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October 15, 2010 by CustomMade Today while chatting at Wood Talk Online, I came across the Panofish Blog.
The next time I need to cut bricks… I’ll get a diamond blade.  It sure took me a long time to cut them with an abrasive disc. In the digital and ever more connected world, there is no good reason to avoid home working. Nevertheless, if you do not have a dedicated place to work from, office tasks can impinge on your home’s primary purpose of providing a place to relax in.
If you don’t have a room that you use as a study or an office it can be tempting to work in your living space.View in galleryAnother option is to convert a spare bedroom. An outbuilding, that has been converted to an office space is usually more preferable, as it creates a bit of distance between work and home.

If you don’t have an outbuilding in your garden, there are plenty of bespoke makers who can design a good garden office space. You will probably also need some form of data connection, or wireless network, that you can draw on.
Not only will extensive glazing provide lots of natural light to work in, but it will prevent you from feeling cooped up in a relatively small work area.
Contemporary designs also include recessed lighting that extends the natural daylight available into the evening.
Korean designers have developed a funky dome outbuilding which can be used in a variety of ways, so long as you don’t mind working in a huge tomato. There are plenty of prefabricated offices that have included a section of decking as part of the design.

If you don’t have a flat plot of land, the increased footprint might mean a decked studio is unsuitable. Prefabricated home offices also work well as artist studios or even as a rehearsal space for musicians.

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