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When you end up with a small bedroom the possibilities of storage and decorating ideas are so limited that the hole idea of a small bedroom scares us from the very top. Try replacing them with shelves, thus optimizing the height of the room and still hold your precious items close to you at night. Just because you've got a small space doesn't mean your child's toys have to be tossed all over the place. Creating storage racks on the wall as small bedroom storage solutions is suitable for you who like art. If you’ve lived in an older house or apartment, then odds are good you’ve run into the closet conundrum before.
Of course, if your bedroom is already on the cramped side, adding a bulky piece of furniture may not be high on your list. If you’re not opposed to hanging your clothes in view of the rest of the room, a clothes rack can be a nice, lighter-looking alternative to a bulky wardrobe.
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Small bedroom storage solutions designed to save-up space can be found everywhere so there is actually no need to panic at all. The wardrobe should occupy as much  of a wall as possible and include even the TV set is there is no other option for its placement. Indeed, finding the best small bathroom storage solutions is one hell of a job and everybody knows about it, but it is not about giving up to the situation rather than just finding what is right to deal with the whole messed up thing. Making racks which is adhered on the wall will make your wall decoration looks interesting.
You can create unique storage racks designs like making different size racks on the headboard.
Of course, in real-life terms, a bedroom is pretty much any room with a designated sleeping surface—storage space be damned. Many houses simply weren’t built to accommodate them, and many apartments have been subdivided and renovated so many times that rooms are no longer being used in their original capacity.
Your first thought was probably to go out and buy a dresser—which, incidentally, is a solid idea. Raising your bed just five or six inches with the help of risers can give you all sorts of storage room underneath. Plus, there are plenty of ways you can achieve the same basic function in a way that matches your style. All rates shown are for 30-day rate locks with two points for an owner-occupied primary residence unless otherwise noted. All interest rates listed are for qualified applicants with 740 or higher FICO and 80 LTV over a 30-year loan term except where otherwise noted and are subject to mortgage approval with full documentation of income.
The need for storage is present in every home big or small and if you are not a lucky one who owns a dressing room, your bedroom can get very very crowded.
If massive doors does not suit your bedroom decor why not use shelves here as well and add some mobile drawers that can organize and separate you space. Having a small bath is not a problem for me and most of you, perhaps, but having a small yet kind of out of things bath is definitely a serious problem we should find the solution with in the end. We know it's hard to keep your child's toys organized, but these cool storage solutions offer smart ways to keep things where they belong — and they're wonderfully stylish, encouraging kids to get excited about keeping toys tucked away.
Sometimes, when you decorate your bedroom by showing your equipments on the bedroom racks makes your bedroom looks untidy.

To decorate it, you can apply white color for this equipment and put your accessories on it such as books, photos, or dolls. For example, there is bedroom storage unit which is design as bedroom and storage furniture. In addition, you will not eat the bedroom space because this furniture is designed in single furniture as a bed design.
With choosing some kinds of bedroom furniture, you can have a nice and comfortable bedroom. Dressers keep your clothes neat and out of sight, but they also mean lots and lots of folding. Try hanging a straight piece of driftwood from the ceiling or getting a decorative screen to separate your rack from the rest of the room. The bed is of course the main focus point of the entire bedroom so you can’t do much about it but you can definitely save space with nightstands. Add a small desk and close everything up with beautiful satin curtains when you need a clean interior decor and you are all set. If you have clothes that require hanging, you may want to consider going with a wardrobe or an armoire.
Not only does this give you more room for a dresser or wardrobe, but it can also give you a lot more floor space in a small room.
Whether you go with rods and floating shelves or stacked crates, you can create exactly what you need and still tuck it away behind a curtain. Remember to utilize every little space at its full potential and fill the remaining space under the bed with boxes and all sorts of baskets that can contain lots of useful things. These small bedroom storage solutions are suitable to be applied in the small bedroom space. You can pull it out to take something and also pull in it when you want to save those important equipments from dusts. Unfortunately, all those small crowded space can get quite dusty so be careful with them and clean everything periodically in order to keep everything in order.

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