protects data in the form of copy and is also the best storage solution for building remote backup and disaster tolerance.
Data remote synchronization supports many synchronization options, with full flexibility of control, allowing the administrators of storage system to optimize data synchronization.
Data remote synchronization supports synchronization patterns of synchronization, asynchronization; and can dynamically switch in a variety of models. AS1000 series storage system provides advanced data applications, which offers users with greater value of information storage at high-performance and high available hardware platform of AS1000 series. Looking for maximum uptime and a highly reliable platform for your mission critical applications?
Partnering with Parallels & VMware, the industry's most trusted cloud platforms, we have developed a high available cloud infrastructure focusing on redundancy at every point of failure and on performance, to keep business-critical and mission-critical applications up and running.
VMware vSphere, another industry-leading virtualization platform for building true cloud infrastructure with high-availbility and high performance.
Our cloud infrastructure is capable of supporting a full range of Operating Systems widely used in the industry today.
Additional hosting control panels like cPanel and Plesk Panel are also supported on our reliable platform. Tata Jurong Datacenter has the best-in class industry uptime, in-line with Tier-III standards. Our network connectivity is through Tata Tier-1 IP backbone to provide unparalleled reach and connectivity. Our network is protected by industry leading Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) detection and mitigation technology.
Enterprise-class SAS harddisks are used to ensure the highest level of disk performance and durability possible. With our cloud computing on-demand technology, you only pay for the computing power you need. What is NAS (Network Attached Storage) and what is SAN (Storage Area Networks) is perhaps one of the most common tech questions asked on the internet.

The NAS or Network Attached Storage are basically servers with decent storage capabilities on their barest form.
Since they have their own processing capabilities, during transfer of data over the network applications do not have to compete for processor resources and thus are executed more efficiently. The thing about NAS devices is that unlike a server they offer extreme compactness and flexibility at relatively no cost. Ans: SAN or Storage Area Network is possibly the exact opposite yet almost the same thing as NAS.
Unlike a NAS the SAN or Storage Area Network does require existing networking knowledge, they consist of High End Servers, Multiple Disk Arrays and interwoven Fiber Optic connections. Having written for National dailies such as Dawn and the News, I now turn to WCCFTech to fulfill my inner geek and love for all things technology.
Active almighty FC SAN storage system with high cost performance.Based on Inspur flexible design of storage system, Inspur AS400G2 adopts the most popular 8Gb FC technology and SAS technology, which makes up for the vacancies of performance and price between high-end FC disk arrays and low-end SAS disk arrays, achieving a perfect combination between performance and price. Esses Storages assim como os SAN sao os mais indicados para implantacao em projetos de CFTV.
AS1000 Series storage system has a technologically advanced hardware platform to support data snapshot and data replication, as well as support high-end applications on data synchronization at remote location.
With powerful management capability, it achieves the objective of the effective management of storage system, and supports a wide range of data applications. Data synchronization can effectively combine with snapshot functionality, expanding its information mode and value. From our many years of interactions with our hosting customers, we understand their very practical and demanding needs. This ensures agility in your business, where you can scale up or down your computing power to adapt to the changing market conditions and the requirement of your customers.
Customers are advised to subscribe to Dedicated Bandwidth for constant high bandwidth usage. Simply put Nas is a glorified server cum dedicated hard disk given its own IP address in a network.
They come in compact looking box-shaped design, have their own Microprocessor and even Ram. Anyone who has set up a true server setup knows what kind of a heckle it is getting them up and running. Standards for Fibre Channel are specified by the Fibre Channel Physical and Signalling standard, and the ANSI X3.230-1994, which is also ISO 14165-1. It is packed to the brim with features, offers a spanking 45 TB of storage space with speedy access. The crucial point of the matter remains however, whatever your choice, if any, choose intelligently. Like us, tweet to us or +1 us, to keep up with our round the clock updates, reviews, guides and more. AS400G2 provides two types of working manners, single control and dual control, and offers an expandable frame of single-and-dual-IO module, so that the users of different needs are provided with wide range levels of solutions. Diferente do NAS, sao Storages conectados diretamente em computadores PC, Notebooks ou MACs.

Pode-se ainda, utilizar a conexao 10G do padrao Ethernet e melhorar ainda mais esse desempenho. . It can fully exploit the value of information, and effectively enhance business continuity, which is the best choice for building data storage platform in the large-scale information system construction.
This flexibility allows series of hosts with different capacities, different performances and different data protection demands to effectively share a single storage system.
The operation of reading and writing of the cloned volume has no impact on the performanceand data security of the original volume.
They require no Monitor or keyboard or mouse, heck they even come packaged with their own embedded Operating Systems (Most NAS devices can run Windows Server and other Server OS too). You should be, lets just say this, if NAS is the sleek hybrid car, the SAN is the American muscle. Their job is to provide a High-End internal-network storage solution for large to medium sized networks.
If you are still with me, I will delve a little further into the dirty details of ‘what is san’. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available on the Terms and Conditions page. Pode ser 1Gbps, 10Gbps ou atraves da soma das portas disponiveis que variam de equipamento para equipamento (trunking com 2, 4, 6 ou 8 Portas Gigabit. Eles aumentam a capacidade de armazenamento local, melhoram a performance de algumas aplicacoes, fazem backup de dados e podem, atreves de seus hosts (computadores ao qual estao conectados) , compartilhar as informacoes contidas neles. Moreover, data volume isolation function based on the function of storage system achievement has access to data volume in the controller layer, which fully guarantees independency, consistency, and completeness of data storage. It is the best solution for advanced applications in data reuse and data transmission and so on.
In terms of upgradability they offer easy storage expansion options with Tape, disk and even hard disk expansion slots. The SAN has the ability to interact with  Processing Clusters highly efficiently and also interconnect Sub-Networks and Other SANs. It provides all-round services and guarantee for the data security and rapid data expansion of enterprises. As conexoes mais comuns sao USB, Firewire, e-SATA e a mais veloz e que permite recursos extras como expansao de capacidade, volumes muito grandes, recursos extras como Snapshot, espelhamento de volumes, etc, sao os SAS.
Most Network Attached Storage devices come prebuilt with a RAID setup (that’s combining two or more HDDs to create a lightning fast storage medium) reducing the effective bottleneck next to nothing. Uma vez que possui seu sistema operacional proprio, nativamente oferece inumeros recursos que podem ir desde um simples bloqueio de pastas ate complexos algoritimos de deduplicacao de dados.

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