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On occasion, I have been asked whether I prefer a straight or an angled pole when selecting a portable basketball system.
Ed has been an engineer at Lifetime Products since 1993 and has played a large role in developing our basketball systems over the years. Are basketball systems with an angled pole less likely to tip over than ones with a vertical pole? We are excited to announce that the official Lifetime Products app forWindows Phoneis now available from the Marketplace, and it's free for anyone who'd like it! What's more, it's designed to stay up-to-date with our product lines, so as long as you have a data connection, you'll never be taken by surprise. May 5, 2012 was not only Cinco de Mayo but also a big day here at Lifetime Products.More than900 of my fellow Lifetime co-workers and I had the opportunity to give back to our community by participating in Lifetimes 7th Annual Community Service Project.
The Lifetime Children’s Square Folding Table and Stacking Chairs are hitting Costco stores this week!
The table comes in our traditional almond color, and the cute stack chairs are available in blue, green, and almond.
Since I knew this was going to get pretty messy, I didn’t really want to use my wooden kitchen table, so I decided to pull out my trusty 4-Foot Fold-In-Half Lifetime Table. The first lesson I'm going to share is that they are more involved and expensive than you might initially think.
I haven't added the expenses up yet, but I'm guessing my costs will be close to $2,000 to create my wonderful space.
The windows, insulation and barrels for the heat-sink are intended to make the shed a great greenhouse.

Filling these barrels with water, to act as a heat-sink, was the last challenge and frustration in my Growing Greenhouse project. I've been taking photos as we've gone, I just have been overwhelmed with getting the greenhouse ready for planting, and planted, to post pictures.
Stay tuned for an upcoming photo gallery, even a video maybe, of my big adventure with my greenhouse.
This 14×40 Barnstyle Building serves mainly as a physical therapy room with a small office and a partitioned off storage space.
We used some of the rock that was left from building our house (and rock that we dug up in our yard when we built our shed) to build some landscaping beds around the shed.  We planted a few pansies, and a bush, and - voila- we were done! At first glance, an angled pole may appear to have performance or safety advantages, but when looked at from an engineers perspective, some deeper insights can be gained. In today's environment, that means being able to answer your questions about our products no matter where you are -- even on your smartphone.
This year, we helped clean and beautify the Utah State University Botanical Center in Kaysville, Utah. With so many different retailers carrying our products, I wanted to help you wade through the mess.
This is a project that the whole company has rallied around – even employees can’t wait to get their hands on these! My husband not only carves pumpkins, but he is amazing at shaving in faces, and doing all sorts of cool stuff. I'm not only going to learn to grow wonderful vegetables year-round in it, but I'll also be able to share my lessons.

It's bigger than the row I'm working this summer, so theoretically I can grow more veges too. I sat down with one of Lifetimes head engineers to discuss why Lifetime chooses to use straight basketball poles on our systems.
With our new Windows Phone app, you can browse through all of our products and specific models. I find more satisfaction in staying home, eating too much, and watching football, but, to each their own.
I have a series brewing in my head about the development of my greenhouse, from the initial idea to fruition (if you'll enjoy and excuse the pun). Mine is bigger than I initially thought of, but I think it's going to give me more of what I want. Hardie products are rot and termite resistent and don’t need to be painted as often as wood. I went one year with my wife and after I got beat by a bunch of spry and motivated ladies while trying to get some sheets, I decided to retire from Black Fridaying (is that even a word?).

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