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Add funky chic to your home décor with storage solutions that are stylish and so practical. Styled in a cool retro design, wire baskets are great storage solutions for any room and a variety of things. Decorative, practical and even upside down, you can use these baskets to create style statements in an instant. These fun and funky wire baskets are perfect for storing and organising toys, craft supplies, laundry and look great in pretty much any room. These uniquely designed baskets come in cheery, vibrant hues which makes them not just practical but also, a great way to add a pop of colour and style to décor.
The large sized one can be used for laundry, the medium for potatoes or a retro style waste basket and the small is perfect for placing on the foyer bench or table for corralling random objects! The fun design will make them perfect for just about any room – foyer, home office, kids’ room, living room and, even the kitchen! Our wire shelving and storage solutions are durable, offer great flexibility and functionality and provide a cost-effective method for gaining greater storage space for many areas of your home. Our wire shelving and storage systems also have a set of accessories, including trash bag holders, tie and belt racks, shoe organizers and the broom and mop holders.

From the pantry to the bathroom linen closet our wire storage line-up offer a cost-effective solution for organizing any space in your home. Send us a photo of your closet, garage or other space in need of organization and our experts will contact you with solutions to maximize and reclaim your space. The storage basket consist of an aluminium frame, wire basket and pair of brackets to attach to the aluminium stanchions, and can be added to your wardrobe interior fittings to create trully versatile wardrobe storage. Relax wire basket is another storage component that has been designed to give you maximum amount of wardrobe storage inside your sliding wardrobe doors, but attactive enough to use as stand alone storage also. These wire baskets in cheerful colours are great for storing knick-knacks, papers, books and more!
They provide excellent ventilation, come in various sizes and styles and are available in white and chrome finishes. Ideal to store folded clothing or smaller items such as socks or underwear while keeping them in view. It all depends on what you like, you can have open-faced cabinets, glass-faced cabinets, labeled drawers, wine racks and even cupboards designed behind these doors. With the open-faced or glass-faced cabinetry, you proudly showcase that favorite dishware you have tucked away for a long time.

For the under sink drawer, they can be used in storing your kitchen’s cleaning supplies or keeping the various bins like compost, recyclable and garbage bins and keeping them out of sight. They also come made with chrome-plated wires that are capable of holding wine bottles, beverages, bottles of spices, canned drinks and foods.
They are mostly used in walk-ins and especially designed for storing foodstuffs in large quantities. Works best for homes with kids, especially the restless ones that want to try out their hands on almost everything they see. Always keep in mind that when you pantry is well-designed and organized, it gives you the opportunity to reach what you need quickly and efficiently and helps you get back to what you love doing… cooking!

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